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In Contract: 32 Dorland, San Francisco | MLS 501033 $1,995,000

32 Dorland



Kevin K. Ho, Esq.
Jonathan B. McNarry

SF MLS No. 501033

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32 Dorland Street, San Francisco 

With an amazing location minutes from Dolores Park, Bi-Rite, Delfina, Tech-shuttle stops and mass transit on a true tree-lined street, 32 Dorland is a classic Mission Dolores multi-unit building with solid income, consistent tenants, and potential to expand with an in-envelope ADU. 

Set on an idyllic street that’s lined with trees and lamposts instead of power lines and just a stone’s throw away from Dolores Park, 32 Dorland Street is the rare opportunity to purchase a classic San Francisco building that earns solid income while also possessing the potential of adding even more value without the need for evictions or negotiated buyouts.
32 Dorland comprises four 1-bedroom units — each with coved ceilings, bay windows and wood floors. The well-maintained building has a authentic and bright feel and has two levels over a large garage level that contains a 400+ sqft underutilized area that’s also street accessible by breezeway. There’s also a sunny back garden area with large, fragrant jasmine plants. Available for the first time in years, the opportunity to own this piece of San Francisco is here and ready for you.


Listed At: $1,995,000


Limited Showings Only


The Photos

Overhead Things to Know about 32 Dorland Notes About 32 Dorland

Circa 1925, maintained 4-unit building over garage with concrete foundation

2,369 sqft (per appraiser)

4 1-bedroom units, 100 percent occupancy; all tenants current on rent

4 total parking spaces on ground floor or 1 space with an ADU with ≈ 455 sqft of living area accesible from street Location. Location. Location.

Covetted and desired location for owners and renters alike that is within a stone’s throw from the ever-popular Dolores Park, multiple tech shuttle stops, Bi-Rite Market, Bi-Rite Creamery, Delfina, Deflina Pizzeria and Tartine — all within 1 block Rental Income + Expenses

100 percent occupancy

$8,270/month rental income, $99,243/year (scheduled), $9,000/year operating expenses (scheduled, excluding property taxes)

Tenants pay PG&E, Internet

Owner responsible for refuse, water/sewage, garbage and common area power

Photos zoom_out_map
The Floor Plan

The general layout of 32 Dorland. This is only an approximation.  

The entire building

Photos location_searching
The Location

Want to Sell or Buy Something Similar? 

We know the area well and know what buyers and sellers want. Go ahead, ask us more.

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Kevin Quoted in Mission Local: “Real estate market in the Mission appears to recover, for now – Mission Local”

Is it a good time or not for real estate?


Mission Local Talks Real Estate During Corona

Kevin gets quoted and sounds a bit more upbeat and nuanced than all those other agents. 

Is it a good time or not for real estate?

The real estate market in the Mission District and San Francisco appears to be on its way to recovering from the shutdown in March, according to several real estate agents ... 

— Originally published July 9, 2020 on missionlocal.org/2020/07/real-estate-market-in-the-mission-appears-to-recover-for-now/

Real estate market in the Mission appears to recover, for now


The real estate market in the Mission District and San Francisco appears to be on its way to recovering from the shutdown in March, according to several real estate agents, although some parts of the market remain sluggish.

“The market is holding up pretty strong, but it depends on the segment,” said real estate agent Ruth Krishnan. “Condos and high-rise buildings are the softest. I would say people aren’t super stoked about getting in an elevator. And people have decided that they really, really value outdoor space and greenery.”

Krishnan said her agency recently sold a condo in the Mission District on Shotwell Street.

“It did very well, but it had this beautiful private garden,” she said. “With condos, definitely the ones that are doing the best, selling the quickest, and selling for the highest prices have outdoor space. That’s a big thing for people right now.”


“Most of the stuff sitting right now, it just doesn’t have any yard space,” she added.

Krishnan said that, typically, March is the busiest month for real estate in San Francisco, but this year all listings were pulled when the shelter-in-place order was announced. That didn’t keep things down for long, though. The city added real estate to the list of essential businesses on March 31, and Krishnan immediately started seeing business pick up.

“I was shocked. Right coming out of [March], people were already writing very aggressive offers. I was like, ‘Wait, what? Really? Right now?’” she said.

The monthly median house sale price in San Francisco set a new record of $1.8 million in June, according to the monthly report from the Compass real estate brokerage. “But it’s just a single month,” added Patrick Carlisle, chief market analyst for Compass.

“I never would have guessed that we would see this sort of rebound around the Bay Area, in the midst of one of the greatest health and economic crises in U.S. history,” Carlisle said.

Although the rebound in San Francisco is dramatic, it’s the smallest of the Bay Area, he said. Other counties — including more rural areas like Sonoma, Napa, Monterey, and Santa Cruz counties — have all seen spikes that “may be higher than at any time in history, in terms of offers being accepted.”

The rebound in San Francisco might not be as pronounced, perhaps, because the city has stricter shelter-in-place rules, Carlisle said, or perhaps because it’s the most densely populated region of the Bay Area.


“The Mission remains popular and strong,” said real estate agent Jennifer Rosdail. “The shutdown slowed it down at first, but people have figured out how to get their transactions done, and it’s accelerating a little bit.”

Since April, Rosdail said sales started coming back and have improved each month. “I’ve seen that in every segment I’ve checked — except for the luxury homes over, like, $2.5 million,” she said.

There aren’t many of those more expensive single-family homes in the Mission, but in a neighborhood like Noe Valley, the pattern is striking, Rosdail said. Single-family homes priced lower than $2.5 million there are moving much more quickly than those above $2.5 million, and more appear to be entering the market than are being sold.

“I think that dichotomy is interesting. I see a deceleration in the luxury homes” in Noe Valley, Rosdail said.

"All the talk of exodus — that’s the headline-grabbing news — but the real news is that a lot of buyers have a little more affordability. And a little more balance to the market allows them to own a piece of San Francisco." — Kevin Ho

Taking the city as a whole, Carlisle’s analysis shows luxury single-family homes priced above $3 million are increasing in price — but that’s based on properties that have accepted offers, while Rosdail is also examining the growing supply of inventory in Noe Valley.

By and large, Carlisle said he prefers not to look at individual neighborhoods.

“When you look at a specific neighborhood, the sales numbers are so low, it’s hard for the data to be statistically reliable,” he said. “I generally try to look at them only on an annual basis.”

But, even with small sample sizes, it remains the only tool we have.

Crunching the numbers for the Mission, Rosdail said things were picking up in terms of volume and price — but that didn’t mean losses had been fully recovered, especially for condos. Comparing the median price of a two-bedroom condo that sold in May this year with the same time period last year, the price had dropped from $1.25 million to $1.05 million — or about 16 percent less. But, again, prices have gone up since then.

“April was a terrible month to sell your home. May wasn’t so bad. June was pretty good,” Rosdail said. “I don’t think we’re going to experience a summer slowdown this year; I think we already had it in April. People are just going to keep charging forward.”

The pandemic has also shifted what many people normally think of as in-demand neighborhoods.

“Outer Richmond is hot right now. The Sunset is doing great, because people want more space, they want to be away from each other,” Rosdail said.  Meanwhile, condos in SoMa haven’t been moving as quickly.

“A lot of renters have become buyers,” observed real estate agent Kevin Ho. “All the talk of exodus — that’s the headline-grabbing news — but the real news is that a lot of buyers have a little more affordability. And a little more balance to the market allows them to own a piece of San Francisco.”

Ho said more of the buyers right now seem to be people who want to live in the home they’re purchasing, rather than using it as an investment. He said some of the recent changes to the law around tenant protections and rent forgiveness might be having an impact, and investors “don’t necessarily want to assume that risk.”

In San Francisco, the market for apartment buildings has also changed. For buildings with six or more apartments, Ho said the market had “quieted down, with not much movement.”

“For four units or under, we’re seeing good activity, because it’s more manageable,” he said. “Bigger buildings with multiple units, we’re seeing that market kind of take a pause as they wait and see how this pans out, because of all those changes” to rental laws.

Not all real estate agents Mission Local spoke to were convinced prices would continue to climb. An agent familiar with the Mission District, but who did not wish to be quoted by name, conveyed skepticism that the rush the city had seen over the past few months would be sustainable. Buyers may become choosier before submitting an offer on a less-desirable property, they argued, which could lead to more houses than buyers.

Analyzing numbers can tell us how the market has performed so far, but predicting the future remains as elusive as ever.

For More Media Mentions ...


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Kevin Quoted in Mission Local: “Real estate market in the Mission appears to recover, for now - Mission Local”

“A lot of renters have become buyers,” observed real estate agent Kevin Ho. “All the talk of exodus — that’s the headline-grabbing news — but the real news is that a lot of buyers have a little more affordability. And a little more balance to the market allows them to own a piece of San Francisco.”

Ho said more of the buyers right now seem to be people who want to live in the home they’re purchasing, rather than using it as an investment. He said some of the recent changes to the law around tenant protections and rent forgiveness might be having an impact, and investors “don’t necessarily want to assume that risk.” In Mission Local.

Kevin on KTVU-2 Talking About Corona and SF Real Estate

San Francisco real estate and the coronavirus/COVID-19 as discussed by Kevin Ho of San Francisco’s Vanguard Properties, the leading locally owned luxury brokerage for the San Francisco Bay Area. The forecast is optimistic, the question is when.

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SF Gate's Sound Off: Will the 49ers playing in the Super Bowl affect open houses this weekend? 

We compare how San Francisco real estate stacks up against its Super Bowl rivals Baltimore and Kansas City. It’s not even close.

Sold: 3640 21st Street, San Francisco | $2,550,000 | MLS 479094

[stack_hero_video opacity=”1″ height=”100″ mpfour=”https://www.kevinandjonathan.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/3640-21st-Flyover.mp4″ image=”12658″]
Vanguard Properties

Kevin K. Ho, Esq. + Jonathan B. McNarry

proudly present

3640 21st Street

Big View, Big Potential Dolores Heights Single-Family Home



Marketed By:

Kevin K. Ho, Esq.
Jonathan B. McNarry

MLS No.  479094

Top Producers, Top 21 Vanguard Properties, Top 1% of San Francisco Agents

3640 21st Street, San Francisco
Dolores Heights Fixer-Upper

3640 21st Street has spectacular skyline views, big potential and a coveted Dolores Heights location purchased above Dolores Park in between Church and Sanchez Streets.
On the market for the first time since the 1950s, the home sits on the view side of this iconic street — right next to the Christmas tree house and has spectacular postcard views of San Francisco‘s shimmering downtown skyline from all three levels. The house has a small entry courtyard, detached garage and sits on an extra-deep, 113-foot parcel and is most certainly a fixer-upper. Appraiser has measured the main house at 1,917 sqft and tax records show the lot has 2,848 sqft of area.

Listed at: $2,395,000

Listed at: $2,550,000

Multiple offers received — all over asking price. Buyer and Seller represented.

About the Neighborhood.

3640 21st Street is located in the Dolores Heights Special Use District.
See what that means below

Quick Facts.

  • House: 1,917 sqft (per appraiser)
  • 1,456 sqft (tax records)
  • Parcel: 2,848 sqft (tax records)
  • APN 3605-017
  • Circa 1900 (DBI)/1905 (Spring Valley Water Records)
  • ≈ 25 feet x 114 feet
  • RH-1 Zoning
  • Dolores Heights Special Use District
  • Walk Score: 86 Very Walkable
  • Transit Score: 91 World-class

Contact Us.

Have a question? Want to see if your property can do as well or better? 

Feel free to call or text us…

Kevin (415) 297-7462

Jonathan (415) 215-4393

The Photos.

The Lay of the Land (Generally).

Click for a PDF version to appear.

Where It's At.

The information contained in this material is deemed to be reliable and accurate but it is unverified. Potential buyers should take all steps necessary to satisfy themselves regarding the information contained herein or any other matter related to the property they see fit. 

The San Francisco neighborhoods with the most Millennials — SFGate

Where are the San Francisco destination areas where the young folks like to live these days?

There are more Millennials in San Francisco than any other age group, and they tend to cluster in trendy San Francisco neighborhoods, according to a new study … economists analyzed data from the most recent U.S. Census Bureau’s five-year population estimate in 2016, as well as 2011 for comparison.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the very hip Mission District has the largest population of Millennials in the city, with 30,501 (41 percent of the total neighborhood population), followed closely by Russian Hill, with 27,613 (49 percent). Both neighborhoods are popular among the younger set for nightlife, dining out and their proximity to downtown, where most workplaces are headquartered.

Read More: The San Francisco neighborhoods with the most Millennials – SFGate

The Valencia Effect: Are there too many restaurants on the Mission’s hottest street? – San Francisco Business Times

It seemed like the deck was stacked in favor of Abbot’s Cellar, the upscale restaurant sequel to Monk’s Kettle from Nat Cutler, Christian Albertson and chef Adam Dulye that opened two years ago in San Francisco’s Mission district.

It combined the booming popularity of craft beer with a menu that was praised by critics and a sophisticated look from restaurant architect Olle Lundberg.

It also had a spot on Valencia Street, the city’s most popular dining drag. For a while, it seemed, landing a coveted space on Valencia was a guarantee of success.

But as Abbot’s Cellar prepares to shutter its doors at the end of January, and with other restaurant closings on Valencia, it seems possible that there can be too much of a good thing. Has the Valencia effect given rise to too many restaurants for the neighborhood to handle?

via The Valencia Effect: Are there too many restaurants on the Mission's hottest street? – San Francisco Business Times.

Coming Soon: [email protected] (39 new boutique units) at Mission and 15th Street


Signs are going up this Saturday at [email protected] Mission.

Coming Soon: [email protected] 1875 Mission, 39 new, boutique, glamorous condominiums in a exclusive building modeled after a boutique hotel with rooftop pool and lounge coming in August, but available early to Vanguard agents and their clients.

What it is: 39 homes, rooftop pool., lounge and dog run at Mission and 15th Streets.

Details: Unlike many developments in San Francisco, this one is being designed by someone who knows what folks want, Rusty Wadatz, Vanguard Properties’ agent and rising interior designer star. There will be an August 1 launch, but until then Vanguard Properties agents will be able to see it first (in 3 weeks) and take reservations early. Anticipated prices are moderate (for early sales of course) with studios starting at $630,000 topping out at $1.2M/$1.3M for a 2-bedroom unit. There are three different finishes each with a different mood and feel but all are going to be elegant and glamorous in a boutique-style development uncommon to San Francisco.

Register now at: www.m1875.com and await further instructions for reservations.

Take a look at the project under wraps via Google Maps.

Fifteen Fifteen by JS Sullivan Development: San Francisco | BuzzBuzzHome

Coming Soon!

Fifteen Fifteen is a new condo project by JS Sullivan Development currently under construction at 1501 15th Street in San Francisco. The project has a total of 40 units.

via Fifteen Fifteen by JS Sullivan Development: San Francisco | BuzzBuzzHome.

Kevin’s Open House Picks of the Weekend: March 21-23, 2014, 1st Weekend of Spring Edition

There are just 92 new listings new to the MLS from Thursday into Friday with 10 listings coming back on the market during that time and 366 scheduled open houses in San Francisco this weekend.

There are A LOT of single family homes that have caught my eye this week. Yes, many of them are at the high end, but others are in the middle and there are fixers among them too.

There a fixer with a potential in Eureka Valley at 4540 19th Street listed for $1.495M, a cute, drop-dead views of SF home near Dolores Park at 293 Cumberland that could use a garage installation listed at $1.7M and there’s also an interesting Victorian/Cottage project-building at 3 Laussat Street listed for just $875,000.  In the theme of large homes: there’s a chic, large Noe Valley, eco-friendly, 2012-renovated home with 2 car garage, radiant heat, solar panels, yard, open floor plan, and extra deep 114’ lot at 257 29th Street listed for a modest $2.995M. A pair of smaller Noe Valley houses, one at 369 Valley and another seemingly small-looking-but-larger home is located at 1515 Noe. A little to the west is a nice 4 bedroom home at 265 Kensington with 4 parking spaces near West Portal and St. Francis Wood for $1.2M. For a large stunner nearer the coast, take a look at 160 San Marcos, a Forest Knolls 3500+sqft new 2014-built 3 bed, 3.5 bath, den, elevator and 2-car garage with high-end finishes. And for you Liberty Hill fans, there’s a Victorian fixer that’s been used as a 2-unit building with more than 13 rooms and a 1-car garage located at 4121 20th Street listed for $1.7M between Noe and Castro Streets that will be delivered vacant at close of escrow that has scores of possibilities. For an updated craftsman in Glen Park take a look at another chic renovation at 264 Surrey. There’s a vacant 2-unit building over at 27th and Dolores at 171 27th Street that also offers a lot of possibilities too that’s being sold as a 2-unit building or separate TICs.  And over in the eastern parts of San Francisco, there’s that ‘perfect’ air-conditioned 1 story Victorian at 878 Hampshire listed for just $1.2M, a stunner of a 2800-sqft newly renovated home at 1164 De Haro in Potrero listed at $2.25M.

For condos, I really like 1070 Guerrero, which is a modern 2-level LEED condo built recently with 3 bedrooms that has that chic white-wall, broad plank, tall-ceiling feel of a modern and urban home located among historic houses near the Mission Dolores corridor, listed at $1.5M. In the vicinity sits 942 South Van Ness Avenue, a 2009-built 3 Bed, 3.5 Bath, condo with nearly 1900 sqft of living area listed for $1.359M. The Onyx SF over at De Haro and 17th Street new condos are now open. Other condos that look interesting are a clutch in the South Beach area (200 Brannan, the Brannan across the street). There is a cute condo on Dehon Street, right near 16th Street and Sanchez that comes with parking, character and light at 14 Dehon that is worth a look as are the listings at the Arterra, 175  Bluxome and 177 Townsend for smaller condos/lofts as are the ones at 1310 Minnesota and 1800 Bryant.

And as for 2+ unit buildings, the three-unit building at 357 Sanchez at 16th Street in the Castro near Duboce Park is finally open to the public and is being sold as an entire building or individual TICs. In the Inner Mission area, a three-unit building at 2331 Bryant is open as is the stunningly huge Queen Anne home at 955 S. Van Ness is open as is the lovely 2-unit building at 728 Clayton near Cole Valley.

For the complete list of the 31 pages of open houses I flagged for San Francisco, click here. And to search all open houses in the City, click here.


Here is the condo complex that might replace Elbo Room « Mission Mission

SocketSite followed up on its original report, and found that the building owners are indeed pretty far along into the process of replacing Elbo Room with this big ‘ol condo complex:

A detailed set of architectural plans has been drafted for the project and the building’s owners have authorized the architects to act as their agents in submitting applications for environmental reviews, a historic resource evaluation, variances and Conditional Use. That’s every step required to get the project formally approved.

via Here is the condo complex that might replace Elbo Room « Mission Mission.

What Happened This Past Egg-straordinary week

Your Egg-tradinary Holiday Weekend Open House Guide

Your agent, returned safe and sound, tan and is ready to go.

Happy Holiday Weekend Real Estate Fans.

The numbers still continue to surprise us with ratified transactions and final sales figures that closed this and last week among my fellow Vanguard agents. While sales data figures are strong, don’t feel too disconcerted if you’re a buyer as interest rates fall back down to the 3.5% neighborhood after a brief spike. Also, while many houses are selling over list prices take note that some are selling at or slightly under —yes, under— list price. So there is opportunity out there.

Trends This Week:

For Sunset and Richmond homes, simply add 15% to the list price no matter what, where and for how much to get your final closing price.

Looking at the sales figures from the MLS for homes closing this week, a swath of homes out in the Outer Richmond and Sunset closed this past week and no matter which house nor what original list price there was, nearly all of the homes nevertheless close an average of 15% over the asking price with a range from 8% to 27% in some cases where the property trust sale was subject to court supervision.

Fixers are expensive in San Francisco

One 4-unit fixer at 1812 Lyon Street listed for $1.6M sold for $1.9M — for a fixer! The trend is prevalent throughout the city (see Stories of the Week below)

You will have to pay at least $1M for a single family home in the Mission and Inner Mission.

One preemptive offer for a home my colleagues were going to put on the market on San Bruno Avenue near 26th Street on a ‘so-so’ block with 1200+ sqft. pushed well beyond the suggested list price of $879,000 to enter into contract at more than $1M with a backup too. Essentially, $800 per square foot is now the price of admission.

It’s a lighter week: There are a trio of smaller homes in Bernal on the market this week. Nothing new in District 1, few new in District 2.

Stories of the Week

Here is a sampling of some last week’s happenings
128 Laidley, a single-family home viewed by most as a fixer listed at $1.299M received multiple offers and is in contact for 20% over the list price with an all-cash, short-close offer.
23rd floor condo at The Infinity, a South Beach chic condo with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths at 1150+ sq ft, got 13 offers — including some all-cash offers — but the winning offer, which will be financed thanks to the buyer’s in-depth pre-qualification with Citibank, beat out an all-cash offer with a 10-day close. Listed at $999,000 the property is in contract for at least 16% over its list price.
232 Ellsworth, some of you may remember the pre-market opportunity for a detached home just three up from Corltand in the sunnier part of Bernal Heights with 4 bedrooms, garage, small yard and cute upgrades that was going to be on the market for $1.198M. Well after two weeks and no open houses the sellers accepted an offer for just a little over $1.2M for the property.
350 Broderick, 4th floor, one bedroom, one bath listed at $599K. This condo was cute and nice. But after only 1 open house the property solicited 8 offers with the accepted offer touching the $650K region to make this 14-day close the highest sale price for a one bedroom ever in the development. The listing agent said that he would have gotten 20 offers but for potential buyers self-selecting themselves out of the running by not submitting an offer.
400 block of Noe at 18th Street, the vacant, 2-unit fixer with location and potential listed at $899K received 20 offers and most likely is in contract over its asking price.

Curbed SF : The San Francisco Neighborhoods and Real Estate Blog

The long long long-time coming Dolores Park renovations have just gotten their umpteenth revision. After a thousand community meetings that covered everything from dog run areas to toilet design, the plan went back to the Planning Department last year for some tweaks. Community members were afraid tweaks would turn into major changes, but in the end there were only four mentionable differences.

via Curbed SF : The San Francisco Neighborhoods and Real Estate Blog.


Valentine’s Day miracle? Mission District poised to be SF’s most desired neighborhood | On The Block | an SFGate.com blog

Valentine’s Day miracle? Mission District poised to be SF’s most desired neighborhood | On The Block | an SFGate.com blog.

Take note that a lot of these listings were Vanguard listings!


On The Block

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