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Discover why successful San Franciscans work with Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, top producers and realtors with Vanguard Properties.  

Distinctive and dedicated, all-encompassing and caring services, advocacy and counsel for your most important asset is just the start.

Kevin+Jonathan (and Raffi)
Some Of Our Buyers

If You Want to Know About Us, You Should Know Our Clients Too. 

We understand that what we do really is life-changing and impactful. Our focus goes beyond the immediate transaction at hand and tries to achieve what we like to call optimal outcomes. Our track record speaks to the fact that we must be doing something right as the sampling of our client successes shows. 

Who We Are

And Some Of What We’ve Done


Kevin K. Ho, Esq.

Originally from Iowa City, Iowa, before committing to real estate 100 percent, he was (and is) a California licensed lawyer with 6 years of experience in civil litigation & commercial transactions when he worked in private practice in San Francisco. He’s been featured on local news and on SFGate talking about San Francisco real estate and is a regular invited contributor to the real estate blog Curbed SF having been a blogger for CNET in the past too.

He graduated from U.C. Berkeley’s School of Law (Boalt Hall) in 2004; has a Master’s in Diplomacy, International Law and Economics from the University of London’s School for Oriental and African Studies. He studied in China, New College, Oxford and has a Bachelor’s from Washington University in St. Louis.

Kevin is also trained mediator having worked with San Francisco’s Office of Citizen Complaints mediating more than 100 disputes between citizens and their police department.

He worked as a news reporter, at the Senate and as an intern with Universal Music in London. He has trained hundreds of novice bicyclists to participate in the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s annual AIDS LifeCycle bike ride from San Francisco to LA having ridden the 7-day route a number of times himself. You can now find him and Raffi out and about all throughout San Francisco doing something different each day. 


Jonathan B. McNarry

First-licensed at age 19, Jonathan has significant experience in sales and service. He has sold vacant parcels to completed luxury homes in large-scale master-plan communities of 2,000+ residences throughout the Southeast including communities in Callaway Gardens, Hilton Head and Tybee Island.

He also has experience selling 6000+ sqft custom homes in the affluent Atlanta Buckhead and Chastain Park Districts where he not only assisted in the actual transactions but also helped in deciding which design and finish options would attract the best buyer interest.

Closer to San Francisco he has sold in SoMa, South Beach and in the Mission Dolores districts among other areas in Northern California. Jonathan has also worked in the banking industry, medical field and is a Notary Public.


Raffi T. McNarry-Ho

Born in Marin County and attended the prestigious Guide Dogs for the Blind school where he excelled. Raffi transitioned from his original task of being a seeing-eye dog for a blind person when his teachers soon realized that he enjoyed meeting new people and dogs too much. Through the Career Change Adoption Program, Raffi joined Kevin and Jonathan in May 2012 and has been enjoying his work with real estate ever since. Raffi has helped with negotiated tenant-buyouts and loves exploring new properties and accompanying dog parks. Raffi has probably been to more escrow signings and closing that many agents have been (and certainly more than most people will go to during their lifetime). 

Raffi explores many of the homes Kevin and Jonathan’s clients wish to purchase finding areas to plop down so as to confirm floor levelness and when Kevin and Jonathan list properties, Raffi often stars in real estate tour videos featuring many of our property listings for sale. Check out some of his videos here on his YouTube playlist. 

What We Do

Buyer, seller, both, new, repeat real estate enthusiasts, developers, 1st timers, property collectors and more. We have been privileged to work with folks from so many walks of life. 


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How About A Little About You?

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Being in the Bay Area means that you’ve had to have success professionally given the caliber and cost of properties here. 

Where Kevin+Jonathan's Clients Work


Hi, we’re Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of Vanguard Properties in San Francisco, California. We’re partners in life and in business. Together with our big black Labrador retriever, Raffi, we are top producing Realtors in San Francisco’s competitive and valuable residential real estate market.

We truly love what we do and are passionately committed to our clients, their needs and advancing their interests. We represent both buyers and sellers with many repeat clients but we are always expanding our client base. Our belief is that by working with you you will make better informed decisions in this most important of areas of life.

We invite you to contact us to learn more and to start your success story now.


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Real estate is always changing and evolving. It's complex and can be as fickle as it is surprising. And while the information and knowledge on this site is considered to be accurate and correct, it cannot be warranted. Market conditions in San Francisco, California, and the world can change with a tweet or a sneeze and is beyond anyone's control.

In San Francisco, things like local, state and federal tax regulations can change with big implications. Other things like rent control rules, eviction control, lending practices and standards, building and zoning regulations are just a few of the other things that can change with little or no notice. All of these things and other intangible factors can and will impact market values and performance. 

Kevin is a licensed California attorney but focuses on real estate about 99.9 percent of the time. It's important to note that while you can’t take the attorney out of him he will not be acting as your attorney here. This speaks to the larger point that you should also seek out qualified folks who work in their respective sectors if you have further questions. 

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