It seemed like the deck was stacked in favor of Abbot’s Cellar, the upscale restaurant sequel to Monk’s Kettle from Nat Cutler, Christian Albertson and chef Adam Dulye that opened two years ago in San Francisco’s Mission district.

It combined the booming popularity of craft beer with a menu that was praised by critics and a sophisticated look from restaurant architect Olle Lundberg.

It also had a spot on Valencia Street, the city’s most popular dining drag. For a while, it seemed, landing a coveted space on Valencia was a guarantee of success.

But as Abbot’s Cellar prepares to shutter its doors at the end of January, and with other restaurant closings on Valencia, it seems possible that there can be too much of a good thing. Has the Valencia effect given rise to too many restaurants for the neighborhood to handle?

via The Valencia Effect: Are there too many restaurants on the Mission's hottest street? – San Francisco Business Times.