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We value our client base tremendously and work tirelessly to advance their goals to get what each wants and more oftentimes. We look forward to helping you chart your own success stories as we like to think of us being your brokers for life!  

Our clients’ goals vary as much as the City’s neighborhoods do but they are tied together by a common universal: they succeeded in reaching their goals because they worked with us.

Where Our Clients Have Bought and Sold (and bought and sold again) 


Who do We Represent? 



About half of our clients are buyers. We help our buyers their best foot forward while also ensuring that they're on sure footing when buying a property by providing more context for better decision-making. We're supportive, patient and available as we know this is such an important decision.


Naturally the other half of our clients are sellers. We use our buy-side client experiences to inform our property preparation and marketing efforts to ensure our clients' properties are presented in the best light possible to attract the best buyers.


buyers + sellers (repeat)

We also have many folks who get to experience and benefit from the full range of our skillset and experience both as buyers and sellers. This means, of course, we have many repeat clients, which is a testament to our approach and philosophy of striving to being your brokers for life.

Our Clients' Homes Away From Home


And Some Reviews from Our Clients



From New York to Hayes Valley to Potrero Hill

Kevin and Jonathan, are probably among the most enthusiastic, professional, organized, detailed, and knowledgeable RE agents I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They have helped us through three home transactions:

1) Purchase of our first home,
2) Sale of our first home,
3) Purchase of our new home.

On the purchase of our first home in SF, was done remotely from NYC and they made our experience and transaction worry free.

Two years later we decided to move and sell our home. We engaged Kevin & Jonathan again as our selling agent. We followed their professional advice and suggestions and they sold our condo in only a week and a half with; two open houses, a brokers tour, a twilight event, and 200+ visitors! We accepted an all cash, over ask, 10 day offer.

Next, we engaged them in the purchase of our current home in SF. They are very seasoned professionals who know the Ins n’ Outs of the SF market, and in this market you need every edge and advantage you can to ensure a successful conclusion. Lastly, helps that they have a roster of ready-to-go contractors/vendors.

I would highly recommend them to anyone!

—Perry and Robert

Returning to San Francisco after a stint in New York this artist + designer pair bought their Hayes Valley starchitect new-build home at the iconic 8 Octavia with us and, a couple of years later, wanting some in-home studio space, asked us to both customize their home at 8 Octavia while also finding a new home. We not only got them a great, just-renovated cottage in Potrero Hill but also sold their condominium at a 20+ percent gain in value that outpaced area appreciation rates significantly.

[Kevin+Jonathan] are very seasoned professionals who know the Ins n’ Outs of the SF market, and in this market you need every edge and advantage you can to ensure a successful conclusion.

I highly recommend Kevin for all your real estate needs and to make you smile.


Nicely Done and Re-Done in NoPa

Four years ago, Kevin was my agent when I was buying my first home. First of all, buying your first home is already an arduous process. But, when you add in the element of buying in SF, it gets a lot more complicated because SF is a tricky market. At the time, I was living in Seattle, so I'd fly down every couple of weekends to meet with Kevin, view open houses, and talk about our strategies. I feel very lucky to have had him as my agent, because not only did I feel like he went to bat for me with each bid, but I also received a valuable education in the market. As an engineer, I appreciate making decisions with facts, figures, trends, etc. And Kevin provided me with a ton of material to help me. Also, as an agent, he was highly responsive to any questions or issues I had. And after 6 months of looking, I finally found my first dream home in NOPA.

Naturally, I decided to choose Kevin again when I was ready to sell that first home and upgrade to a bigger house this year. Selling with Kevin was a completely different ballgame. I decided to renovate before I sold my house to get a bigger increase in price. As a selling agent, Kevin went above and beyond my expectations. He has a very insightful eye for what will sell in SF, and keeping my budget in mind, he was able to suggest a beautiful design for the renovation. I was extremely pleased with the end product, and was very sad to leave. Additionally, he more than adequately marketed the house; to the point that there was even an article in SF Curbed about it. They also gave numerous private showings and open houses with numerous positive responses. I was an extremely proud homeowner!

The sale was closed as smoothly as possible. And now, my fiance and I are extremely excited to buy our new house with Kevin's help again. I highly recommend Kevin for all your real estate needs and to make you smile.

—Jennica G.

Returning to San Francisco after a stint in New York this artist + designer pair bought their Hayes Valley starchitect new-build home at the iconic 8 Octavia with us and, a couple of years later, wanting some in-home studio space, asked us to both customize their home at 8 Octavia while also finding a new home. We not only got them a great, just-renovated cottage in Potrero Hill but also sold their condominium at a 20+ percent gain in value that outpaced area appreciation rates significantly.


Brokers For Life; Tracking Family Growth and Success Along the Way

We’ve known Kevin and Jonathan for years – we sold our first house through Kevin a few years ago, and just bought a new house with him [after selling another and buying another].  Simply put, the fact that we didn’t even think of any other agent when we decided to buy a house again demonstrates our trust and faith in Kevin and Jonathan.

In both the buying and selling scenario, we couldn’t have been more pleased with Kevin and Jonathan.

The best things about working with them:

Kevin is incredibly patient, and will spend the time with you. He’s not pushy and wants to make sure you’re very comfortable with the places you are seeing, as well as budget and timeline

They truly know about all available properties (not just what’s on the market, but more importantly, what’s coming on soon so that you get early previews)

Kevin and Jonathan take the time to understand what their clients are looking for (in our case, we had some very specific but rare requirements), and the search/viewing is very focused – they make sure to look for properties that meet your requirements

Kevin is very tech savvy, which is always helpful – only e-signatures, online links, etc.

Kevin and Jonathan do a great job of positioning the buyers when they have found a house they’re interested in – in this market, which is a seller’s market, it makes a difference when your agent goes out of his/her way to sell you to the seller

Finally, Kevin works on building relationships, vs. being transactional. After we bought our house, he continues to send us links to decorations, etc, which is appreciated (we’re planning to remodel)

Overall, buying or selling a house is a stressful time, and knowing that there’s someone you can call/email whenever you want, and that you know has your back goes a long way. As long as Kevin and Jonathan are in real estate, they have customers in us.

Smitha_Jay sm

—Jay S. and Smitha B.

Tech and Online Media Content
Buyers and Sellers, Duboce Triangle, Corona Heights, Eureka Valley, Clover Heights

What They've Bought and Sold and Bought

Sold Off-Market in Duboce
Seward Street Sold
Bought Off-Market
Sold at 60 Danvers

Simply put, the fact that we didn’t even think of any other agents when we decided to buy a house again demonstrates our trust and faith in Kevin and Jonathan.

Sold and Bought

Sold in Soma
Bought in the Excelsior


Setting the Stage for a Dream Home With a Successful + Speedy Sale in SoMa

When I had my first phone conversation with Kevin and Jonathan over a year ago, my gut told me that THIS is the team I want to work with when the time came for me to sell. I didn’t even bother interviewing other agents. They worked with me on both selling and buying transactions and the results below speak from themselves.
In addition, this was all done through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

6 days: the time from listing my last home to being in contract with a cash offer at 27% over asking
19 days: escrow days for selling my last home
2 days: the time period between closing on my last home and finding a target property to buy
7 days: from the list date to being the winning bid against 18 other bids.
We weren’t the highest bid, nor were we a cash offer, but we were the best presented one.

In this highly competitive real estate environment, this is where Kevin and Jonathan truly excelled in providing guidance and getting all our ducks in a row. Presentation matters!!! 15 days: escrow length for the new home. 8 weeks: from the day I listed my last home for sale to the day I had keys in my hand to my new home (Yes, it only took 8 weeks) If there was one word to describe my experience with Kevin and Jonathan, it’s “smart”. They know the current environment and also helped educate and guide me to getting both buying and selling done.

After selling, I had a lot of fear I wouldn’t be able to find a new home. I’ve heard countless stories and read countless articles of buyers losing out to cash offers and it was discouraging. With their help, we were able to orchestrate a truly competitive non-cash offer. I honestly didn’t think this would all be done before 2018 arrived, and now I’m an extremely happy client.

Clodel and Fiance

—Clodel G.

SoMa Seller (at more than $400,000 over list in just 4 days)
Excelsior Buyer (besting 18 other offers but not being all-cash)

Kevin, Jonathan, and Raffi (their adorable black lab) are a great team.


Expert Guidance the Leads to Expectation-Beating Excelsior Sale

Kevin, Jonathan, and Raffi (their adorable black lab) are a great team. We mostly interfaced with Kevin and Raffi. Kevin was willing to work within our budget to make the house look amazing. We also did a lot of work ourselves and he was very supportive of our ideas and opinions. Any opinion he wasn't fond of, he let us know about his experiences within that realm and gave us the opportunity to make our own informed decisions. We ended up selling a house we are proud of, and it went for way above asking

—Amanda and Brad

Excelsior homeowners and sellers who followed our remodeling suggestions and preparation plan realizing at least $200,000 more than they initially expected after a week on the market.


Just in Time in Noe Valley

Kevin and Jonathan were our buying agents when we bought our Noe Valley condo last year. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and helped us close an awesome place in an amazing neighborhood.

We were on a very tight timeline and it was very reassuring to know that they were constantly sending us listings and looking out for us. Despite the tight timeline they told us to be patient (yes, even in this market!) and not to compromise on the important fundamentals. They helped organize private showings, walkthroughs, connected us with the inspection agents and guided us through the offer-writing process. They were always available and replied to all our emails, texts and phone calls -— day or night 🙂

We would highly recommend Kevin and Jonathan — their insight and knowledge of the SF market is amazing and they’ll help you find the right house.

Buyers at 1003 Noe Street who worked with Kevin+Jonathan of Vanguard Properties

—Nipun & Neha

With our buyers facing a move-out deadline but also wanting to take their time to get the right property, we found them another unit in this Noe Valley building originally but ended up getting them a penthouse unit with air conditioning (!) near Noe Valley's epicenter at 24th Street and Noe.


Getting Exactly What and Where They Wanted — From Dogpatch to the Castro

Kevin’s enthusiasm with his profession was apparent when I first met him at an open-house he was hosting. When we were ready to work with a new agent, I had no hesitation to engage him. Kevin not only helped us find a new home in the ideal neighborhood, he also managed to sell our condo (very shortly after) way above asking. He is very knowledgeable with the SF market and has a vast network to provide insights to off-MLS availability. In fact we found our current place off-market from his contacts, and even worked with his recommended Mortgage Broker to secure our loan. He was a great resource for us during both the confusing buying & selling processes. I highly recommend him to help you procure or sell your property.

—Ron & Rick

With our buyers facing a move-out deadline but also wanting to take their time to get the right property, we found them another unit in this Noe Valley building originally but ended up getting them a penthouse unit with air conditioning (!) near Noe Valley's epicenter at 24th Street and Noe.

An Off-Market Win in NoPa—$200,000 worth of savings


Getting a Great Deal in a Super Competitive Market

Kevin is AMAZING! I was offered a private sale and he came in and helped make it happen! I was basically buying a home with no planning and he explained the process, negotiated with the sellers and made the whole process SO much easier. 

Kevin is an attorney, from a top 10 law school, who is now working in real estate in a city he is has known for a long time. You basically could not ask for more in an agent! He has contacts all over the city - for home improvements, loans, insurance... Combine that with his simple, beautifully designed handouts on basically every part of the process and you have a match made in heaven! You couldn't ask for more! 🙂

—Deb B.

Tech, Buyer. A good friend got a great deal when we helped her successfully navigate an off-market, non-advertised condo in San Francisco's NoPa saving her $200,000 or more than if the market hit the open market.


Buy-side and Sell-side Success in the Inner Parkside

SOLD in 6 Days — A $325,000 Gain in 2 Years With Paint, Better Staging and Updates to Exterior Lights

Kevin and Jonathan helped us buy our SF home back in March of 2015 and then skillfully helped us sell the same home a little over two years later when family and career opportunity took us out of SF. On the buying end, Kevin was helpful in augmenting our own search efforts with his own perspective and agent insights. He provided feedback on all our potential homes, being honest with us about the pros/cons and market around each. When we found our perfect home, that's when the magic kicked in. Kevin helped us expeditiously navigate the offer process and close with a pre emptive offer that we felt good about.

Two years later, when we realized we were going to have to move much sooner than we had originally planned, we tapped Kevin and Jonathan again. They both guided us on making the small investments that would help us get the best price for our home. They could tell we didn't want to do too much, as our home was a full remodel just two years prior, so they focused on the most important stuff. When it came time to show and sell the house, they were great. This was especially useful since we had already moved out of town. But, with this team, we felt confident. Once again, they expertly led the negotiation process getting us a great price!

—Navin and Varsha K.

2346 18th Avenue who just bought this updated house 2 years ago before family and an incredible job opportunity drew them to Austin, Texas. After moving we helped refine this great home, which they bought for $1.55M in 2015. With strategic repainting, hardware swap, gardening and exterior light changes and better staging we listed the property at $1.499M and immediately had 3 parties interested with one young family stepping up with a preemptive offer that was accepted after a few rounds of back and forth ending up at $1.875M with a 14-day, non-contingency close that closed last week for a $325,00 gain in just two years

Our Market Knowledge and Knowledge of the Marketplace Helps Our Clients Win


Kevin & Jonathan are an all-star team and simply put, they get the job done right.

What they Got in Noe Valley

Sold, Off-Market for under what the market would have otherwise ended up at. Good thing our clients trusted us to go with a preemptive offer that won this remodeled Noe Valley

We worked primarily with Kevin on our search for a new home in San Francisco. As first time buyers unsure of exactly what we wanted, not to mention where in the city we wanted to be, Kevin was very patient andgenerous with his time in order to help us figure out what would best fit our desires and budget. With the training and attention-to-detail of a lawyer and the eye of a designer, Kevin has all the right skills. He is personable, professional, hard-working and well-connected amongst agents in the city. Kevin ultimately found an off-market property in Noe Valley, at the right price, that is perfect for us.

He knew it, we knew it, and within 24 hours of seeing the property we had a signed contract.

We were able to move with speed and confidence because of our trust in Kevin, the time he took to educate us in advance throughout our search, and his outstanding market knowledge. We are nothing but happy with our new home and with the outstanding service Kevin provided. Even now, Kevin and Jonathan are only a text or email away with recommendations or answers to our questions. We highly recommend working with K&J.


andrew and kaitlyn

—Andrew and Kaitlyn

Buyers, Noe Valley, Finance and Tech Sales, who had just about given up after months of searching when we found them a fantastic off-market condominium on Day Street in Noe Valley


A Developer's Long-Term View in Mission Dolores

  1. rosemont-sm
  2. rosemont-after

I have worked with many agents and Kevin always makes himself available, and is willing to go the extra mile for his clients. He is helpful with ideas and brainstorming. He definitely has a passion for real estate.

—Edward G.

Buyer, Mission Dolores, Developer

Kevin and Jonathan possess assets and intangibles that will successfully guide you through a very competitive selling/buying process in the bay area. We are extremely happy we called them and remain forever grateful to them. Don't hesitate to give them a call when you sell/buy!


From One Victorian to Another: Remodeling for a Record Price, Winning a Great House

What can I say about Kevin and Jonathan? They are AMAZING! We relied on Kevin and Jonathan to help us navigate the treacherous San Francisco real estate market, both on the selling and the buying side.

Kevin and Jonathan had excellent suggestions to prepare our condo for market. Not only did Kevin guide us through an extensive remodel of our condo, he was very hands on and actually did some of the finishing touches to our condo himself! He rolled up his sleeves and put in new door knobs, did some tiling, and assisted with some light fixtures and so many other things. That's commitment!

We trusted them because they knew the market, what buyers wanted, and how to quickly bring a product to market. Kevin has personal relationships with contractors, painters, stagers, etc. that really managed to streamline the preparation process in an efficient and cost effective manner. This is an invaluable asset that his clients benefit from.

As a result of Kevin and Jonathan's instincts, resources and knowledge, and after just one open house, we were in contract to sell in about 4 days and way above the list price!

Kevin and Jonathan also guided us through the buying process. They are very keyed into the local San Francisco market and know about many properties that are unlisted. Again, it is their personal relationships with others (peer real estate agents, developers, etc) that really give them the inside scoop on upcoming listings or pocket listings. In a competitive real estate market, these intangibles that Kevin possesses is crucial to a successful buying process.

Kevin was able to spot our new home even before most people knew it was going on the market. He used his personal relationship with the selling agent to get a sneak peek of the property. We were also able to tour the property before other buyers. I believe it was Kevin's persistence and preparation that we got the winning offer for our new place. Kevin's preparation of our offer was like a college application -- with personal touches that made our offer stand out in a competitive market.

We wholeheartedly recommend contacting Kevin and Jonathan if you are thinking about buying or selling in the bay area. They are responsive (answer all emails and texts with lightning speed), courteous, friendly and efficient. And at times they can act as therapists for the stressed out seller/buyer client that they occasionally encounter 🙂

No doubt, Kevin and Jonathan possess assets and intangibles that will successfully guide you through a very competitive selling/buying process in the bay area. We are extremely happy we called them and remain forever grateful to them. Don't hesitate to give them a call when you sell/buy!

Sold - 3887 17th Street

— Augustin L. + Adrian D.

Government Attorney and Stanford Professor who sold their large Alamo Square Victorian condominium and bought a Castro Victorian house

Sellers and Buyers. Sold 533 Steiner Street, which we helped them update. Listed for $1.495M the property was in contract 48 hours after launch with multiple offers closing at $1.925M for a 3-bed, 2-bath, no parking condominium near Alamo Square. And just 2 weeks after closing we found them 3887 17th Street in the Castro — a large and stately Victorian home that once belonged to famed author Anne Rice. Listed for $2.595M our clients beat out 4 other offers for this 3-bed, 3-bath, 2-car parking, fully detached single-family house.


Trusted to Oversee a Remodel for an Inner Richmond, Trust Sale that Sold in 72 Hours Well Above Expectations

At $245K over asking and $441K over initial estimated sales price they knocked the sale of my husband’s condo out of this world. I wouldn’t be surprised if they set a sales price record for the area! Kevin and Jonathan are without a doubt the most amazing real estate duo we have ever met. If we could we would give them more stars we would!

They took my husband’s tired old pink-carpeted condo and transformed it into a beautifully chic contemporary home. Kevin’s keen negotiating skills helped us stave off possible issues with neighbors during the renovation project. This renovation was entirely run by Kevin and Jonathan and their team. We live out of state and were very concerned with just being able to remove personal property and clean the place. It was quite a conundrum. Enter Kevin and Jonathan(and of course Raffi, their adorable black lab!). Within a couple of days of explaining to them the situation and some “hiccups” we were having with the condo, the condo was on its way to being transformed.

Kevin worked tirelessly overseeing the renovation project and Jonathan calmed my frazzled nerves more than once. (Basically Jonathan was the calm and Kevin the storm) They kept us informed the entire time by sending photos and video’s of the progress and answering endless emails and texts. When my husband and son had make a trip to San Francisco for condo related business, Kevin and Jonathan were there to help them with accommodations and even met with them at night to discuss the progress of the renovation

Once the property was ready for sale, they quickly placed it on the market and just as quickly sold it! We had a broker’s open midweek and then a public open house the following Sunday. Monday we received offers, and Tuesday we were under contract. Then the following Monday we closed.  We simply can’t say enough about these two wonderful guys

Our advice is, just trust their judgment and expertise and you will be very, very pleased!

—Patrick and Lydia Y.

Sellers based in Portland of an Inner Richmond 1980s condominium that was essentially in vintage condition. We assisted them in handling trust and estate issues and were entrusted to oversee a much-needed update that not only paid for itself but pushed way past their expectations.

We simply can’t say enough about these two wonderful guys. Our advice is, just trust their judgment and expertise and you will be very, very pleased!

15th Avenue

Presentation. Presentation. Presentation.

Patiently continued to send me listings and opinions on houses until we found one that I loved, and then held my hand through the insanely stressful real estate process of San Francisco.

Does a great job of providing professional-looking documents and very tech savvy (inviting me to iPhoto albums of properties). Also did a great job pouring through disclosure packets with what stands out and what doesn’t (especially for a first time home buyer).


—Graham W.

Buyer, Corona Heights, Emergency Physician, Bought a newly restored condominium on Market Street after looking for several months with a different agent and just one month with us.

Understanding and Assessing the Market

Big props to Kevin, who was my buying agent a few years back! My late review now is really just piling on the praise.

To cut to the chase, buying a good place in SF requires that your agent understands the market, knows what is and isn't a real neighborhood (see: "The Quad"), knows who is representing the seller, and can competently assess the risk areas of a house (when so many are over 100 years old).

With those skills, Kevin helped keep me steady and guide me through the emotional rollercoaster of real estate in SF to finally have a place to call my own!


—Johnvey H.

Buyer, Lower Haight/Hayes Valley, Tech. Bought a great, 2-level condominium

Incredible Execution, Energy and Patience.

I was a first-time buyer with a demanding work schedule, and Kevin showed incredible energy and patience.  He worked me through the hoops of viewing new-build properties (pre-approvals/appointments) to evaluating properties to navigating the buying process.

Above all, Kevin was incredible at execution.  He moves fast, leverages a broad and loyal network, and knows which processes to approach with diligence.  The first offer we submitted turned out to be the only one I needed; I got the place without being the highest bidder.

—Tim L.

Buyer, Pacific Heights, Tech + Materials Sourcing. Elevated from backup offer to winning offer of stunningly prepared condominium

Done! The Right Home After 2 Years of Searching

All good things come to those that wait! While that's not really my motto, it turned out to be true for the house search and Kevin was there for the long haul. He was recommended by my coworker and I liked him instantly, he is all about the clients and their needs. He is super responsive, techy, great eye for design and has great ideas and network to help with remodeling, design, etc. He was a lawyer in his previous life, so he's great at reviewing contracts and the legal expertise.

Our search started in 2012 which was an awful year without much on the market, so we go to know Kevin and he got to know us and what we liked and didn't like and what our goals were. The came 2013, with a but more on the market and a crazy competitive market. We put in about 5 offers and were outbid every time so things can get a bit frustrating. Kevin was very encouraging and told us the right place would come along.

He always sent us places he thought would be good, looked at every place we put in offers and gave us his professional opinion. Even talked us out of a few places where he thought we were caving to the pressure of finding a place, not that anything was pushing us to move except our own desire to buy. He really wanted us to buy a place we loved and felt comfortable in financially.

Finally in 2014 there were more places on the market, prices were high and new construction started to come out and we found the one we love. The benefit of new construction is that there is no bidding and so we got the place we wanted even a bit below asking. Kevin was there every step of the way, set us up with a lender, painter, handy man and was there for all the paperwork, and of course getting our keys.

I can't say enough about how great Kevin was an agent.

—Inga and Oren W.

Buyers, Dogpatch, Tech Media/PR + Mobile Apps. Bought a newly built condominium in this trending neighborhood


After a Long Search — The Perfect House Preemptively and Back Again

We can't thank Kevin and Jonathan enough for their expertise and guidance throughout our house hunting journey! In this competitive market, there will be ups and downs, questions and confusions when it comes to going to open houses, reviewing disclosures, making an offer, thinking about contingencies, waiting and getting rejected, then starting all over again. They are professional, friendly, responsive, and proactive. There was never a moment where I feel like my concerns or questions, however trivial they might be, were invalid. They really listened to us and guided us.

There are a few things that make them stand out from the pack:

  • They have prepared and organized a ton of useful materials for buyers, and they continue to update them: From the moment we started working with Kevin and Jonathan, they armed us with a lot of background information regarding the housing market in SF. We came across a property that got us thinking (and worrying) about foundation. You know what they did? They wrote a long blog post explaining the details of various findings when it comes to foundation. They shared it with us and also with their client base.

  • They are THE one-stop shop: There were a few times when we read a disclosure or walked through a property, we wondered how much it would cost to address an issue. Kevin could usually give us a ball-park estimate, or he would call up one of his contacts to help estimate. For example, one time he called up his contractor and asked him to check out an electrical issue of a property, before we consider putting in an offer. He wouldn't just push us to submit an offer and worry about the issue later. I think that says a lot about how they value their clients.

  • They work with great people: From contractor, drive way fix-up, to where to shop for cabinets and interior design ideas, they will guide you to the right people. We closed on our property about 2 weeks ago, and most agents would simply move on to the next clients and projects. But not Kevin and Jonathan. They stay in touch, and they are even planning to come by to help me brainstorm on design ideas!

All in all, we give Kevin, Jonathan (and Raffi) our full endorsement without any reservation.

—Kit and Brian

Biotech + Online Web Content
After searching with another agent who 'just didn't get it' Kit and Brian met us and knew it was time for a switch after having lost out in San Francisco too many times. And we advised them on value, potential improvements, corrective actions they should take and much more as we eventually got their perfect house in Bernal Heights


Our Strategic Updates That Maximized Sale Price

Kevin and Jonathan (and Raffi) were my listing agents for the sale of my Daly City home. Kevin immediately saw the potential in my property and set out what seemed to me an ambitious yet affordable plan to prepare my former rental property for sale. His suggestions included touching up paint where needed, updating appliances, fixtures and staging. Kevin's contacts were trustworthy, competent and competitively priced. Because I live abroad and was not present to take care of these details myself Kevin and Jonathan managed the entire process.

The house was finished within a month and is now hands down the best looking house one the block. Jonathan was there all the way keeping me up to day on status, ensuring that I knew what was going on every step of the way. And in the final leg of the sale, he made sure that everything stayed on track on the buyer's side too. I didn't have to worry about a thing. Kevin and Jonathan sold the property for more than $150k over the asking price and nearly QUADRUPLED the original value of the home INCLUDING all of the upgrades I had made over the years, plus his suggested updates for the sale.

What sets Kevin and Jonathan apart is their knowledge of the market, savvy insights and their Rolodex! They were always available to answer my questions, solve problems, communicate with workers as well as act as a liaison between the former property management team and me. And since it was Kevin who introduced me to my former property management team, I knew I could count on him to take on the sale of the house. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all that Kevin and Jonathan have done. So needless to say, I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

—Pamela A.

Seller who moved to Belgium and had us supervise the updates that would appeal to the most buyers. When those were done 5 offers came in within 72 hours including the all-cash, non-contingent one that won

What sets Kevin and Jonathan apart is their knowledge of the market, savvy insights and their Rolodex!


From Mars to Philly: Rocketing Out of San Francisco with a $700,000 Gain in 4 Years

The Best Team Who Got The Job Done.

Kevin, Jonathan, and Raffi were the best possible choice to sell our home. Kevin had great ideas and guided our remodel. He knows what buyers want. Our property was a bit unusual but we were pending in 6 days at a price we were happy with. Thanks Kevin and Team!

—Nancy and Yelena

Sellers at 41–43 Mars which was purchased for $1.1M in 2014 and sold in 2018 for $1.8M. We helped the couple revitalize their 2-unit building perched above the Castro that has amazing, out-of-this-world views, charm and warmth. We delivered various options and guidance on what improvements would yield the best outcomes from finish color to fixture changes over the course of three months, so, when the right offer came in so fast, it was a little anticlimactic but the sellers were happy regardless!

Knowing what buyers want leads to great ideas for a guided remodel.

I was super impressed in their knowledge, their branding and their fun personalities


An Off-Market Win in Lower Pacific Heights

Kevin and Jonathan are hands down amazing! We moved to the Bay Area not too long ago [where] the real estate market is just CRAZY. We met them at an open house where they represented sellers [and] were extremely involved in helping remodel the home for [sale]. [A]fter going to dozens of open houses we could tell they were extremely good at their job and care so much!

I was super impressed in their knowledge, their branding and their fun personalities so I asked them to represent us as buyers! [I]t wasn't long until they presented us an off market listing, we were lucky to snap the home shortly after. We couldn't have gotten our new home without them! They can guide anyone through this difficult seller market and [they] offer you [an] endless resource and will help you with what you need during the process. You won't go wrong with these two!!!!

—Xiaoxiao and Lee T.

Tech Exec and Physician Buyers who switched agents to work with Kevin+Jonathan who were able to take advantage of an off-market listing that Kevin+Jonathan knew about that turned out to be the perfect match.

Market Understanding + A Design Eye

Kevin and Jonathan make a great team to help with the home buying process — their collective knowledge, hard work and persistence landed me with my apartment.

They understand the market well, they have a good pulse for prices and bids, have a great eye for aesthetic and design and have relationships with the broader broker community which are incredibly value while buying in a complex market as SF. I highly recommend them!


—Simran K.

Buyer, Tech and Online Payments, Mission Dolores who relocated to San Francisco from New York

First-Time Buyers Win

As first time homebuyers, we were very new to the whole process of purchasing a home in San Francisco and felt extremely anxious. We wanted our agent to be available to answer our every question, reassure us about every concern and walk us through every step of a home buying process. Kevin did just that! Additionally, we were on a very tight deadline and had only two months to locate the property and close it, which also added a lot of pressure on Kevin and us.

Kevin walked us through every step and he explained every detail of winning an offer in a multi bidding world of San Francisco real estate market. Kevin connected us to highly qualified team of lenders, real estate attorneys and appraisers. Kevin responded to all our emails, texts and phone calls in a timely manner.

Furthermore, there is no question you cannot ask Kevin. Kevin can find a solution to the most difficult situation and resolve it smoothly and fast. Additionally, besides being a real estate broker, Kevin is an attorney at law, and his law expertise helps tremendously with navigating SF real estate market.

We closed on the house within two months, during which we have located the property and made a winning offer. We cannot be happier with our new home. We became good friends with Kevin and we still ask for his advice and expertise. When we are ready to purchase the next property, we will only work with Kevin and so should you. If you are first time buyer or a seasoned one, Kevin will provide you with services that tailored to your specific needs.


—Lana and Andrew

Recording Artist and Filmmaker/Cinematographer
Buyers in Mission Terrace who bought a house here before the area exploded in value with tenants where we helped them negotiate an amicable departure.


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