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Reaching more people authoritatively is a good thing and it’s something we’re asked to do regularly.


Imagine a carpenter without a hammer, a programmer without a computer — now imagine a marketer without a media skills. You would think that would be important in a front-facing professional who is going to either present a offer package or a prepared and packed property, right?  Good thing is that you don’t have to imagine working with agents who lack such vital skills and talents when you’re with Kevin+Jonathan. We are very good at what we do, so notable, in fact, that we’re sought out by various media outlets.  

We’ve been recognized as an authority on San Francisco’s real estate market by our clients, other agents and by tv news reporters too over the past few years. 

In addition to regular contributions to the San Francisco Chronicle's Real Estate section, Curbed SF and interviews on the evening news, we use our connections with feature writers and media outlets to highlight our listings in the editorial/feature context (read: not paid advertising, which we will do anyway) at every opportunity we can.

Take a look at some of the clips and contributions below.  


SF Chronicle Sound-Off Q+A: Still Busy During Covid with Kevin+Jonathan

Even during a Pandemic, people need to buy and sell houses and properties. See why it’s been such a busy market in San Francisco with Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of Vanguard Properties, the largest, locally owned and operated boutique brokerage in the Bay Area.

SF Chronicle Sound-Off Q+A: Impact a Second Corona Spike on San Francisco's Housing Market Considered with Kevin+Jonathan

How has another wave of Corona-19 cases impacted San Francisco’s housing market? It’s emphasized how important it is to be working with professionals like Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of San Francisco’s largest, independently owned brokerage Vanguard Properties.

Kevin Quoted in Mission Local: “Real estate market in the Mission appears to recover, for now - Mission Local”

“A lot of renters have become buyers,” observed real estate agent Kevin Ho. “All the talk of exodus — that’s the headline-grabbing news — but the real news is that a lot of buyers have a little more affordability. And a little more balance to the market allows them to own a piece of San Francisco.”

Ho said more of the buyers right now seem to be people who want to live in the home they’re purchasing, rather than using it as an investment. He said some of the recent changes to the law around tenant protections and rent forgiveness might be having an impact, and investors “don’t necessarily want to assume that risk.” In Mission Local.

Kevin on KTVU-2 Talking About Corona and SF Real Estate

San Francisco real estate and the coronavirus/COVID-19 as discussed by Kevin Ho of San Francisco’s Vanguard Properties, the leading locally owned luxury brokerage for the San Francisco Bay Area. The forecast is optimistic, the question is when.

Top Places for LGBTQ Folks to Live—and It's Not Just NYC and San Francisco |

Talking about destination neighborhoods for LGBTQ folks, Kevin Ho of Vanguard Properties discusses how the Castro in San Francisco’s Eureka Valley, stacks up compared to other destinations and why it has a unique appeal.

SF Chronicle Sound-Off Q+A: On Setting a List Price with Kevin Ho + Jonathan McNarry

Setting a property’s list price or better yet trying to find a property’s real market value is always tricky especially in high-value and competitive markets like San Francisco. See how Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, top-ranked agents at San Francisco’s luxury boutique brokerage Vanguard Properties handle the question in the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sound-Off Section

San Francisco Chronicle's Sound-Off: What Can Buyers Do To Help Their Agents with Kevin Ho+Jonathan McNarry

Getting into San Francisco’s real estate market can be daunting, but don’t worry, Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry have a map.

SF Gate's Sound Off: Will the 49ers playing in the Super Bowl affect open houses this weekend? 

We compare how San Francisco real estate stacks up against its Super Bowl rivals Baltimore and Kansas City. It’s not even close.

ABC 7: Kevin Talks About the Market Impact of San Francisco's Millennium Tower's Upcoming Fix

Kevin Ho of San Francisco’s Vanguard Properties is interviewed by ABC7 Bay Area about the latest chapter in the Millennium Tower (301 Mission Street) saga a $100M fix where more than 200 pylons are to be driven into the ground to prop up the leaning luxury skyscraper.

SF Chronicle: Q+A: How Do Agents Get Each Other's Attention?

How do agents learn about each other’s property listings in San Francisco? Explore the ways with Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of San Francisco’s leading locally owned brokerage Vanguard Properties.

San Francisco Chronicle: Q+A: How do I determine my priorities before I search for a home? By Kevin Ho + Jonathan McNarry

How to buy the right home in San Francisco while honoring your budget and priorities? Start by hiring Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, top producers, REALTORS with San Francisco’s Vanguard Properties, the leading locally owned luxury brokerage.

San Francisco Chronicle: Q+A: How Has the Internet Impacted Real Estate By Kevin Ho + Jonathan McNarry (Jan 20, 2019)

The intersection of the Internet and real estate has made it even more important to have experienced agents like Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry whose perspective and deep familiarity with San Francisco markets help their clients win in the City’s competetive markets.

San Francisco Chronicle: Q+A: Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry Talk About Real Estate as a Hedge Against Risk

Why San Francisco real estate is a good hedge against stock market turbulence with built-in benefits and potential to add value from Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, Vanguard Properties, San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle: Q+A: August 26, 2018 – K+J on Open House Etiquette

How are you suppose to act when you go to an open house and how agents are supposed to act with Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, top-producing San Francisco agents representing buyers and sellers.

San Francisco Chronicle: Q+A: Sound Off: How important is parking and access to public transportation?

Read Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry’s thoughts about how real estate values improve if a property has parking and proximity to public transportation, especially in San Francisco real estate.

As Featured in the Chronicle's Sunday Real Estate Section: Two-bedroom in Potrero Hill, 875 Vermont

Kevin and Jonathan’s media savvy and adroitness of preparing listings to look their best will naturally draw media coverage. See how they bring their A-game, including media coverage, on their sellers’ behalf,

SF Curbed's 2017 Roundup: Kevin+Jonathan's Contributions

For the past few years our friends at SF Curbed have asked Kevin Ho to take part in their annual roundup of local luminaries such as architects, bloggers, urban planning folks and noted bloggers (we’re the real estate folks of course). 2017 was no different. Here are the questions and his answers then.

Curbed SF: Our Central Avenue Compact + Cute Condo Gets Great Coverage from Curbed SF 

Coverage of another one of our listings from our friends at Curbed SF. This time it’s an absurdly cute, upgraded NoPa condominium at 913 Central.

Curbed SF: Converted 1927 SOMA Warehouse Wows to the Tune of $2.9 Million — Curbed SF

As featured on Curbed SF our listing at 735 Clementina in San Francisco’s SOMA district.

Hatchbeat: September's Full House of San Francisco Real Estate: Kevin's Hatchbeat Column

September is the time when San Francisco’s real estate market wakes up from its summer hibernation especially after Labor Day. Kevin Ho, Vanguard Properties and Jonathan McNarry of Vanguard Properties discuss how this September may be different from past ones for buyers and sellers of real estate.

Curbed SF: Noe Valley Fixer Sells for $2.8M, Nearly $1M Over Asking - Flip Watch - Curbed SF

A record-setting price for a fixer house in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood of nearly $3M as positioned, prepared and marketed by Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of San Francisco’s Vanguard Properties. The pair knew how to market the property at 1072 Noe Street to developers by stressing the property’s location and potential.

Curbed SF: What Was the Best New Building Project of 2014? - Year in Curbed - Curbed SF

Welcome to Year in Curbed, wherein we close out 2014 by asking local design, real estate, and media luminaries to reflect on the highlights and lowlights of a year’s worth of development in San Francisco, Kevin Ho, realtor at Vanguard Properties, contributes.

San Francisco's building boom leads to surprising development deals |

Vanguard Properties realtor Kevin Ho told KTVU a lot of work will need to be done to support the thousands of new residents developers hope to bring to San Francisco.

KTVU News with Kevin Ho: Change in condo conversion policy would majorly... |

Vanguard Properties agent Kevin Ho talks about San Francisco’s suspension of its condo lottery and how it’ll impact property prices in the city.

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