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How's the Market Doing In Your Neighborhood?

Yes, there are ups and downs from time to time but the trend is positive


Market Data for Our MLS Districts

All the data that’s fit to syndicate:

Click below for live median sale price data sorted by San Francisco’s real estate districts. The data stream is constantly updated.


Our market’s growth recovered after its low of 2011/2012 and has averaged a 6-7% growth rate over the last 30 years. As of 2020, we’re seeing the following:

  • Prices for iconic neighborhoods on the north side are always strong, but the luxury, ultra-high-end properties ($10 million or above) are taking longer to sell. But when properties sell up north they usually start in the $1,500/sqft+ range — all the way up to well past $2,000/sqft range.
  • Prices show that inventory is still tight for the middle districts (all the Valleys — Cole, Hayes, Eureka, Noe, the Haight, Mission Dolores, Duboce Triangle, Glen Park, Potrero, Bernal Heights with average prices starting in the $1,100+/sqft range
  • More residential neighborhoods — i.e., where single-family houses dominate, the Sunset, Richmond, Excelsior — were seeing lots of buyers out at open houses with multiple offers for fixers, done-up houses, etc. Price ranges vary far more because of the sheer number of houses and the finish level variation you would expect to find — anywhere from $800/sqft up to $1,500/sqft+ The closer a property is to the central core (the Inner Sunset, Inner Richmond, West Portal, Inner Parkside) the more expensive.
  • Luxury/high rise living is still strong in the South Beach/Rincon/Mission Bay area with sales take a little longer than houses but prices staying consistent with gradual appreciation.
  • COVID-19 — San Francisco was one of the first places to issue a shelter-in-place order in mid-March. As a response, available inventory declined by 50%. That said, ‘off-market’ statuses like ‘coming soon’ and ‘hold’ have swelled on the MLS. These are agent-only statuses not available for public consumption. Similarly, off-market venues like Top Agent Network and Aalto (which were to be disrupted by MLS rule changes in April/May 2020), have seen a marked increase in usage and listings. Watch Kevin discuss the methods and prospects for buyers and sellers in San Francisco on the evening news here.
  • As previous pandemics have shown (the Spanish flu in 1918, another in the 1950s and, more recently, with SARS), a recent Zillow study of historic real estate sales data show that the number of transactions will decline (obviously) but home prices stay consistent so by when the all-clear is given the real estate market will pick up where it left off. Therefore, hold onto your seats for a busy summer and fall 2020.

What other trends do you see? Is there something you want us to research? Let us know and we will talk it over with you.

Sales Prices vs Events in History for San Francisco Real Estate

District 1: The Northwest

San Francisco's MLS District 1

The Richmond, Sea Cliff, Lake Street, Laurel Heights

District 2: The West

San Francisco's MLS District 3

The Sunset, Parkside, Golden Gate Heights

District 3: The Southwest

San Francisco's MLS District 3

Pine Lake Park, Ingleside, Merced

District 4: The Hilly Middle

San Francisco's MLS District 3

Miraloma Park, St. Francis Wood, West Portal, etc.

District 5: The Sunny Middle

San Francisco's MLS District 5

Noe, Eureka, & Cole Valleys, Ashbury, Corona, & Dolores Heights, Mission Dolores

District 5: The Sunny Middle

San Francisco's MLS District 5

Noe, Eureka, & Cole Valleys, Ashbury, Corona, & Dolores Heights, Mission Dolores

District 5: The Upper Middle

San Francisco's MLS District 6

Hayes Valley, NoPa, Alamo Square, Lower Pacific Heights

District 7: Iconic SF, Part 1

San Francisco's MLS District 6

Presidio + Pacific Heights, Cow Hollow & the Marina

District 8: Iconic SF, Part 2

San Francisco's MLS District 6

Nob, Telegraph, & Russian Hills, North Beach, etc.

District 9: The Expansive South

San Francisco's MLS District 9

SoMa, Bernal Heights, Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, the Inner Mission, South Beach, etc.

District 10: The Southeast

San Francisco's MLS District 10

Excelsior, the Portola, Silver Terrace, Bayview, etc.

Now that you’re enlightened with market data, let’s see what’s next. 

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