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San Francisco’s Tenant Buy-out Program a Year Later…

San Francisco has a very pro-tenant public policy bent for sure but money is money wherever you are. For some 2,400 tenants who’ve benefited from the Rent Board’s directed buy-out program, the average buyout amount since records were first kept starting in 2015, have averaged around $40,000 with the highest buy-outs going over $460,000. Learn more from Kevin+Jonathan.

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San Francisco pivots to being enclave for the wealthy as rents soar even higher – San Francisco Business Times

Earlier this week, Zillow (NASDAQ: Z) noted that the Bay Area saw the biggest rent hikes in 2014 and sees this year…

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New Map Shows How Expensive It Is To Rent An Apartment Near BART — SFist

this represents a picture of what’s called “transit-oriented housing,” and a snapshot of overall median rental prices, via a survey of 17,000…

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Judge tosses S.F. law meant to shield evicted tenants – SFGate

The ordinance “seeks to force the property owner to pay for a broad public problem not of the owner’s making,” said Breyer,…

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The Latest Chapter in Ellis of Our Lives: Bill To Freeze Ellis Act Evictions Amended, Key Exception Added – SocketSite™

Drafted “to ensure that real estate speculators in San Francisco do not buy rent-controlled property and empty it of long-term tenants,” Senate…

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Tower Two at One Rincon Hill Releases Pricing, Floor Plans – Mindboggling Reveals – Curbed SF

The time has finally come for Tower Two at One Rincon Hill to show itself off to the world. The leasing office…

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$40,000+ for Ellis Act Evictions!? S.F. supervisors OK bigger Ellis Act payouts – SFGate

The legislation by Supervisor David Campos would require property owners who evict renters under the state Ellis Act to pay the difference…

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A Three-Bedroom at NEMA Will Cost You $8,950/Month – On the Rental Market – Curbed SF

The much-talked about 754-unit luxury rental high-rise NEMA opened late last year to much fanfare, so it was no surprise when its…

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Legalizing Your San Francisco In-Laws — The Units, Not the People…

What about those illegal units in San Francisco? Well, what about them? When it comes to real estate in San Francisco these units pose opportunities and challenges. Let Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of Vanguard Properties help decipher them for you today.

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