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Curbed SF: Why Do Some Realtors Use “Eureka Valley” Instead of “Castro”? – Curbed SF


Realtor Kevin Ho explains to Curbed SF, “Eureka Valley encompasses the broader real estate subdistrict of District 5…the city has many more micro-neighborhoods than the realtor maps dare depict and this is just one more example of that.” When asked to get more granular, Ho tells us the distinction between Castro and Eureka Valley with the following specifics: “Eureka Valley refers to the hillier, tree-lined streets…

Source: Why Do Some Realtors Use “Eureka Valley” Instead of “Castro”? – Curbed SF

San Francisco Chronicle: Q+A: Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry Talk About Real Estate as a Hedge Against Risk

In the Media: Kevin+Jonathan on San Francisco Real Estate

The San Francisco Chronicle's Sound-Off Question Asks How Recent Stock Market Turbulence Could Impact Real Estate

Kevin+Jonathan in print on and the web. This week's question asked about stock market volatility and its impact on real estate

Real Estate as the Eternal Hedge to Risk Especially in San Francisco

Question: How concerned should buyers and sellers be about corrections in the stock market and a potential recession?


TO HEDGE AGAINST RISK in the economy, folks should do what they always do in these times: turn to real estate. 

Unlike a stock, option or index fund, real estate is not only a means to building wealth, but owning a home has built-in tax benefits and savings while also being a potential source of revenue even during a recession.

You can live in a house, you can rent it out, you can borrow against it. You can fundamentally alter a property’s value yourself à la Home Depot or Lowes. (Think about the jail time if you altered a stock’s value yourself).

Buying real estate during turbulent times is a smart move especially if you can lock-in a relatively low mortgage interest rate (even 1/4th a point lower rate will save thousands over 30 years).

And unlike renting where money out never comes back to a tenant, mortgage payments are really payments to yourself. You’ll benefit from either increased home equity or from capital gains savings if you sell.

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Handy Dandy Infographics About Bay Area Real Estate for the 1st Quarter, 2018 with Kevin and Jonathan

Some Recent San Francisco Real Estate Stats

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We pride ourselves on having the best prepared buyers and sellers possible. We believe our clients will make better decisions if we give them the best context, access and perspective. To aid in this credo we use our design and presentation skills to distill information into formats that are digestible and understandable. Take a look at some of our latest examples. 

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