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Question: How do I determine my priorities before I search for a home?

A: Home buyers can easily get wrapped up and turned around in questioning what their priorities really are — from the esoteric, “What am I actually buying?” (especially for tenancy in commons and condominiums); the overwhelming, “How am I really going to pay for this?” to the existential, “How can a space really be ‘0’ square feet?”

But must-haves and deal-breakers really come into focus when we ask our buyers to take a look at their calendars, weekend plans and daily routines.

After work, do you nest or is home just a pit-stop before spin class and dinner? (Read: location/starter home).

Are you making dinner at home tonight? (Read: kitchen quality).

Did you leave you clothes in the washer again? (Read: in-unit laundry and closet space).

Just how often will those out-of-town guests really visit you? (Read: budget/room count).

By taking a look at the humdrum of daily life, disoriented buyers may well see that the answers were right in front of them all along.

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What's important to you? Let's discuss and we'll figure it out and find the right place for you together!

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