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Besides broker tours, how can agents introduce other Realtors to their new listings?

There are so many ways to reach fellow agents these days like email and social media but at the root of a lot of client successes are tried and true ways of talking to agents face to face or spreading the word word-of-mouth in person, on the phone or via text.

Given the fact that Kevin is a trained lawyer and Jonathan is a trained nurse, they have a natural background to delve deeper and to be more inquisitive. As one of Kevin’s classmates at U.C. Berkeley’s law school said, “we’re a school of researchers, there’s nothing we won’t uncover!”

1. Word of Mouth. In person, via text or on the phone. There’s nothing like direct contact that are, of course, enhanced by established networks and good reputations.

2. In An Agent’s Own Office. There’s usually a list or repository of coming-soon or pocket listings. That or an agent will give their colleagues sneak peeks or early access to listings.

3. Top Agent Network. The invite-only, email forum for top-producing agents in the City to promote off-market or coming-soon listings or other information like upcoming price reductions or ‘buy-it-now’ prices

4. The MLS. Either as “coming soon” listings or, for active listings, what agents will say in the private comments section of a listing.

5. Direct Email. Less effective because folks are inundated with emails but it still does work in that they reach a wider audience of more agents.

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