Sound off from the San Francisco Chronicle (Feb 2, 2020 Edition)

Will the 49ers playing in the Super Bowl affect open houses this weekend?

We get asked to share our take on real estate by our friends at the San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate, like the one above. Here's our answer to this week's question about the Super Bowl's impact on open houses: 

This weekend you’re likely to see more red and gold and fair-weather civic pride out there than open house signs. The cutest condo ever can’t compete with a spectacle as big as the Super Bowl, especially when our hometown team is playing, which no one expected.

Because us agents work hard to keep property listings from become stale (or even being perceived as such), many will advise sellers to come to market after folks are done being distracted by the holidays, which should really also include the Super Bowl as 115 million people travel during the holidays and about 100 million watch the game.

The charming 2-bed, 2-bath, house can’t compete with J.Lo and Shakira just as the pricey open floor plan can’t compete with the far pricier spectacle where the commercials alone cost $175,000 a second. Sports fans rule the roost this weekend for sure, but don’t worry real estate fans, prime time is just about to kick off.

Published at: Sound Off: Will the 49ers playing in the Super Bowl affect open houses this weekend? - SFGate 

That got us to thinking about how we stack up to ourselves and to our rivals:
It's Pricy Here for Sure.

Now and Then, Here and There. What if you bought a house last time the 49ers were in the Super Bowl? And how does SF stack up against its opponents real estate wise?


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