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Noe is the new Pac Heights: Luxury home market shifts southward – On The Block

In the last seven years, sales of $2-million-plus homes have shifted from the city’s northern neighborhoods (like Pacific Heights, the Marina and Telegraph Hill) to southern locales (like Noe and Eureka Valleys), according to a new report from Paragon Real Estate.

In 2007, 62% of $2-million-plus single-family sales took place in what Paragon dubs “Prestige North”: “the northern band of old-prestige neighborhoods running from Sea Cliff/Lake Street/Jordan Park through the Pacific Heights/Marina district, to Russian, Nob and Telegraph Hills.”

This year, that number dropped to 37%.

Noe, Eureka and Cole Valleys made up 24% of the $2 million-plus single-family market in 2007. Today, those neighborhoods account for 40% of such sales. (Luxury sales in more established “Prestige South” neighborhoods like St. Francis Wood and Forest Hill remain steady at 7%.)

via Noe is the new Pac Heights: Luxury home market shifts southward – On The Block.

KB Home to build 81 luxury condos in Pacific Heights – San Francisco Business Times

KB Home plans to build its second San Francisco project at 2655 Bush St., 81 condos with 3,800 square feet of retail in Lower Pacific Heights. The project is slated for a six-story, luxury building that the developer expects to complete in January 2015.

Condos have been selling briskly in San Francisco, with only about 80 new units available at the moment, according to condo marketing and research firm the Mark Co.

via KB Home to build 81 luxury condos in Pacific Heights – San Francisco Business Times.

KB Home is now owner of a condo development site at 2655 Bush St. in San Francisco that was entitled by Thompson Dorfman and designed by KTGY.

The Top 13 Home & Condo Sales in San Francisco and more…

3, 2, 1…

The Year in San Francisco Real Estate

It’s that time of year where the number of countdown lists can get out of hand. Speaking of out of hand, here’s a look back at the top 13 sales for single-family homes and condos (not TICs) in our fair city by the bay.


Top SF Single Family Home Sales 2013

Here are notable facts from January 1, 2013 until now:

  • 1122 Homes sold for more than $1M
  • 349 Homes sold above $2M
  • 159 Homes sold above $3M
  •  79 Homes sold above $4M
  •  50 above $5M

4 homes sold for more than $2000/sqft, well, really 3 unless you believe a house at Grand View Avenue sold for $216,666/sqft. No, the prize for a recorded sale with reported square footage (remember, not everyone reports this figure) is 86 Stanton Street at Market Street, which is really comprised of 2 buildable lots with a 435 sqft cottage coming in at $2,091/sqft. No the real winner is stunningly renovated single family home circa 1888 in Russian Hill at $2,045/sqft located at 807 Francisco Street for this 7 bed, 5.5 bath, 2-car garage home that closed for $12.375M.

How much did someone pay for the most expensive single family sold this year?  How about $18M for 3660 Jackson Street, which is a 8800+ sqft ‘stately’ home at Maple Street with 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths and 6 parking spaces selling for a modest $2,040/sqft. A couple things to note: the people who bought borrowed $8M to do it and the last time it sold was in 1978 for something in the $800,000 range for nearly 14,000 sqft of land. Oh, and it’s kind of a fixer.

The most expensive home in District 5 was at 715 Buena Vista at Frederick, another ‘stately’ home with a 9100 sqft lot, 4700 sqft of living area with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and 4 parking spaces was listed for $5.95M and sold for $6M in October at $1273/sqft.

The Top 13, part 1

3660 Jackson from the outside

3660 Jackson from the outside. (SF MLS)

Yes, really. One of the bedrooms from 3660 Jackson (SF MLS)

Yes, really. One of the bedrooms from 3660 Jackson. (SF MLS)

And without further ado, here are your top 13 single family home sales for 2013 listed on the MLS, which took an average of 44 days on the market with an average per square foot price of $1401 with about 8858 sqft.

  1. 3660 Jackson St, $18,000,000, 6 bed, 6.50 bath, 8820 sqft
  2. 2622 Jackson St, $13,300,000, 7 bed, 6 bath, 11,450 sqft
  3. 2504 Jackson St, $13,000,000, 6 bed, 5.75 bath, 7260 sqft
  4. 2020 Jackson St, $12,750,000, 7 bed, 7.50 bath, 11,500 sqft
  5. 807 Francisco St, $12,375,000, 7 bed, 5.50 bath, 6050 sqft
  6. 2898 Vallejo St, $11,700,000, 6 bed, 5.75 bath, none listed
  7. 3598 Jackson St, $11,000,000, 7 bed, 7.50 bath, 10,227 sqft
  8. 2430 Broadway St, $10,950,000, 5 bed, 6 bath, none listed
  9. 2755 Fillmore St, $9,999,998, 4 bed, 4.50 bath, none listed
  10. 15 Arguello, $9,750,000, 9 bed, 7.50 bath, 9,398 sqft
  11. 2570 Jackson St, $9,600,000, 11 bed, 8.50 bath, 9,885 sqft
  12. 34 Presidio Ter, $9,500,000, 5 bed, 6.50 bath, 8,040 sqft
  13. 2668 Vallejo St. $9,500,000, 4 bed, 5 bath, 5,950 sqft



Top SF Condominium Sales 2013 

Here are notable facts about condo sales here from January 1, 2013 until now:

  • 33 Condos sold for more than $1M
  • 119 Condos sold for more than $2M
  • 31 above $3M
  • 9 above $4M
  • and 3 above $5M

Which San Francisco condo was the priciest sale for 2013? The winner is the $7.85M penthouse condo at the Four Seasons, #27A 765 Market Street, with 3318 sqft and 3 beds, 4.5 baths and $2590/month HOA dues. Oh, and the closing price per square foot was a modest $2,365/sqft.

The Top 13, part 2

Three luxury condos sold this year at Jackson and Octavia after a stunning renovation.

Three luxury condos sold this year at Jackson and Octavia after a stunning renovation.


The view from up there…

Here are your top 13 (number 13 has 3 as there was a tie) condo sales for 2013, which took an average of 63 days on the market with an average per square foot price of $1763 with about 3105 sqft.

  1. 765 Market St #27A, $7,850,000, 3 Bed, 4.50 Bath, 3318 sqft
  2. 990 Green #6, $6,500,000, 5 Bed, 6.50 Bath, 5600 swift
  3. 2064 Jackson St, $5,710,000, 3 Bed, 2.50 Bath, none listed
  4. 765 Market St #35F, $4,950,000, 3 Bed, 3.50 Bath, 2,572 sqft
  5. 268 Lombard St #1, $4,900,000, 3 Bath, 2 Bed, none listed
  6. 1170 Sacramento St #11D, $4,650,000, 2 Bed, 3 Bath, 2780 sqft
  7. 301 Mission St #48B, $4,250,000, 2 Bed, 2.50 Bath, 1664 sqft
  8. 2220 Sacramento St, $4,085,000, 5 Bed, 6.50 Bath, 5726 sqft
  9. 2062 Jackson St, $4,000,000, 3 Bed, 2.50 Bath, none listed
  10. 2060 Jackson St, $3,995,000, 3 Bed, 3.50 Bath
  11. 301 Mission St #48C, $3,850,000, 2 Bed, 3.50 Bath, 2180 sqft
  12. 611 Washington St #2101, $3,800,000, 3 Bed, 3.50 Bath, none listed
  13. 301 Mission #35C, $3,800,000, 2 Bed, 2.50 Bath, 2170 sqft
  14. 1945 Hyde St #6, $3,800,000, 2 Bed, 2.50 Bath, 1936 sqft


Special only-in-S.F. homes on the market – SFGate

Tales of the City’s Real Estate. Special only-in-S.F. homes on the market – SFGate.

What are those Ladies Doing?

What does $16.5m get you these days in SF?

A Massive 11,000 sq ft Pac Heights Mansion listed with Pac Union at 1250 Pacific at Baker

The last of the Newhall family that owned this Cape Cod tucked away off of Pacific behind another ‘modest’ home passed away a couple of months ago willing this 7 bedroom mansion to a nearby church after living there for 92 years. Yes, 92. In the end it was her and a 24-hour caregiver left on this home with amazing public spaces complete with a replica of a cape cod shingled house – but inside under an atrium that leads into another nautical-like homage to the aft of an 19th century English sailing ship. The caregiver was given the ‘modest’ brick home across the street and the church got the house. The house has a servant wing ala Downton Abbey in addition to a massive outdoor greeting area for your dignitary of choice, working nob and tube electrical systems, antique water heaters and dryers as well as sweeping views north and of the Getty’s apparently. It’s not every day where you can look down on their home right?

Oh, and one thing, there’s no kitchen apart from the one in the basement where all the domestic staff lives. The SF real estate market is hot these days and $16.5M just doesn’t get you what it used to!

Here are some snaps taken during the 45 minutes it took to tour the house. Oh, and forgot to mention there are no showers in the house and we were pretty sure the phone worked!









Tuesday’s Tour for May 15, 2012 – Lots of New?

Congratulations to my clients Carrie and Aaron for getting into contract in the exclusive, almost sold-out Millwheel!

Carrie and Aaron got in on the ground floor in this about-to-pop building before most anyone in SF did because they worked with me and were willing to go for it! It’s exciting, it’s the right timing and about being in the right place at, of course, the right time! This opportunity was not even on the MLS yet (and may never end up there) and I found out about it by being curious, courteous and tenacious. It paid off!

So, will you find your new home like Carrie and Aaron did? Take a look below at our Tuesday Broker Tour sheet to get a start by learning what we’re seeing this upcoming week…. MLS Broker Tour for 5:15:12

What’s on Tour on Tuesday the 13th?

Here are the properties on Broker Tour for March 13, 2012.

If you see anything you want me to see, ping me!

Broker Tour 3-13-12 (a pdf will open)

Tuesday Tour 2/14/12 V-Day pt 2

And here are some other highlights – 321 Frederick, 343 Frederick, 773 Castro, 284 Day, 1257 Noe, 32 Taraval, 2011 15th Ave, and 1777 16th Ave. Price ranges from $469,000 to $1,595,000.

































Tuesday Tour – Valentine’s Day – Part 1 – 1856 Franklin at Clay

1856 Franklin number five and number six at Clay Street

These are two brand-new TIC units listed with Jesse Fowler of Brown & Co. and they are beautiful. Very high-end finishes, top floor, two bedrooms, two baths. The building is an
eight unit building with fractional financing.

The developer and lender noteholder developed these last three units and a 1+ bedroom will be on later this spring. The finishes are very nice, high-end, contemporary yet traditional. The top units have parking, Of the two top units both are nearly mirror images of each other – except for the rear unit has a fireplace and a view of the skyline downtown.

There is a small backyard in the back that isn’t used very often right now. The pet restrictions are two four-legged animals. The HOA is currently run by a nice accountant who lives there. Management will be turned over to a professional management company.

Pretty good location, very nice finishes, contemporary, 1200 to 1300 ft.².










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