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SF Real Estate News: A 2023 Spring Awakening? The San Francisco Bay Area is winning back workers after pandemic exodus — Vox News

We are in the business of pointing out trends and things in motion before most people know about it, problem solving and…

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September 15, 2022 San Francisco Real Estate

It’s Not Just Us Who Keep up with Karl the Fog the New York Times on Karl

Fog is why one neighborhood is notoriously chilly, another is surprisingly sunny, and the airport is where it is. It is why…

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December 13, 2018 San Francisco Real Estate

Location, Location, Location to come back in SF’s School Assignments.

San Francisco’s widely panned student assignment system needs a complete overhaul, and the process to change it starts now, the school board…

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‘White-boxing’ is a hot new real estate strategy – SFGate

‘White-boxing’ is the hot new real estate strategy – SFGate — Read on

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Who said California was losing population?

The chief of demographic research for the state Department of Finance, said California has added more than 2.5 million residents since the…

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Tech has made S.F. homeowners millionaires – SFGate

“If you own a halfway decent house in a halfway decent San Francisco neighborhood, it is worth a million dollars. And the…

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New Homes Coming to the Castro?

Looks like there’s been recent activity happening on two of the area’s three empty triangle-shaped lots. Here’s what the permits say: 2299…

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