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Is it a good time or not for real estate?

Kevin Quoted in Mission Local: “Real estate market in the Mission appears to recover, for now – Mission Local”

“A lot of renters have become buyers,” observed real estate agent Kevin Ho. “All the talk of exodus — that’s the headline-grabbing news — but the real news is that a lot of buyers have a little more affordability. And a little more balance to the market allows them to own a piece of San Francisco.”

Ho said more of the buyers right now seem to be people who want to live in the home they’re purchasing, rather than using it as an investment. He said some of the recent changes to the law around tenant protections and rent forgiveness might be having an impact, and investors “don’t necessarily want to assume that risk.” In Mission Local.

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April 7, 2015 Condos, SF News, SF Urban Planning

Shuttered Mission District Grocery Store Site Could Sprout Housing – SocketSite™

A formal proposal has yet to be made, but the Fortress Property Group has met with San Francisco’s Planning Department to explore…

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Two brand-new renovated flats at 1225 York St. – right near the ‘new Valencia’

1225 York: 2 TICs down-to-studs remodel 24th Street near York Street has been dubbed the “new Valencia Street.” These two units, then,…

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Kevin’s RE Notes: November Slumber?

The market cycle is swinging towards the holiday lull. What happens every year – this year is no different so far –…

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