Sure, they’re not sales figures per se, but here’s what we have for “2017.”
In 2016 there were 3 homes that sold with the street address of 2017 — all of them were condominiums — located in Lower Pacific Heights, Telegraph Hill and Potrero Hill. The trio had an average list price of $1.45M and sale price of $1.62M, selling at an average of $1,137/sqft.

And there’s more…

39 properties sold on 20th Street or Avenue:

11 houses at $1.685M (@ $931/sqft)
17 condos/TICs at $1.352M (@1,075/sqft)
8 2-4 Unit Buildings at $1.72M (@587)
1 5+ Unit Buildings at $2.925M (@$449/sqft)
Meanwhile 17th Street and Avenue had the most activity in 2016. There were 68 sales reported with:

19 houses at $1.45M (@ $894/sqft)
44 condos/tics $1.045M (@ $1,009/sqft)
4 2-4 unit buildings $1.77M (@ $677/sqft)
1 5+ unit $3.285M (@ $528/sqft)