How Do You Do? How Real Estate Clients of Kevin+Jonathan Did In San Francisco in 2015

2015 is done and in 2015 real estate clients of realtors Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of Vanguard Properties outperformed their peers in San Francisco’s ‘crazy’ real estate market. Take a look below to see how and if you want to know the ‘why’ contact the pair today.

Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry's track record for their San Francisco real estate buyers and sellers in 2015.

See how our real estate clients fared in San Francisco’s 2015 real estate market.

BOTH OUR BUYERS AND SELLERS did very well in 2015 and clients who worked with Kevin+Jonathan outperformed their peers working with other agents when compared to MLS average and median figures for 2015. Some take away points analysis of the year gone by show:

  1. For buyers, cash wasn’t king in 2015 and being the top-priced offer wasn’t necessarily the offer that won in the end as the being the best offer for the circumstances was far more important
  2. Nearly all of our buyers used financing and still won their San Francisco property; few of them had financing contingencies however
  3. Our buyers paid an average of 7.7 percent over a property’s list price as buyers saw more overage com
  4. Our sellers sold an average of 26 percent over a property’s list price
  5. San Francisco’s property prices grew modestly compared to a year ago with condo price appreciation outpacing single-family homes prices slightly with both hovering around a 12 percent annual gain.

Our best performing listing this year took place at 1072 Noe Street over the summer of 2015, which was featured on SF Curbed.

Noe Valley's top fixer in 2015 sold by Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry

Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of Vanguard Properties fetch nearly $1M over asking price for this fixer at 24th and Noe Streets in San Francisco

You may remember it was the large fixer that we priced properly at $1,898,000 (which was already gutsy and aggressive). There were attempts to approach the sellers early by others. The top off-market value offered for the 1800+ sqft, massive fixer house that stretched well into the mandated setback, expandable attic and garage/lower level  (which was bought in 1965 for a mere $25,000) was $1.8M. Even our broker said we’d be having a good day if our sellers got offers over $2M. We were undeterred and after we worked with the family who owned the property — clearing out 8 years weeds, 40 years of personal effects long forgotten, and clearing up legal, title and tax issues, we marketed the property to a very specific set of buyers. And when all 6 offers came in after just one weekend of open houses (none of them below $2.15M) with the top two being tied at $2.8M. 1072 Noe closed $2.8M, some 47% over the list price at over $1550/sqft for a fixer.  We still get calls from agents and would-be sellers alike as to how we took a house that sat empty for 7 years and got a record price without staging or remodeling.

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