Tour Notes:

1912 Golden Gate – single-family home, Victorian house from 1884.

Definite fixer.

Same family had the house for seventy years. There is no garage but the floor plan screams out for one Typically those go for about $100,000. However, because the floor plan is the way it is, you might be able to get it for less – say 60,000. The rest of the house could withstand a very strong renovation. But the potential is amazing. The floors are original and have excellent craftsmanship. They can be restored. The listing agent said that the foreign contractor estimated that they’d be at least $20 a square foot if installed now.

Offers are due on Thursday at 10 AM. Offered at $899,000.

Note: contractor inspection on file, Markoff pest report $17,000, regular sale, no death on property, sellers will comply with energy and water requirements. Similar to house at 1960 Golden Gate which is on the market last year.