Media coverage for a record-setting price for a fixer house in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood of nearly $3M as positioned, prepared and marketed by Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of San Francisco’s Vanguard Properties. The pair knew how to market the property at 1072 Noe Street to developers by stressing the property’s location and potential.  

1072 Noe's facadeWhen a big, old Victorian fixer-upper in the heart of Noe Valley listed for $1.898 million back in June, we had a feeling that it would easily crack the $2 million mark. The house received six offers, all over asking, and was in contract after just eight days. We’ve now gotten word that it has sold for $2.8 million. Yes, that’s nearly $1 million over asking and a gigantic price for a house with a vintage kitchen, an unfinished attic, and a dirt backyard. According to listing agents Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, the buyer is an investor who paid all cash and plans to redevelop the house.

Source: Noe Valley Fixer Sells for $2.8M, Nearly $1M Over Asking – Flip Watch – Curbed SF