Recall Tuesday is when us brokers go around the city in a whirlwind tour of each other’s open houses — the speed dating of open houses. Here is the list of what we’re able to see tomorrow.

Remember, you’re welcome to visit the open houses too without me being there (although if someone gives you a hard time, tell them you’re working with Kevin Ho and I’m running late — which is not too much of a stretch!) The opens are grouped by geography with new listings on the hour and repeat listings on the half hour.

Also, D/S/C means District, Subdistrict and Classification (1 = single family homes, 2C = condos, 2T = TICs, 3+ = multiunit). Here are my observations:

  • This week there are a couple of income buildings on the north side of town as well as one over in Noe Valley and another at 18th and Mission and a pair in Potrero all in the mid $1M range.
  • There are a couple of single family fixers — one on Bush Street and the other on Oak that don’t necessarily have fixer prices.
  • For fixers with fixer prices see the one in Bernal Heights and the other in Dogpatch (offers due on Wed). There’s a rather unique larger single-family home smack dab in the middle of UCSF’s Parnassus Campus for $1.5M.
  • There are some big houses in Noe Valley, Glen Park, and Corona Heights with that ultra modern chic one on the 1600 block of Church Street still being on the market for a mere $3.5M.
  • If you want to see those units at 3500 Valencia that have been selling for $1000+/sqft (without parking in some cases) tomorrow is your chance as they’re about 60% sold out.
  • There are a few potentially cute single family homes in the Sunset near West Portal and a pair in the Miraloma area and one over in Sunnyside that looks interesting as well.
  • There is a house on Chenery that has a below $1M price tag and another single family home in St Francis Wood for $1.575M (but it’s from the agent who regularly underprices everything by 15% quite irritatingly. Oh, and there’s a huge house on in SFW for $6.8M+ too
  • There are also a pair of income units for $349,000 and 375,000 respectively in Diamond Heights Village that could get about $2000-$2500 a month in rent studio with parking for these condos on the market that could be a nice little income stream.

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