San Francisco’s real estate boundaries are about to be shattered by the Park Lane building at 1100 Sacramento Street. The 33 units in the Nob Hill luxury tower are being converted from rentals into a tenancy-in-common project, and the projected sell out is a whopping $100M. The size of this building is nearly double that of the current largest TIC in The City: the Marina’s Francisco Palms, which has 17 units. What does a TIC of this size and prestige mean for San Francisco’s real estate market?

“Owners need to have incentive to offer a better product to tenants, but locked-in rents tamp that incentive down,” Ho explains. “Imagine if we had market-hindering policies like rent control laws while San Francisco was being built in the 1800 and 1900s, most places probably would still have split bathrooms that use 6 gallons a flush with gas lamps for lights.”

via 1100 Sacramento in Nob Hill is San Francisco’s First $100M TIC – Game Changer – Curbed SF.