There were swarms of agents and prospective buyers flocking to the Brannan


Get it while it’s hot! For anyone interested in the short sale at the Brannan – 239 Brannan, number 4E, at list price $649,000 – here’s the scoop:

There are two renters in the unit right now. One leaves at the end of March, the other at the end of July. There are two notes on the property – both with Bank of America. They roughly total $900,000.

The agent, Nelly Rickert, of B R realty, from Point Richmond, said there are already four offers in hand – even though the offer date is 5:00 PM, March 15, 2012.

She said that two are all-cash and the other two are conventional financing. All of the offers pick up the $32,000 back dues. Of note, none of the four prospective buyers has seen the unit. Talk about buying sight unseen!.

It’s a corner unit, facing Brannan Street on the fourth floor with two bedrooms, Two bathrooms and one parking space. The OA dues would be $854 a month and there’s no doubt it’ll go more than the $649,000 asking price, which is – of course – not-yet approved.