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San Francisco is a rare and valuable place. Property is precious and expensive with property prices appreciating and growing steadily since its founding. It’s proven a robust area capable of weathering earthquakes, drought, and economic downturns and more.  It’s become the place that fosters diversity, innovation and wealth.

It’s an international city where tourists come and visit. It’s also the epicenter for the tech economy (Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, HP, Yahoo, etc.), gateway to Asia and Latin America, an educational and research center (U.C. Berkeley, UCSF, Stanford, Lawrence Livermore), and home to varied industries to shipping, electric cars, biotech and credit cards. We’re also close to nature, food and wine (Yosemite, Napa & Sonoma). It’s now a place that you’re looking to buy a part of. You’re looking to purchase a part of this very special place because you believe in it, right?

We do real estate differently than most: we work hard, wisely and empathetically. We are adaptive, have a keen eye (and ear) for what’s coming and trending and are media- and tech-savvy. We also use technology, social media and often crowd-source to ensure you have unrivaled representation and perspective. We also like to think that our people skills help us succeed — our big black dog Raffi (a former Guide Dogs for the Blind dog) helps us guide our clients too. We won’t lead you astray (sorry for the puns!)

Congratulations on deciding to buy property in San Francisco.

Now, how do we go about doing that again?

You're in capable hands (and paws) with more than $150 million worth of experience representing San Francisco buyers (and sellers). 

Buyer Beginnings....

9 Broad Steps to Get Buying…

  1. Identify your needs, wants, budget and  dependencies
  2. Enlist Kevin+Jonathan to help find the right home for you with previews, search tools and inside scoops on listings coming soon or off market
  3. Talk to lenders & financing options and secure pre–approval, by the following…
  4. Complete lender applications (but beware how many times your credit report is pulled as you don’t want it to be too many times because it could impact you) and…
  5. Gather documents for financing underwriting: 12 or 24 months of rent checks, 2 years tax returns, bank statements, explain cash deposits and PDF those documents
  6. Attend open houses and see what’s out there and build up your context (or ask us to preview)
  7. Return visits – do them with us if possible (or at least see the place again at a different time) 
  8. Review disclosure documents we’ll get for you for the property in question; pre-offer inspections if need be; talk with us (obviously)
  9. Write the offer with us showing us be sure to send us pdf bank statement copies for the down payment + deposit, a blurb about why you like the property and a picture too! 

Let's Bulk Up Your Buyer Education . . .


About Our Inventory + Data

Diverse City. Diverse Data.


How Will It Go?

A Home Purchase can take 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months… (let’s hope it’s not longer)

Beyond the Basics . . .

How We Learn About…

Let’s Learn About that Property for you. 



How We Win.

Let’s Win that Property for you. 


About Owning It.

All Done! Not Quite.

If Your Buying Journey Were a Like a Tube/BART Map...

Some Relevant Data About San Francisco Real Estate You Should Notice:

Some Basic Geography . . .

Our 10 Districts

San Francisco Architectural Styles and Where You Can Find Them

What Goes Where: SF's Housing Inventory By Area

Big Streets And Where They're At

Dog Parks for Your Own Raffi



The social proof of our results

"And I'll never forget receiving the congratulatory text that the home was ours."

"The reason why YOU should choose Kevin is because he doesn't give up and he does everything in his power to make sure you get what you want."

"TBH I would not be in this beautiful home if it weren't for Kevin (and his dog Raffi!)."

Some Client Comments

Kevin’s great! He helped me get an amazing condo in Hayes Valley by giving me really sound advice on how to write a winning offer. He is super knowledgeable, energetic, and fun to work with. I’d definitely recommend him for your home purchase.

— Brian W., Google, Zoosk & uber

Buyer (Hayes Valley)

This is my second time buying a home, and the experience this time around with Kevin as my agent was *night and day* compared to my first agent. I wouldn’t have changed anything Kevin helped me accomplish in the process.

Hass L., User Interface Designer

Buyer & Seller (SoMa/Oakland)

Kevin Ho is an excellent real estate agent. When I was looking for a real estate agent to buy a home, I had some basic criteria and he far exceeded it. He is friendly, smart, and very familiar with the legal side of buying a home. He is a genuine person who will look out for your best interests. I would highly recommend Kevin. It would be difficult to find a better agent.

— Gregg O., SF Sr. Water Engineer

Buyer (Golden Gate Heights) 

I have worked with several agents over the years, and Kevin been the best.

Kevin is very responsible and I believe truly had my best interest in mind. There were places I was interested in that he could have gone along with to close a sale, but instead he told me his concerns and steered me away. One place I was about to bid on he told me to hold off, and he was right on. Three weeks later the home I had been seeking for more than a year hit the market!

Kevin guided me through my offer process and we truly threaded the needle. As is typical in San Francisco, there were six offers on the place. We increased our initial offer just slightly and won the deal! We bid enough to secure the house but hardly a dollar more. I don’t even think we were the highest bid.

Kevin is very outgoing, personable and inquisitive, which are great assets that give him tremendous intelligence about the market. Whenever he sees construction going projects he stops in to asks what is happening with the property. He thus knows what will be hitting the market, sometimes months in advance.  Finally, Kevin is very fun to work with, which makes what can be a stressful process much more pleasurable.

— Aaron S., Sr. Manager, Salesforce

Buyer (Corona Heights/Castro)


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Charting Your Course Home . . .

Real estate represents so very many things to so very many people. Your home is not only your — well — home but it is your place in the community, where you vote in elections, what type of internet you can get, whether you can own a dog, where your kids will go to school and much more. Take a look at some of those factors below and see what’s important to you and what’s not.

Tuning in the Best Offer Terms


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