Hello and Welcome to Our Quick Intro to Working with Us

Whether you're a seasoned pro at buying property or a first-time home buyers, the process starts with giving us a call, email, or text. We will customize our approach to meet your needs, circumstances and goals. Get ready for better buying as informed by our successful record of representing both buyers and sellers in San Francisco

Okay, Just How Ready Are You?

Are you in a hurry? Or can we take some time? Determining your time horizon from fire drill to leisurely stroll we will help you move properly

It’s important to understand where you are in the process. If you’re dipping your toe into the pond or diving right in. Letting us know where you really are in the process helps set everyone’s expectations. 

Step 1: Time to Discuss

Let's set aside some time to get to know each other and what you're looking to accomplish in San Francisco real estate

Whether by phone, text, FaceTime or in person, the first time we talk is just the beginning of our work together and one of just many conversations we will have. We hope you will find the conversation enriching and that it will kickstart the process.

Step 2: Time to Learn About All Our Neighborhoods

A lot of variety, opportunities and gems can fit into 49 square miles. Let's start learning about our neighborhoods to see which are a match

The MLS sorts the City into 10 large geographic districts and many smaller sub districts that approximate the neighborhoods you know. Each district has a different reputation and value of course. We will help you find which matches for you and where hidden gems may be that you never knew about.

Step 3: Learning How You Can Pay

Coins, Coins, Coins — or should we say, Loans, Loans, Loans? Figuring out how you plan on paying for your purchase involves referrals potentially and, in all cases, learning about your options and how best to reach an optimal balance to maximize purchasing power and prudence

There are so many considerations to consider when it comes the money involved used to purchase a property even if you are an all-cash buyer. We have suggestions and loan people who can work with a variety of scenarios that may turn a seemingly impossible situation into a doable one. 


Step 4: Open House Etiquette + Logistics

What to do, how to act and when to visit open houses considered

Open houses are times when the seller’s agent invites the public to come and see the property. They usually take place on Sundays from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. with fewer taking place at the same time on Saturdays and some homes being open on Thursday nights for ‘twilight tours’ after work gets out for most people. If you can’t make it, let us know and we can set up an appointment to see it with you or talk to us about Broker Tour Tuesdays.

Step 5: Now That You Found It, What Do We Need to Know?

Once a property becomes a serious contender we will delve deeper to help you decipher property disclosures and how to put them into context

Because we see and sell so many properties in San Francisco, we have a good understanding how houses work — at least generally. And if more help or commentary or assistance is needed, we can call the right folks to help. But we are here to help you delve deeply into the pros and cons of a given property before diving in. 

What's next? It's time for us to help you prepare the winning offer of course.

All Right. I'm Excited.

Our Experience and Knowledge is Just a Click Away

Excited yet? We would hope so! Let’s channel that energy and excitement into the start of our work together. 

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