Which areas are best for families with young children?

Like things law and life, the answer depends. It depends on weather and whether you plan to relocate here permanently and enroll your child in the public school system. If so, the top schools (Clarendon, Burna Vista, Rooftop for example) place a greater emphasis on folks who live in so-called CTIP-1 areas of the city to foster economic diversity because these areas were traditionally underrepresented. If that goal has been accomplished is questionable especially given the realities of the market) and those areas are very narrowly drawn.

Good thing is that they tend to include sunnier parts of the city including the Haight, Hayes Valley, the Mission, Potrero, Dogpatch. Each neighborhood is unique on its own of course but all are distinctly San Francisco. Take a look at the information below and let me know if you need anything else. And, welcome to San Francisco!

Web Reference: https://www.kevinho.org/san-francisco-mls-districts/