The San Francisco bidding war madness has officially reached new levels with the sale of this 2-bed, 2.5 bath Gough Street home for $3.4 million. The house is beautifully designed by noted architect William Wurster, a dean of the UC Berkeley Architecture school who was known for building small houses during the Depression era that felt much bigger than their actual size. The Gough Street house does have charming, leafy outdoor space, picture windows and a nicely remodeled if somewhat small kitchen. However, with an asking price of $1.995 million, this house sold for more than 70% over asking. This makes the $1.4 million over asking paid for a 4-bedroom in Sea Cliff last month seem tame, given that it had a starting price of $5.1 million and therefore went for only 27% over.

via Pac Heights Home Sells for Jaw-Dropping $1.405M Over Asking – Sold Stuff – Curbed SF.