Rental rates by BART Station….

this represents a picture of what’s called “transit-oriented housing,” and a snapshot of overall median rental prices, via a survey of 17,000 one-bedroom apartment listings within a half-mile radius of a BART station. Now, in San Francisco, this is probably going to show some confusing overlap — Montgomery, Powell, and Civic Center Stations are all within a half-mile of SoMa, and Hayes Valley is probably reflected in Civic Center as well. And Curbed notes that the extremely low Glen Park figure is factoring in Excelsior rents (since you’re not going to find many one-bedrooms in Glen Park anyway). But here we see a more complicated picture that mostly supports the finding of last month that the median price of a one-bedroom in SF had now gone north of $3,200.

via New Map Shows How Expensive It Is To Rent An Apartment Near BART: SFist.