This week’s Picks of the Week are exceptional. There are good values in strong locations – take a look at 815 Masonic for example. It just won the condo conversion lottery and will be a condo by Tuesday but is still priced like a TIC despite the conversion. The house at 459 Anderson is an exquisitely done large home in Bernal Heights priced well as well as it has been finished.

It has been a heavy, heavy market this spring. Many sales are private, off-MLS sales, but it does look that sellers have gotten the message and inventory is starting to pick up. Sales at 299 Valancia are brisk and many of the 1- and 2-bedroom condos at 14th and Valencia have already been sold – three weeks before the sales office opens! Agents are demonstrating their value getting these deals and homes by using their personal networks and connections to get the best homes before anyone else can.

What Happened This Week:

Overall, the market is showing that people are ready to buy and are stepping up to the plate and that they are willing to backup their offers. One home on Divisadero sold before its first open house, above asking and had two backup offers in wait – my colleague got this property for her clients by being first to the table. Another colleague won a new townhome at McAllister and Central Streets due to tenacity – the rest of the new construction won’t be done for 6 weeks! One property on 20th Street was in contract who backed out of the deal, three weeks later the same unit was in contract but for $100,000 more than three weeks earlier. Another set of clients who were frustrated with the rental market for NoPa condos near USF decided to buy one; they instead ended up buying a single family home at twice their original budget, all-cash with a 5 day close because they understood the value of the property. Other properties at 120 Landers received and accepted an over-asking offer within one week of being on the market; same for 2625 Judah Street #3 (offer + 2 backups), 520 Chestnut St (6 offers, over asking), a short sale on 700 Fell Street returning to the market after a winter break received an offer that was 15 percent higher than ones submitted last fall. Homes at the Madrone in Mission Bay are selling with nearly 50 percent sold before a single unit has been completed. Even homes in Daly City are selling over asking, with one listing in our office receiving an offer $60,000 over asking.

This Week’s Advance – Sneak Peaks & Exclusives:

Ask me more about the following leads I’ve gotten from my colleagues all over the city

A new construction large single family home on Casenada at Alton (near Laguna Honda) is 4 weeks from completion. It will have 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths at over 5500 sq ft. Expected price $3.395M

346 Fair Oaks, single family Victorian home at 24th is a home perfect for someone to perfect at over 3200 sq ft. The home has an addition and an original footprint on an extra wide lot with a two car garage. The neighboring house sold for more than $3.4M with less than a week on the market. Expected price $2.095M

2000 McAllister at Central, multiple units, new construction condos and townhome will be finished in the next month. The remaining townhome will have 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms on two levels with a deck, garden and garage with approximately 2600 sq ft. Expected townhome price $1.5M; condo 3 bed, 2.5 baths, great room and terrace, expected price $1.25M

1300 block of Eddy at Buchanan, single family home completed in 2008 is in an enclave that is a corner house with 3 beds, 2 baths, expected in 2 weeks at an expected $749k

360 10th Street, loft condo, with 1 bed, 1 bath with over 1300 sq ft., expected price $595K

16th Avenue at Kirkham – Inner Sunset large single family home at more than 2000 sq ft, in the low $1.0M

Moffett Street, Glen Park, single family home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, at 1200 sq ft. expected price under $800k

16th and Missouri, top floor, two-level 1 bed/1bath Dogpatch/Potrero loft condo, expected price $600-$625k

23rd and Indiana, corner, Dogpatch three-level loft condo 2-3 bedroom with parking, expected price $750k,

2 bed, 2 bath condo, middle floors at the Infinity, with 1 parking, expected price $900sk

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