2012 Awards: 

It was a hectic year in real estate with competitive bidding wars, slow-moving lenders, and inventory that went fast, fast, fast. Prices are up anywhere from 5-25% and inventory is down from 35-65%. But as you know, bringing levity into the equation and making light of a situation rather than being too dower is my art. With that, here is my personal look back over the year that’s just past us by where I tripled, if not quadrupled my business from 2011. So, thank you for the help and referrals. Read and enjoy!


Best Offer Made This Year

20.7% over asking price, no appraisal contingency, no inspection contingency. Yes, we won that bid.


Favorite Offer Date:



Dark Horses of the Year 

the Sunset and the Richmond (stealthily seeing average single family home prices go above $1million)

Desire for Mancaves (more clients want them)


Most Unattainable

Duboce Triangle

Two-unit buildings



Pleasantest Surprises

The Millwheel SF (good value, great finishes)

Back on Markets (great values for those who watch in this ADHD marketplace)


Biggest Teases 

Court-confirmation list prices (can anyone say 200% above asking price?)

No-Pre-emptive Offer Listings that took Pre-emptive Offers (how annoying!)


Biggest “Eh”

Facebook IPO (as Mariah Carey sang: Some day…)

TIC reforms (see above Some day reference)


Rising Stars 

Bernal Heights

Miraloma Park (both neighborhoods have single family homes that haven’t been updated in years)


On the Cusp

Inner Mission

Glen Park



Most compelling reason to buy

Mortgage rates remain absurdly low

Rents absurdly rose


Biggest Big Promise for the Future

Golden State Warriors in South Beach

Mid-market Redevelopment


Gong/Drum Roll-worthy

Selling a 2/2 0 pkg TIC at $900/sq ft for an 10-month gain of 18 percent ala yours truly


Crane award (most projects under construction)

The Castro (condos everywhere due in 2013)

SoMa/South Beach/Rincon (tie)