One hundred and sixty-five evictions in a city of thousands and thousands of units is causing enough concern (or getting enough press) to motivate changes that may placate tenants’ interests now but that may actually hurt tenants in the long run.

Just as the condo lottery suspension was supposed to be a victory for tenants (lifetime leases offered to those tenants living in units that are being converted under an expedited yet preset schedule) the current proposals may actually be wolves masquerading in your wool sweater. In exchange for setting a regularized schedule (prop for owners) five- and six-unit buildings were exempted from any future conversion into condos after the schedule runs its course in 10–12 years. But as we’ve seen already this has lead to owners of 5- and 6-units saying “f#*k it! I’ll sell now and evict everyone.” And that’s what’s been happening. So after that, why should changes to the Ellis Act be rushed through?