Over the past 7 days (Jan 4-Jan 11) we saw some solid, but-closer-to-list closing prices around the city. Closings reported this past week:

  • 30 Single Family Homes
  • 40 Condos/TICs/Coops
  • 12 2-4 Unit buildings
  • 1 5+ units

The least expensive single-family house that closed was at 347 Prague Street, in the Excelsior, for $580,000, $594/sqft at 975 sqft while the most expensive was 25 Normandie Terrace, a Pac Heights cul-de-sac, which closed at $5.5M at $1,403/sqft. with 3925 sqft.

For condos, the least expensive condo was over at 1555 Geary Blvd, #5, a 2 bed, 1 bath for $360,000 and the pricest was a TIC in the ultra-luxe 1100 Sacramento building closing for a mere $6.995M. The most expensive bonafide condo to close was the top unit at 3883 20th Street, closing for a cool $2M (all cash), which comes on the heels of the lower unit closing for $1.7M (also cash) in October. Rumor has it that it was a parent buying the building so that their children could live there full-time while they could stop by on occasion.

And yes, even parking space sales are reported on the MLS. Over at 88 Townsend a space sold for $80,000 this week. The building is one of the few that allow for people to buy and sell spaces even if you don’t live on the premises.