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I couldn’t be happier with hiring Kevin to sell my previous SoMA condo in order to arrange for the purchase of my new townhome in Uptown Oakland. Kevin is super-responsive and available on phone/text/facebook for any and every question in the process. With his legal background and passion for real estate, I felt confident in the decisions he helped me make – from which offer to accept on my previous condo, to what to offer and accept with the new condominium, to all the details in documentation and also looking at alternative homes as a backup plan.

This is my second time buying a home, and the experience this time around with Kevin as my agent was *night and day* compared to my first agent. I wouldn’t have changed anything Kevin helped me accomplish in the process, and he’s been in touch since I’ve closed on my new place making sure I’m settling in okay. He’s also up-to-date with the latest tools to conduct the transaction, so there will be e-copies of everything and no excessive amount of pointless, time-wasting appointments to sign/review paperwork.

If you have Kevin on your side, I think you will end up with a real advocate for your needs who can streamline the entire home buying process for you.