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The Details

The 5-Step: A General Approach to Selling 

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Kevin’s Selling Services Includes…

There are a number of adjectives that describe the type of service my selling clients receive. Among them: tech-savvy, smart marketer, creative, hard-working, energetic, welcoming, dedicated and focused would be top among them.

But my services are much more than words. My service reflects dedication to getting what’s best for you — even if it’s unclear to you. I will work my hardest for you and bring my skills to bear in my craft, which is constantly evolving given our fluid market. Selling is a bit of planning, staging, debate, crisis-management and luck, but a lof of determination. It’s a process that can be streamlined and simple, but because we live in San Francisco, can also be incredibly nuanced. In any case, I’m good at what I do. And I love what I do. The experience is incredibly contextual, highly subjective, sometimes challenging and exciting all at once. My approach is relational and rewarding and I really feel for my clients and take their concerns to heart. Like everyone, I’m imperfect but real estate is about the asymetry of imperfect information and the ability to manage that market place adeptly, wisely and contemplatively, which is what I’m perfect at doing.  We’re in it together.

While each property is unique unto itself, here are examples of what I do for my clients as they fit in the 5 stages outlined here:

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  • We will identify your goals, the salient selling points of your property, and what buyers are seeking and identity where your property fits.
  • Reflect, analyze and investigate your property, your neighborhood, and offer perspective on what we can expect in terms of price, demand, and how to best maximize what we have and what we can do given our resources.
  • Consult on staging given our budget, timeline, and circumstances.

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IMG_8696 (1)

  • Use traditional print media, mailers, and paper statements and brochures along with professional photography to present your property as close to perfection as possible.
  • Create a customized website to showcase your property as well as using commercially available resources to syndicate that information to as many people as possible.
  • Use social and online media outlets, advertising and connections to generate buzz and disseminate awareness of your property.
  • Pursue all other means appropriate to promote the property by using such outlets like events, television, feature articles, and sponsorships.

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  • The open house — it’s tried and true. Be prepared for Saturdays, Sundays and other days of the week too. And we will need to have your property in showcase form as we only get one opportunity to debut on the market.
  • Broker Tours are on Tuesdays and are just as important as public open houses if not more so because this is the speed-dating of open houses for brokers with buyers.
  • Private showings and evening showings are going to be required for the most serious of buyers (or not)
  • Coming to agreement on terms means more than price. I’ll be able to give you context of what’s happening out in the market generally, the pros and cons of each offer and suggestions on how best to proceed.

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  • Surprise, we’re in escrow.
  • Navigating escrow can be as stressful (and in some cases more stressful) than preparing the property or negotiating the ultimate purchase contract. Different forces and factors beyond our control could (and most likely will) add complexity, delay and surprise to our transaction. Anything from an overly zealous inspector, a buyer’s lender’s lethargy, to HOA issues to cold feet can all add to the stress level. But relax.  Just smile and nod and know that everything will be okay. Really.

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After we record the title transfer and keys are handed over is when we can take a victory lap. You’ll have proceeds (we hope) within days of our close of escrow from the title company. If we’re going on to purchase another property we can start in earnest. No matter what you do, expect a thank you present and follow-up with me over time as questions may pop-up, but more importantly, it’s nice for me to see how well things will be going for you.

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Kevin reads contracts in detail and really protects your interests — he knows his stuff on this. I finally decided to hire him after he submitted to an hour of my rapid fire questioning on the sf real estate market where he drew lots of graphs to illustrate his points — this really impressed me but also proved a stronger understanding of the market than other realtors I spoke with. I can’t tell you how many times I went to an open house and a realtor told me something flat out wrong. I felt a lot of confidence throughout the process knowing I was working with someone who knew their stuff inside out.

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Property Websites for Kevin’s Listings

Among my skills is web design. Here are some of those sites:

Mid-Market Condos

(788 Minna)

Eureka Valley/Castro Luxury Condo

(4658 18th Street)

Large, Top-floor Inner Mission Listing

(873 South Van Ness)

Stately Nob Hill Two-Unit Building

(1228-1230 Leavenworth)

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How did one $1700 investment yield $30,000 more in a final sale price? Ask Kevin how.

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