You’ll find that I take informal, very, very amateurish YouTube videos for my clients of properties I see that I think they’ll be interested in.  These are places that they can’t see because of work, or because they want to see again after they leave.

Here is the link to my channel, and advance apologies for any motion sickness you get if you watch – just look away when you need to and I’ll promise to move my iPhone slower next time.  Promise.

[youtubechannel channelname= “kevho94122″ numvideos=”3” width= “450” showtitle=”Yes”]


Why Take Videos?  Why Post? 

Like many folks, I hate the sound of my own voice on tape.   So why would I shoot video footage of my out loud thoughts as I film listings? Because my buyers find the videos useful.  And lucky for me they’re usually the only ones watching and they already know what I sound like.  That or they want to tell far flung friends and family about the place they’re excited about.  It could be their dream home.  It may well be their house in a matter of days!  Wouldn’t you want to spread the word if you are excited about something too?

Ultimately, helping clients spread that excitement and converting that optimism into action is what I am here to do.  My clients agree with me in saying this:  if someone wants to tell others about something their excited about, then you’re creating buzz.  And if Web 3.0 has taught us anything, buzz begets buzz.

And while the videos are shaky, my comments are off-the-cuff, many folks have found it more than helpful in their decision-making process.

But if You Object, Let Me Know Right Away…

If requested, I will remove any video (or lock it and set it as private) that causes unease on anyone’s part.  There is no intent to cast anyone in false light, or misrepresent anything.  My YouTube videos are meant only to be used as an aid and tool for buyers.   So, if you feel that a video should be pulled or hidden, please let me know right away and I’ll comply with your request!

Some Waxing and Waning on the Issue

And I can certainly empathize:  having the chance of my listing being filmed and posted would naturally concern me. In the listing agent capacity, of course I’d be nervous that non-controlled marketing gets out into the open – especially if there’s unjustified emphasis placed on negatives or if a video depicts a property in a poor light.  But it’s my job as a listing agent to ensure that having to pull a video is only a last resort as the properties I sell will be presented as close to perfection as possible.  The property will shine on its own and should stand on its own.

Ultimately, the YouTube (and the ease of picture-taking) will sure make all of us agents work harder to ensure that we not only believe in the property we are selling. We do indeed work hard for the money.

But is it Legal?

As a matter of respect & courtesy, I’ll remove any video if requested. California has particularly strong right of publicity laws but one court recently interpreting an oft-photographed San Francisco home delimited where those laws end and where our rights as YouTubers, Tweeters and Facebookers extend.  Take a read at a local IP lawyer’s treatment of the case here.