What Do You Want Accomplish in San Francisco Real Estate?

Hi, we’re Kevin Ho + Jonathan McNarry (and with our black labrador retriever Raffi) are dedicated, top-ranked and producing expert San Francisco realtors at Vanguard Properties. We live and breathe real estate 24/7. We are homeowners, dog dads and among the top agents in the City working with buyers and sellers from all walks of life. We regularly appear on the news as real estate experts and are frequent contributors to news outlets like the San Francisco Chronicle, Curbed and Realtor.com.

We truly care about meeting and beating our clients’ goals and know that real estate is not only about buying and selling properties but changing lives (for the better we hope) too.

If you want engaged, personable, and energetic San Francisco real estate from agents who are truly caring, comprehensive and thoughtful — you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to get started, shall we?

From Our Family To Yours.

Just as every property is unique, so is every client experience. Among more, our clients benefit from:

An Informed Perspective About our Inventory. As homeowners who have ripped apart a house only to put it back together (but prettier and bigger), and having seen thousands of homes for our clients, we know our City and its housing inventory very well indeed.

Fuller Service (and more). From design ideas to deeper diligence, financing advice to closing, and beyond, our clients benefit from our thoroughness, experience and vision to realize what owning a property means and how to unlock its full potential.

Big-Picture View. We analyze real estate on multiple levels from market data, zoning potential, to agent personalities so our clients can decide wisely.

A Deep Bench of All-Stars. Our clients get access to our network of professionals and that of Vanguard Properties, the leading locally owned luxury brokerage for the city and the region.

We are Realtors Who Love (and Use) Tech. Even if you don’t know how to use tech we do and maximize these tools to give our clients an edge.

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Grow your success, wealth and happiness together with Kevin+Jonathan (and Raffi).

WELCOME to San Francisco real estate with me, Kevin K. Ho, and my partner Jonathan B. McNarry — Kevin+Jonathan. We're partners in life and in business and we live and breathe real estate with our big black lab Raffi, who is himself a real estate super dog (you’ll see him at open houses, marketing videos and in person). We’re involved, active and successful professionals who rank in the top 1 percent of San Francisco real estate agents. We work with Vanguard Properties, the leading locally owned boutique San Francisco-based brokerage, known for its powerful top-quality branding, LGBT roots and development prowess.

Join Our Successful and Loyal Client Base

Our clients have bought for less and sold for more in one of the most competitive markets in the world. Better yet, our clients are buyers and sellers — a true testament. Why?  We are plugged-in, empathetic and responsive. Our approach to real estate is special — we understand that our clients value on our expertise, service and support in making such consequential decisions in their lives. We view our clients as extended family and we take care of them like family with heart, soul and consideration.

Explore our site, read our reviews and take a look at our seller and buyer successes to see how we stand out from other San Francisco agents.

And of course, be sure to contact us today to put all of our knowledge, personality and experience to work for you!


Kevin K. Ho, Esq.


Top Producer & Top 21 Club Vanguard Properties, Realtor (dre 01875957), attorney (sbn 233408) Member: SFAR MLS & Technology Committee, SFAR, CAR, NAR, Residential Builders’ Association, State Bar Real Property Section, Bar Association of San Francisco, the AIA, Top Agent Network (Top 1% of San Francisco Agents)


Jonathan B. McNarry


Realtor, Vanguard Properties (dre 01747295), Top Producer, RN, Notary Public, SFAR, CAR, NAR (Top Agent Network, Top 1% of San Francisco Agents)

“You’re such the joyous real estate agent!”

— Belinda P.

Homeowner, Duboce Park, Administrative Support, Major Architectural Firm

“Nobody puts in the time and effort like you guys do.”

— Howard E.

Luxury Developer & Repeat Client, San Francisco

Some Quick FAQs

Click to see the answers.

[stack_accordion type="accordion accordion-1 accordion--oneopen"][stack_accordion_content title="Q: Why buy property in San Francisco? Is it overpriced? Or is it just expensive? What about COVID?"]ANSWER: This answer is not brought to you by the local chamber of commerce, but it might as well be. San Francisco is a unique, nutty and rare place where people want to live, work and grow through good times and bad. There is sustained value here for lots of reasons we can go over with you. Think about the last time you saw tourists taking pictures of the Painted Ladies of Alamo Square or of some other random Victorian. They’re taking pictures of someone’s house. The City is expensive because there are so many people who want to live here and land is finite. Add in public policy concerns about social justice, rent control, development, the fog, access to transit and other things like Prop 13 and capital gains and you’ll start to make sense of why the City’s annualized appreciation for real estate has been at 6-7% for the past 30+ years. 

This is all the more reason to get fully educated on value, potential and context with Kevin+Jonathan.[/stack_accordion_content][/stack_accordion][stack_accordion type="accordion accordion-1 accordion--oneopen"][stack_accordion_content title="Q: What's up with list prices in San Francisco? Are we just being gamed? Why not price accurately?"]ANSWER: One of the realities you’ll should come to accept (and expect) in San Francisco is that a property’s list price is inconsequential for the most part. Unless you’re talking new construction buildings, it’s better to think of a list price as a ‘starting’ price. While you can bristle and grumble about this generally practiced convention (overall statistics show that at least half of all listings sell for over list price), the sooner you come to move past the merits of the convention, the sooner we can meet your goal of getting property here. Real property valuation will be informed by area sales, an agent’s pricing history, development or remodeling potential and area trends.

Ascertaining a property’s real value is all the more reason to be working with Kevin+Jonathan. [/stack_accordion_content][/stack_accordion][stack_accordion type="accordion accordion-1 accordion--oneopen"][stack_accordion_content title="Q: What’s Up with Square Footages for San Francisco? 0 Square Feet?!"]ANSWER: Determining a property’s square footage in San Francisco can be extremely difficult. It’s so difficult, in fact, that many property listings will simply say the figure is ‘unavailable,’ or the space for the number is blank and — worse yet — a property’s square footage is a big, fat, round “0.” Are we living in a quantum singularity?! No, Mr. Hawkins, we’re not living in a warped singularity (it’d be an even tighter squeeze) in San Francisco (although sometimes it may feel like it).

What we’re encountering is that small measuring differences can lead to pretty big differences in values, which matters a lot when values are so high:

  • Varying measurement standards: do you count hallways? Wall thickness? Closets? What about warranted and unwarranted spaces? (Consider the differing outcomes between a graphic artist, architect and appraiser for example)
  • Purposeful omissions: It’s commonplace that official tax records are inaccurate because many property remodels are done off-book without permits, which is rooted in the fear that applying for a building permit will destroy Prop. 13 property tax rate lock protections by triggering a reassessment of the entire property. While true, the precise reassessment methodology is elusive it’s noteworthy that official measurements won’t count hallways and closets.
  • Practical useful living area: With pitched roofs, bay windows and other architectural quirks useable living area will necessary vary from someone who is 7 feet tall versus someone who is 5 ft, 5 in tall, right?

Ask Kevin+Jonathan about how this fits into the larger picture and how it will matter to you as a buyer or seller. [/stack_accordion_content][/stack_accordion]

Active and Recent Listings 

We prepare properties like no one else. See some examples.



Read More


SOLD: 25 27th Street

Listed with Kevin+JonathanTop-Floor Stylish CondoListed: $1,095,000SOLD at: $1,149,000
Amazing Location and Updated


SOLD: 1932 Fell St., No. 5

Listed with Kevin+JonathanYour NoPa NestListed: $729,000SOLD at: $735,000
Exclusive Patio

SOLD: 972A Oak Street, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanThe Perfect City CondominiumListed: $679,000SOLD at: $700,000
With Laundry and Parking

SOLD 156 Upland Drive, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanUpdated Mt. Davidson Manor HouseListed: $1,798,000SOLD: $2,015,000
Bright and Cheery

SOLD: 104 Baker Street, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanTop Floor A-Frame Loft HaightListed: $799,000SOLD: $830,000
Bright and Cheery

SOLD IN DAYS: 252A Sanchez, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanTop Floor in the Castro.Listed: $1,295,000SOLD: $1,500,000
Potential Abounds

SOLD IN 3 DAYS: 1608 Fulton, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanTop Floor NoPa.Listed: $1,295,000SOLD: $1,500,000
Bright + Sunny

SOLD: 75 Lily St, No. 3, San Francisco

Listed and Sold with Kevin+JonathanBe surprised. List: $699,000SOLD: $837,000
Relaxed and Quiet

SOLD: 3640 21st Street, San Francisco

Listed and Sold with Kevin+JonathanOnce-in-a-Lifetime View FixerList: $2,395,000SOLD: $2,550,000
Views Galore

SOLD: 475 22nd Avenue, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanBig, Bold and Beautiful Richmond HouseList: $2,395,000SOLD: $2,400,000
Visit 22nd Avenue

SOLD: 714 Page Street, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanStunning, Bespoke Lower Haight CondominiumList: $1,195,000SOLD: $1,375,000
Take a Look

SOLD! 4255 24th Street, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanA+ Noe Valley CondominiumList: $1,349,000SOLD: $1,662,500
See It Now.

Information Served

We regularly make infographics to illuminate the nuances, quirks and trends we see in San Francisco residential real estate. Take a gander here and feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

5-star service

What Will Your Experience Be Like?

Check out some of client experiences...


"Kevin & Jonathan are an all-star team and simply put, they get the job done right."

— Paul & Karen

Trades and Attorney, Sellers of an investment property who gained 40% in value after 14 months of ownership after following strategic updates to a charming single-family house at the Daly City-San Francisco border

Issues Handled: Departing tenants, dated finishes, remodeling, pest control clearance

Advantage:  Previous successful renovations, previous pest-control-lender issues


As first time homebuyers (and in SF no less!), Kevin helped my wife and I navigate the process from beginning to end. With his exceptional help, we were able to quickly find a place we loved. As others have mentioned, he is extremely responsive and his prior legal background helped in explaining the various contracts we were looking at. We will definitely use Kevin again when looking for our next home and highly recommend him to everyone out there.

— Arun & Maelle

Tech, Buyers, New Construction in Dogpatch

Issues Handled: New construction considerations, job transition to new  and lending, location education

Advantage:  Previous successful sales with listing brokerage and 1st phase of development, lender experience with similar scenarios


At $245K over asking and $441K over initial estimated sales price they knocked the sale of my husband’s condo out of this world. I wouldn’t be surprised if they set a sales price record for the area! Kevin and Jonathan are without a doubt the most amazing real estate duo we have ever met. They took my husband’s tired old pink-carpeted condo and transformed it into a beautifully chic contemporary home.

— Lydia & Patrick

Office Manager and Out-of-Town Realtor, Seattle-based Sellers of a Richmond District Condominium

Issues Handled: Maximizing investment dollars for staging and remodeling, HOA membership, estate issues, location, dated building, out-of-state sellers

Advantage: Previous legal experience, design skills, professional network of trades people, vendor discounts, previous remodeling experience, previous trust-seller clients


We worked primarily with Kevin on our search for a new home in San Francisco. As first time buyers unsure of exactly what we wanted, not to mention where in the city we wanted to be, Kevin was very patient and generous with his time in order to help us figure out what would best fit our desires and budget. With the training and attention-to-detail of a lawyer and the eye of a designer, Kevin has all the right skills. He is personable, professional, hard-working and well-connected amongst agents in the city.

Kevin ultimately found an off-market property in Noe Valley, at the right price, that is perfect for us. He knew it, we knew it, and within 24 hours of seeing the property we had a signed contract. We were able to move with speed and confidence because of our trust in Kevin, the time he took to educate us in advance throughout our search, and his outstanding market knowledge.

We are nothing but happy with our new home and with the outstanding service Kevin provided. Even now, Kevin and Jonathan are only a text or email away with recommendations or answers to our questions. We highly recommend working with K&J!

— Andrew & Kaitlyn

Finance + HR, Buyers of an Off-Market Noe Valley Condominium

Issues Handled: Losing out on previous multiple-bidding situations, location education

Advantage:  Previous successful area sales and deep knowledge of neighborhood, understanding of remodeling


When I had my first phone conversation with Kevin and Jonathan over a year ago, my gut told me that THIS is the team I want to work with when the time came for me to sell. I didn't even bother interviewing other agents. 

— Clodel G.

Tech, Retail Applications, SOMA Income Property Seller, Excelsior Fixer Buyer

Issues Handled: Commercial + residential tenants, purchase and sale, staging and remodeling, location 

Advantage: Previous commercial tenancy knowledge, awareness of construction costs, professional network, neighborhood knowledge, ability to craft marketing to different buyer types (investor vs. owner-occupier) 


Kevin was an ideal agent. He listened to our needs and brought a ton of SF neighborhood knowledge to the table. We had a pretty set idea of what we wanted coming into the process, but Kevin helped us see the potential of expanding our search into new neighborhoods. Behold finding the gem of Castro/Corona Heights. The reason we didn't have it on our list was because we didn't even know it existed. Now we have made a home in one of the most idyllic places in SF thanks to Kevin's expert insight. Not only did he secure the picture-perfect location, but our new home has exceeded all expectations!! Kevin helped us make a preemptive offer on our place because he had his ear to the ground and got us in earlier than any other agent could have. If this spot had gone on the market there would have been a bidding frenzy that we most likely wouldn't have been able to keep up with. We owe it to Kevin for the help in getting us in early and snatching up this beautiful condo before anyone else got the chance. MASSIVE THANKS!!!

— Colleen & Meghan

Tech, Buyers, Sisters Pre-emptive Offer Win in the Castro

Issues Handled: Family purchase, previous multiple-offer bidding, punch list items, location education

Advantage:  Being privy to off-market listings within Vanguard Properties, use of technology to show property to all decision-makers, deep neighborhood knowledge and of area sales, vesting issue awareness

Read All About It...
[stack_cards layout="side-icon" icon="icon-Trumpet" intro="Eureka! They Found It!" middle="A Buyer Journey to their New Home" image="11986" button_url="https://www.kevinandjonathan.com/buyer-journey-to-234-eureka/"]The road to this family's new house was one that involved planes, boats and YouTube.

Read More Here.[/stack_cards]

What Makes Kevin Jonathan Tick?

We genuinely love what we do — we have heart: To us, real estate doesn’t feel like work — it’s just what we do.

Our clients know they’re working with always approachable, continually engaged and authoritative top-producing professionals and a happy, mellow and friendly big black dog Raffi who likes to wag his tail too.

Kevin K. Ho

Kevin has been an invited commentator/expert featured in the San Francisco ChronicleCurbed SF,  and interviewed a number of times on local television news sharing his thoughts about real estate trends and developments. Kevin, who is from Iowa originally, has lived in the U.K. and has a Master’s degree, a law degree from U.C. Berkeley’s School of Law (Boalt Hall) and a BA from Washington University, St. Louis. He speaks Cantonese and was a reporter and blogger before going to law school. Kevin still carries his law license 'just-in-case' he needs it and practiced as a business attorney in the City and as a mediator for 5 years working with the City's Office of Citizen Complaints — which handles citizen complaints against the SFPD — before focusing on real estate exclusively starting in 2010 after Jonathan said it’d be a 'good idea.' Indeed it has proven to be. Kevin is the chatty one, has the 'vision' thing and casual one.

Jonathan B. McNarry

Jonathan, who was born in the U.K. and raised in Atlanta comes from a family of real estate developers — he had his first open house sign up when he was just 6 years old! He worked in large-scale, high-end, subdivision development there and has been in the Bay Area for 10 years. Jonathan has also worked as a critical care, rapid response ICU nurse at UCSF with Board certifications and was also EMT/Paramedic. He is a Notary Public. He’s also worked in banking and insurance but real estate is in his blood and his role in this powerhouse team is of the details man, the well-dressed one who offers perspective, class and humor to the mix. He's the 'get-to-the point' one.

Raffi McNarry-Ho

Raffi was born in Marin County came from a litter where his brother was top of the class who now works in Michigan while his other brother works with folks with diabetes in the East Bay. Raffi trained with the Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael and joined Kevin+Jonathan's family in 2012. He's starred in a number of real estate tour videos for Kevin+Jonathan's property listings and often sits open houses, finds the best place to nap during property visits and inspections for Kevin+Jonathan's buyers. His favorite activity apart from waiting for treats and saying hello to new people is lounging around at Duboce Park, which he frequents nearly every day. Raffi is the silent one, the especially sweet one who will always make himself at home no matter where he's at.

Get a sneak peek at our latest listing in San Francisco’s Portola District – 927 Dwight St. A great home with updates you’ll love! Check it out Sunday from 2-4 pm or at www.927-Dwight.com. #kevinandjonathan #sfrealestate @vanguardproperties @vanguard.video ...

6 0

Happy 4th of July from an unusually warm and pleasant San Francisco! #kevinandjonathan #mbusa @gdb_official #blacklabsofinstagram @vanguardproperties ...

21 1

Happy Pride everyone! #kevinandjonathan #pride2024 @vanguardproperties @vanguard.video ...

18 0

Congrats to our client who just won a stunning forested view home at 21 Crescent Ave in Sausalito with a quick and clean all-cash offer. They saved almost $150,000 under the original list price! Confident in their offer was backed by our representation, analysis and support. Woot! #sausalitorealestate #marincountry #kevinandjonathan @vanguardproperties ...

12 1

Live Market Data!

Recent Happenings

Sold - 3887 17th Street
Sold in the Richmond
234 Eureka
Just Sold with Happy Clients
Great on Scott
Sold on Jersey Street
Sold in Dogpatch

Some of Our Recent & Current Listings

We add value and assist our clients in preparing their property so that the property is appealing, desirable and anticipated to command top-dollar prices.


SOLD! 4255 24th Street, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanA+ Noe Valley CondominiumList: $1,349,000SOLD: $1,662,500
See It Now.

SOLD IN ONE WEEKEND: 41–43 Mars St., San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanUpdated, View 2-Unit with PossibiltiesList: $1,495,000SOLD: $1,800,000
Go to Mars!

JUST SOLD: 875 Vermont, No. 103, San Francisco, CA

Listed with Kevin+JonathanJust Remodeled Potrero CondoList: $699,000SOLD: $850,000
Premium Remodel Condo

SOLD (IN 6 DAYS): 18–22 Boardman Place

Listed with Kevin+JonathanBeautiful SOMA Mixed-UseList: $1,600,000SOLD: $2,038,000
2 Residential Units + Commercial

JUST SOLD: 520 Natoma, No. 2

Listed with Kevin+JonathanSurprising SoMa FlatListed: $499,000SOLD: $490,000
Surprising + Unexpected Perch

SOLD: 8 Octavia Blvd., No. 502

Listed with Kevin+JonathanHayes Valley DesignListed at: $1,295,000SOLD: $1,295,000
Bright + Stylish.

JUST SOLD: 520 Natoma, No. 2

Listed with Kevin+JonathanSurprising SOMA FlatListed at: $499,000SOLD: $490,000
Bright + Comfortable.

Sold in 5 Days: 2346 18th Avenue

Listed with Kevin+JonathanImpeccable Inner Parkside HouseListed at: $1,499,000SOLD: $1,875,000
Big. Bright. Comfortable.

SOLD: 8 Octavia, No. 304

Listed with Kevin+JonathanLush, yet minimalist Hayes Valley condominiumList: $1,089,000 SOLD: $1,205,000
Complete with 350-sqft private patio...

Recently Sold: 374 Prague

Listed with Kevin+JonathanCrafted Excelsior Cul-de-sac HomeList: $869,000 SOLD: $1,000,000
Check Out This Special Home

SOLD: 140 S. Van Ness, No. 1130, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanTopline on the Top FloorSOLD: $785,000
Visit Van Ness

SOLD: 140 S. Van Ness, No. 1130, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanTopline on the Top FloorSOLD: $785,000
Visit Van Ness

SOLD: 475 22nd Avenue, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanLuxurious Richmond District HouseList: $2,395,000SOLD: $2,400,000
Check Out 22nd Avenue

SOLD IN DAYS: 533 Steiner St., San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanLuxurious Alamo Square CondoList: $1,495,000SOLD: $1,925,000
Check Out Steiner

JUST SOLD: 220 Lassen Drive, San Bruno

Listed with Kevin+JonathanBig, Bright + Remodeled HouseListed at: $1,300,000SOLD: $1,375,000
Big Views, Tranquil Home

101–103 Lundys Lane

Listed with Kevin+JonathanRare Bernal Opportunity
Unique and Flexible

SOLD within 72 Hours: 375 15th Avenue

Listed with Kevin+JonathanTop-Floor Richmond ComfortList: $1,095,000SOLD: $1,340,000
Surprising + Unexpected Perch

SOLD: 396 Guerrero St

Listed with Kevin+JonathanElegant + Updated Mission DoloresListed at: $1,295,000
Take a Closer Look

SOLD: 120-122 Scott Street

Listed with Kevin+JonathanLower Haight/Duboce 2-UnitList: $2,250,000SOLD: $2,246,400
Take a Closer Look

SOLD: 1617 Church St.

Listed with Kevin+JonathanNoe Valley CharmerList: $1,349,000SOLD: $1,705,000
Take a Closer Look

SOLD: 1669 Grove

Listed with Kevin+JonathanTop-Floor NoPa Victorian CondoList: $1,349,000SOLD: $1,365,000
1669 Grove

Listed & Sold! $607,500

788 Minna Street, No. 403, Mid-Market/SOMA condo 1-bed, 1-bath, 1 car parking, elevator. Sophisticated & bright (MLS 421876). Listed at: $600,000 SOLD AT: $607,500 (July 21, 2014)
How'd We Do It.

SOLD: 3640 21st Street, San Francisco

Listed and Sold with Kevin+JonathanOnce-in-a-Lifetime View FixerList: $2,395,000SOLD: $2,550,000
Views Galore

SOLD: 60 Danvers

Listed with Kevin+JonathanModern California LivingList: $1,495,000SOLD: $1,550,000
Check out the Secret Sauce

SOLD: 913 Central

Listed with Kevin+JonathanNoPa Secret Garden CondoList: $699,000SOLD: $725,000
Check out the Secret Sauce

SOLD FOR $900,000 OVER

Listed with Kevin+JonathanNoe Valley FixerList: $1,898,000SOLD: $2,800,000
$1M Over, How'd We Do It

SOLD 1252 Brunswick

Listed with Kevin+JonathanA California BungalowList: $749,000SOLD: $755,000
Visit Brunswick

Listed & Sold! $1.27M

273 Romain Street, Twin Peaks/Upper Market view single-family home. Remodeled and Refreshed for sale. 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car garage and private yard. Quiet, bright, airy with incredible 180º views from Bay to Peaks. (MLS 420070) Listed at: $995,000 SOLD AT: $1,270,000 (May 30, 2014, multiple offers)
See How It Happened

SOLD: 241 Judson

Listed with Kevin+JonathanA Sunny Sunnyside HouseList: $1,095,000SOLD $1,200,000
Check it Out

Listed & Sold! $1.4M

471 Hickory Street. Hayes Valley single-family home with 2 bed, 1 bath, 2-3 car garage, private center patio. Cute, bright & chic. (MLS 421090) Listed at: $1,060,000 SOLD AT: $1,400,000 (June 12, 2014, multiple offers)
See How We Did It.

JUST SOLD: 140 S. Van Ness, No. 1022

Listed with Kevin+JonathanA South-view, 2-bed, 2-bathUnlike any other at 140 S. Van NessListed: $899,000SOLD: $980,000
See What Smart + Focused Updates We Suggested

SOLD IN 5 DAYS: 2346 Clement, No, 3, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanSurprising + Contemporary CondominiumList: $699,000SOLD: $845,000
Visit Clement

SOLD: 714 Page Street, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanStunning, Bespoke Lower Haight CondominiumList: $1,195,000SOLD: $1,375,000
Take a Look

SOLD: 350 8th Avenue, San Francisco

Listed with Kevin+JonathanInner Richmond Investment/Income PropertyList: $2,095,000SOLD: $2,095,000
Check it Out on 8th

SOLD: 175 Bluxome, No. 327

Listed with Kevin+JonathanChic SOMA LoftListed: $899,000SOLD: $925,000
Details Here.

Sold in 72 Hours!

868 MinnesotaChic, serene & spacious 1 Bed in Dogpatch(Sold in 72 hours)
868 Minnesota, No. 411

Listed & Sold! 1643 44th Avenue

Listed with Kevin+JonathanOuter Sunset Fixer. Listed at $799,000 (March 2015) Sold: $960,000 +120%
See More

SOLD 436 30th Street

Listed with Kevin+JonathanA Noe Valley Home BaseList: $799,000SOLD: $900,000
Visit 30th Street

SOLD: 60 Montebello Dr

Listed with Kevin+JonathanA House by the OceanList: $749,000SOLD: $900,000
Visit Montebello

Just Sold: 172 Valleyview, S. San Francisco

Record-setting Fixer Sale.Done.
Check it Out

LISTED + SOLD: 101-103 Lundy's Lane

Listed with Kevin+JonathanA Bernal 2-Unit Fixer UpperListed: $969,000SOLD: $1,100,000
See More

W A L K - T H R O U G H S 

Walk with Us. These properties caught our eye as being exceptional. Just how a property is exceptional depends! It could be a fixer, a fabulous value or just plain fabulous!


See Where Kevin+Jonathan's Buyers & Sellers Have Succeeded

It's Time To Get Started With Kevin+Jonathan

Representing a loyal, diverse and ever-growing client base, Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of Vanguard Properties deliver unmatched professional real estate services for buyers and sellers in San Francisco. They're good at what they do and watch out for their clients' interests with comprehensive and analytical advice to ensure their clients make the most informed decisions.

And this is what we helped our clients find! A rare warehouse space in SOMA

Clients Say…

Kevin listened to our story and took the time to understand who we were and our personalities and then asked more than a few more questions to narrow down where we should live.  His advice definitely helped us narrow down the choices and helped us with the all important targeting of our search. [H]e gave us very candid and honest responses to our questions including dissuading us from a couple of apartments that in retrospect would have been completely wrong for us.

When we finally found a place that we unquestionably loved, Kevin guided us through the process in winning a bidding war before the house even made it to its first public open house. He helped quell a lot of the eleventh hour jitters and pushed us in the helpful way not the overbearing way. Ultimately, we were absolutely delighted with the purchase and he was integral in the process and could not recommend him more to others.


— Mitchell & Debbie

 Buyers, Relocated from New York to Stunning Converted SOMA Warehouse Home


A Seller and A Buyer in the Same …

If there was one word to describe my experience with Kevin and Jonathan, it's "smart". They know the current environment and also helped educate and guide me to getting both buying and selling done. After selling, I had a lot of fear I wouldn't be able to find a new home. I've heard countless stories and read countless articles of buyers losing out to cash offers and it was discouraging. With their help, we were able to orchestrate a truly competitive non-cash offer. I honestly didn't think this would all be done before 2018 arrived, and now I'm an extremely happy client.

— Clodel

 Seller and Buyer, SOMA + Excelsior


Importantly, [Kevin] had great suggestions and advice on making our offer compelling, helping us secure the property we really wanted despite not being all-cash nor the highest offer.

— Ross & Sarah, Successful Buyers, Noe Valley Single-Family Home

With a more than $400,000 gain in less than 2 years, clients were quite pleased with Kevin+Jonathan's sales and listing abilities.

We couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Kevin and Jonathan. They're personable, helpful, tech-savvy, and extremely dedicated! Kevin is a very opinionated realtor, but I say this in a good way. There were many homes that we were willing to bid on in what was a very challenging market, but thankfully Kevin kept our best interests in mind. Rather than going for a quick close, he actually talked us out of a few homes to make sure we stayed true to our criteria.

— Aaron and Ashley, Successful Buyers and Even More Successful Sellers 2 Years Later, Charming Victorian Noe Valley Single-Family Home

In the Know with Kevin+Jonathan …


We spend hours looking at, researching and writing about San Francisco's real estate markets for our exclusive insider's newsletter that we send to our private list of clients every 2 weeks (sometimes more often than that, sometimes more than that). Yes, you'll see our typos as this newsletter is written by actual humans with thoughts and commentary to boot.

Besides our typos, our readers get access to....

  • Shhh. It's a secret: Exclusive & Advance Listing information for properties being sold 'off-market' or are otherwise 'coming soon'
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I love the style of your newsletter! It is so informative and fun! I love to see what is happening in my neighborhood too.

—Cynthia W.

Homeowner + Buyer, Noe Valley

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Sure our clients like us and our work, but other agents do too and will pick our clients' offers simply because it's from us.

I must say that your entire property from stem to stern, showed Spectacular! Was it staged, or were the furnishings the Seller’s? In any event, everything was extremely well balanced — the pictures, art work, mirrors, window treatments, lighting fixtures, interior & exterior paint jobs, back yard, and the total ambiance that the two of you created in your presence with your cordiality & friendly personalities, made this one of the best open house presentations that I have ever experienced in 40 years as a Realtor!

Needless to say, your asking price is perfectly priced and it is most likely that you will receive multiple offers! All the best to you both!

— Longtime Noe Valley Real Estate Agent.

Needless to say, the property received 5 offers and sold for a record price well over its list price.

We received a lot of good offers… but based on our past relationship and how smoothly it went, I pushed for your offer.

— Listing Agent, San Francisco, Corona Heights

(Our Buyers closed on property beating out 2 other offers)

I presented your clients offer to my sellers and told them about you in particular  and encouraged them to go with you.

— Listing Agent, San Francisco, Eureka Valley

(Our Buyers' offer was accepted instead of going to market)

Your clients got the property because of you!

— Listing Agent, San Francisco, Haight

(Our Buyers closed on property beating out 1 other offer)


Raffi the Dog

Curiosity Piqued?

People will notice a handsome dog like Raffi, right? Yes, they do. 

Attention Grabbed.

In the battle for people's attention Raffi wins as stands out and will draw people's attention too; so many buyers remark they came to see a listing with 'the dog.' 

Can We Pet Him?

How do you get folks to stay at a property longer? 

Yes, You Can Pet Raffi.

Having folks stay a bit extra at a property is a good thing. And if people want to pet Raffi... 

The New Kids...

Instead of kids, people are getting dogs...

Yes, there are more pets in SF than kids

Raffi is better behaved than most people, so he's gonna be great at open houses.

Some of Raffi's Listing Videos

Raffi's Best Listing Videos


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Whether it's learning more, selling a house or buying a house

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