The sun is out (or will be). It’s Father’s Day. The Warriors (the dubs) are NBA champions for the first time in 40 years. Things are perking up. Speaking of perking up, interest rates are indeed expected to perk on up come September but are nevertheless at their highest rates since October 2014 with 30-year conventional mortgages in the 4.125% range and 7- and 10-year ARMS in the 3-4% range. A reminder that things will change so it’s high time to get low mortgage rates locked in while you can. But this week’s theme is of something happening for the first time in a long time. Apart from the NBA champs, we’ve seen 100 new listings appear on the MLS within the 24 hours before the Friday noon deadline to enter a listing on the MLS to ensure a property’s open house times for the weekend are included with all the others.