What’s in the Works for Us & Other Folks

Each listing we take on is prepared and readied for market carefully and methodically. We evaluate each property in context. We work with sellers to figure out what’s important, what’s realistic and then we implement tailored steps needed to prepare a property so it’s seen in the best light possible. This process can be quick, it can be slow-moving, but whatever the pace, it will be just right for our clients and the community. But for buyers we also have our eyes peeled for new off-market/pocket listings from other agents and colleagues thanks to our social nature and membership in Top Agent Network.

Want to Learn More About These Listings?

Whether it's these listings or if you want to see how Kevin+Jonathan can list your property, let us know!

We love real estate. We love getting to showcase and show off our clients’ properties, so let us know what you think about the ones above or if you have a property you want us to help you sell.

The usual fine print (and it’s quite fine indeed). Vanguard Properties, Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry believe the information presented here to be reasonably accurate and correct but we cannot warrant nor guarantee it as such. Nor can Vanguard and its agents guarantee the work and product of others relating to the Property. As with all things real estate, buyers, their agents and representatives should — and must — conduct their own independent investigation, research and analysis relating to the Property to their own satisfaction before proceeding with a purchase. Moreover, certain regulations, laws, ordinances and local practice and custom may apply. It’s always best to educate yourself so you can make the most informed decisions possible.