Design-builder Jeffrey Colle is so meticulous about the luxury homes he builds in the Hamptons, that even a single bathtub, in a single master bedroom, has a story.

“I had it hand-carved in Italy,” Colle said of a 3,000-pound limestone tub in his Pond House. “I went to Verona, to the quarries, and I found these huge blocks of stone.” From there, it was off to the studio of a master carver, whose day job involved carving statuary for a rehabilitated church in Venice, and then, here.

Colle has made a name in the Hamptons for craftsmanship, and is quick to share his disdain for cookie-cutter mansions, saying, with a laugh, “You know when you go to dinner parties, you’re going to walk into a very similar house to yours.” He estimates that, in 35 years, he’s built between 150 and 200 homes.

If there were a place for the luxury home market to suffer the recession’s ripple effects, the Hamptons, which attract some of Wall Street’s top earners, might seem to be it

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