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Sure you can pick from hundreds of other real estate agents in San Francisco, but with us you will get full representation that’s unparalleled, rare and comprehensive. We truly care about our clients’ interests and success and we have the track record of millions upon millions that confirms our approach

Our clients receive dedicated attention, unparalleled support and market knowledge from experienced, top-producing agents who are regularly entrusted to procure, protect and promote people’s largest asset.

Clients work with us because we will:

  1. Deliver dedicated, comprehensive and loyal service from a Buying and Selling agent perspective;
  2. Give You Insider knowledge from connected, curious and enterprising agents.
  3. Email you PhotoStreams, YouTube or Vimeo property previews;
  4. Bring you value-added market knowledge, candid commentary, creative approaches and strategies;
  5. Provide you wider perspective on the micro and macroeconomic factors to weigh as you buy, own and sell your home. We’ll take stock of a property’s potential and a neighborhood’s promise and like nesting dolls, how these your position fits in regionally, nationally and internationally. This broad perspective has led to repeated real estate success. 
  6. Be Your Brokers-for-Life and the Brokers in your lives.  We take our clients’ interests and trust to heart. We work hard and strive to advance them. Most of our clients become repeat clients and our friends as we’re in it for the long haul, hence our many repeat clients and their referrals.  

Kevin and Jonathan make a great team to help with the home buying process — their collective knowledge, hard work and persistence landed me with my apartment. They understand the market well, they have a good pulse for prices and bids, have a great eye for aesthetic and design. I would highly recommend them!

— Siran K.

Thanks Kevin!!  We love our new house!  It's absolutely perfect for us and we are still amazed that it's actually ours now.

Buying a house is complicated as there are numerous factors to consider and decisions to make. You helped us understand all of these, and you made yourself constantly available to answer our questions. We feel so lucky that we had you on our side;  without your help and guidance, none of this would have happened. You were friendly and helpful, but also a consummate professional throughout the entire process.  We highly recommend your services to anyone else who might be interested in buying or selling a home.

— Patch K.

Kevin's enthusiasm with his profession was apparent when I first met him at an open-house he was hosting. Kevin not only helped us find a new home in the ideal neighborhood, he also managed to sell our condo (very shortly after) way above asking.

— Ron & Rick

I can't say enough about how great Kevin was an agent.

— Inga W.

If you have Kevin on your side, I think you will end up with a real advocate for your needs who can streamline the entire home buying process for you.

— Haas L.

Kevin has a great sense of humor, connects immediately with his clients and approaches real estate through a personal lens (not as a business sale). I highly recommend Kevin to anyone interested in a reliable, efficient and personable agent! He is wonderful.

— Nora H.

We were absolutely delighted with our purchase and Kevin was integral in the process and could not recommend him more to others.

— Mitchell & Debbie

Nobody puts in the time and effort you guys do.

— Howard E.

Kevin is fantastic — highly recommend! We worked with Kevin as our buying agent and he was superb. He invested considerable time and energy to help us understand how the market and process works. And he is super-responsive, even to late-night emails/texts which was great due to our work commitments.

— Ross & Sarah M.

Kevin is great! He is super knowledgeable, energetic and fun to work with. I'd definitely recommend him for your home purchase.

— Brian W.

There were several factors that made my transaction slightly different than the norm, but Kevin handled them all seemingly with ease and I got a new home that I love in a very tight timeframe.

— Jason S.

[Kevin and Jonathan] held my hand through the insanely stressful real estate process of San Francisco.

— Graham W.

We couldn't be happier with the service we received from Kevin. He's personable, helpful, tech-savvy and extremely dedicated!

— Aaron and Ashley

I was so impressed by his legal knowledge of housing, his depth & breadth of knowledge in the area and his true passion for real estate and working with buyers to find the perfect fit.

— Mandy M.

You are an incredible agent — sincere compliment btw!

— Amy H.

Kevin was instrumental in helping me find the right place for me and writing a winning offer for my new condo in Alamo Square. I knew the San Francisco market was competitive, but I had no idea how fast-moving and short on supply it was. Kevin was the perfect agent to handle these difficult conditions.

— Mike P.

Your clients would have gotten the property if they listened to you.

— Micheal

I love the way how you inspire your clients. They're lucky to have you!

— John

He focuses on finding a home that will fit his client's lifestyle. When he reviews open houses, he discusses what aspects of the home are good as is and points out ways it could be improved to meet one's hopes and desires.  He's looking for a match, not just a sale.

— Keli W.

The biggest compliment I can give to Kevin is he never stopped trying to find us the "right property." It paid off as the place we found wasn't even on the mls yet. Thanks again Kevin!

— Jay L.

I have worked with many agents. Kevin always makes himself available and is willing to go the extra mile for his clients. He is helpful with ideas and brainstorming. He definitely has a passion for real estate.

— Edward G.
Kevin is incredibly patient, and will spend the time with you. He's not pushy and wants to make sure you're very comfortable with the places you are seeing, as well as budget and timeline. He truly knows about all available properties — not just what's on the market, but more importantly, what's coming on soon so that you get early previews.
— Smitha B.

We bought our house a year ago and Kevin was super responsive, incredibly helpful and full of knowledge. He was the perfect guide in navigating what can be a complicated and confusing process.

— Christel

Kevin and Jonathan have relationships with the broader broker community which is incredibly valuable while buying in a complex market such as SF.

— Simran K.

We appreciate all you have done to help us. We were so afraid that the house wouldn’t sell, but it did and for more! You have worked a miracle inside and out!

— Sally & Gene B.

We didn't even think of any other agent when we decided to buy a house again. It makes a difference when your agent goes out of his/her way to sell you to the seller! As long as Kevin's in real estate, he has customers in us.

— Jay S.

Kevin sends all his clients weekly updates about new homes that are available and how the market is looking. He helped us find the perfect house and we couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Kevin as a real estate agent!

— Dana & Andrew N.

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T H E  E X P E R I E N C E  T O  M O V E  P E O P L E 

See Where Our Clients Succeeded

What Our Clients Have Bought and Sold:


  1. 249 Monterey Blvd, Sunnyside Condo (B, -)

  2. 175 Red Rock Way, # 106K, Diamond Heights Condo (B, +, FC)

  3. 570 Guerrero, #3, Mission Dolores TIC (S, B, -)

  4. 436 30th Street, Noe Valley Condo (B, -)

  5. 104 Baker Street #5, Haight District TIC (B, +)

  6. 555 4th Street #733, SOMA Condo (The Palms)(S, +)


  1. 300 Berry Street, #1612, Mission Bay Penthouse Condo (Arterra)(B, ±, O)

  2. 2155 12th Avenue, Golden Gate Heights SFH (B, -, BK)

  3. 787 Page Street, Lower Haight Condo (B, +, PRE, O)

  4. 353 Wayne Avenue, Oakland Condo (R)

  5. 1301 Indiana Street, #102, Dogpatch condo (Millwheel) (B, ±, B, NC)

  6. 467A Duboce Avenue, Duboce Triangle TIC (S, +, O)

  7. 913 Central Avenue, NOPA Condo (B, +)

  8. 20 Oakwood Street, Mission Dolores Multi-Unit (B, +, BK)

  9. 788 Minna Street #201, SOMA Condo (S, -)

  10. 630 Thomas L Berkeley Way, #513, (Uptown) Oakland Condo (B, -, NC)

  11. 788 Minna Street #501, SOMA Condo (S, +)

  12. 128 Marietta Drive, Miraloma Park SFH (B, +)


  1. 1441 Carrington Circle, San Jose, Willow Glen, Town Home (B, +, MO)

  2. 919 Ensenada Avenue, Berkeley, North Berkeley, SFH (B, ±, BK)

  3. 1228 Folsom Street 723 & 725 Clementina Street, SOMA Warehouse (B, -, BK)

  4. 1617 Church Street, Noe Valley, SFH (B, +, MO)

  5. 4658 18th Street, Eureka Valley, PH Condo (B, +, BK, MO)

  6. 231 Cotter Street, Mission Terrace SFH (B, +, MO)

  7. 766 Harrison Street, #602, SOMA Condo (Cubix) (S, -)

  8. 964 Corbett Avenue, Twin Peaks SFH (B, +, BK)

  9. 873 South Van Ness Avenue, Inner Mission, TIC (S, +, MO)

  10. 4658 18th Street, Eureka Valley, Condo (S, -)

  11. 62 States Street, Corona Heights, Condo (B, +, MO)

  12. 216 27th Street, Noe Valley SFH (B, + , MO)

  13. 2094 24th Avenue, Sunset SFH (B, +, MO)

  14. 969-971 Oak Street, Haight District, 2-Unit (B, +, MO)

  15. 3566 17th St., #3, Mission Dolores, PH Condo (B, +, MO)



  1. 3024 Market Street, Castro Condo (B, +)

  2. 60 Danvers Street, Castro/Eureka Valley TIC (B, +, O)

  3. 19-21 Rosemont, Mission Dolores Multi-Unit (B, +, MO)

  4. 4367 21st Street, Dolores Heights SFH (B, +, MO)

  5. 64 Waller Street, Hayes Valley Condo (B, +, MO)

  6. 735 Clementina, SOMA SFH/Loft (B, +, MO)

  7. 25 San Pablo, St. Francis Wood SFH (B, +, MO)

  8. 243 Romain, Twin Peaks SFH (S/B, +, MO)

  9. 471 Hickory, Hayes Valley SFH (S, +, MO)

  10. 4541 18th Street, Castro Condo (B, +, O)

  11. 788 Minna Street, #403, SOMA Condo (S, +)

  12. 135 Valencia, #A210, Mission Dolores Condo (S, +, MO)

  13. 868 Minnesota, #411, Dogpatch Condo (Esprit Park) (S, +)

  14. 1260 Minnesota, #304, Dogpatch Condo (Millwheel) (B, NC)

  15. 1260 Minnesota, #202, Dogpatch condo (Millwheel) (B, NC)

  16. 258 Laussat, Duboce Triangle Townhouse Condo (B, +, MO, O)

  17. 1050-1056 Stuart, Lafayette, CA Multi-unit (S, -)

  18. 2628 Sacramento, Pacific Heights SFH (B, +, MO)

  19. 766 Harrison, #604 (Cubix), SOMA Condo (S, -)

  20. 766 Harrison, #806 (Cubix), SOMA Condo (B, +)

  21. 2170 Vallejo, #202, Pacific Heights Condo (B, +, BK)

  22. 342 Hayes, Unit K, Hayes Valley Loft Condo (B, +, MO)



  1. 8 Octavia, #304, Hayes Valley Condo (8 Octavia) (B, NC)
  2. 1643 44th Ave, Outer Sunset SFH (S, +, MO)
  3. 535 Steiner, Alamo Square Condo (B, +, MO)
  4. 40404 Roseman Creek, Gualala, CA SFH (R)
  5. 2346 18th Avenue, Inner Parkside SFH (B, +, PRE)
  6. 624 Congo, Glen Park SFH (B, +)
  7. 4618 19th St, Eureka Valley SFH (B, O)
  8. 1617 Church St, Noe Valley SFH (S, +, MO)
  9. 5900 3rd Street, #2216, Bayview Condo (B, +, MO)
  10. 1005 Noe, #3, Noe Valley Penthouse Condo (B, +, MO)
  11. 1072 Noe Street, Noe Valley SFH (S, +, MO)
  12. 175 Bluxome, #327, SOMA Loft Condo (S, +)
  13. 7251 Eureka Ave, El Cerrito, CA, SFH  (R)
  14. 403 Main Street, 519N, South Beach Condo (The Portside) (B, +, MO, PRE)
  15. 172 Valleyview Way, Westborough, S. San Francisco, SFH (S, +, MO)
  16. 200 Dolores, No. 13, Mission Dolores, Condo/Townhome (B, +, MO, BK)
  17. 147 Day Street, No. 3, Noe Valley, Condo (B, +, O, PRE)
  18. 32 Newburg, Noe Valley, SFH (B, +, PRE)
  19. 2600 18th Street, No. 22, Mission, Loft Condo (B, +)
  20. 152 Eureka, Eureka Valley, SFH (B, +)
  21. 2300 Leavenworth, Russian Hill, SFH (B, +, MO)
  22. 83 Seward Street, Eureka Valley, 2-Unit/SFH (B, +, MO)


  1. 574 Natoma, #102, SOMA Condo, (B, PRE)
  2. 241 Judson Ave, Sunnyside SFH (S, B, +)
  3. 17 Jersey Street, Noe Valley, Condo (B, +, MO)
  4. 135 Amber Drive, Diamond Heights, SFH (Eichler) (B, +, 20 offers)
  5. 1618 Church Street, Noe Valley, SFH (B, PRE, +, MO)
  6. 2451 Potomac, Oakland, Lincoln Heights, SFH (B, +, MO)
  7. 1252 Brunswick, Daly City, Crocker, SFH (S, +, MO)
  8. 60 Montebello, Daly City, Westlake Ter., SFH (S, MO, + )
  9. 436 30th Street, Noe Valley, Condominium (S, +)
  10. 913 Central, NoPa, Condominium (S +)
  11. 200 Randall, Glen Park, Condominium (B, +)
  12. 1669 Grove, NoPa, Condominium (S, +)
  13. 120–122 Scott, Lower Haight/Duboce, 2-unit (S)
  14. 101–103 Lundy’s Lane, Bernal Heights, 2-unit fixer (S, B, MO, +)
  15. 140 S. Van Ness, Mission, 2-bed, 2-bath condominium (S, MO, +)
  16. 814 Carolina Street, Potrero Bungalow Cottage Condominium (B, +) 


  1. 725 Duncan Street, Remodeled Noe Valley Luxe House (B, PRE, +)
  2. 1532 Fulton Street, Large Edwardian Condo, NoPa (B, O)
  3. 8 Octavia, #304, Hayes Valley Condo (S, MO, + )
  4. 374 Prague,  Updated, Luxe Excelsior SFH (S, MO, +) 
  5. 1811 Turk, No. 102, NoPa New-Build Condo (the NOPA) (B, NC, MO, +)
  6. 396 Guerrero, Mission Dolores Condo (S, +) 
  7. 234 Laussat Street, Lower Haight Single Family Home (B, MO, +)
  8. 375 15th Avenue, Updated Richmond Condominium (sold in 72 hours!) (S, MO, +)
  9. 2346 18th Avenue, Updated Inner Parkside House (S, Pre, +)
  10. 1374 Grove Street, Massive NoPa Condominium (B, -) 
  11. 214 Castro Street, Perfectly Remodeled, Top-Floor Condominium (B, Pre, +)
  12. 60 Danvers, Eureka Valley/Castro 2-level Condominium (S, MO, +) 
  13. 101–103 Lundy’s Lane, Bernal Heights 2-Unit/SFH+In-Law (S, ___, ____) 
  14. 520 Natoma, No. 2, SoMa pied-à-terre/1-bedroom (TIC) (S, MO, -) 
  15. 220 Lassen, Renovated San Bruno House with views (S, MO, +) 
  16. 52 Alpine Terrace, No. 2, Recent-build Buena Vista/Duboce Condominium (B, +) 
  17. 1249 Diamond, a once-in-a-lifetime Noe Valley House with customization and potential (B, MO, +)
  18. 166 Ellsworth, a south slope Bernal Heights House with charm and potential (B, MO, +) 
  19. 8 Octavia, No. 502, contemporary, high-design condominium in Hayes Valley (S, ±)
  20. 60 Amethyst, Diamond Heights Eichler Fixer (B, MO, +) 
  21. 20 Meadowbrook, Lakeside, remodeled single-family house (B, MO, +)
  22. 18–22 Boardman, SoMa Mixed-use Building (S, PRE, MO, +)
  23. 131 Peru, Excelsior mid-century fixer single-family house (B, MO, +) 


  1. 4118 21st Street, Off-market, Eureka Valley fixer single-family house (B, PRE, +)
  2. 875 Vermont Street, No. 103, Stylishly remodeled Potrero Hill condominium with hand-picked finishes (S, MO, PRE, +)  
  3. 1050 Los Trancos, Portola Valley, undeveloped parcel with plans in a placid, forested setting (S, ____, ____) 
  4. Inner Richmond income property (CS) 
  5. Alamo Square large condominium (CS) 
  6. Duboce Triangle Fixer (CS) 



SFH = Single-family Home, TIC = Tenancy in Common Unit

B = Buyer represented, S = Seller represented

+ = Bought Over asking, = Under Asking, ± = at List Price

MO = Multiple offers, PRE = Preemptive Offer, NC = New Construction, O = Off-market, BK = Back on the Market


  1. 60 Montebello Way, Daly City (Lease)
  2. 353 Wayne Ave, Oakland
  3. 1222 Union Street, San Francisco (Lease)
  4. 1228 Folsom Street, San Francisco (Lease)


  1. 335 Jersey Street (residential)
  2. 723 Clementina (commercial)
  3. 1228 Folsom (commercial)

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