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Break Out the Popcorn, Dim the Lights: Our Random YouTube Video Property Previews

Don’t Have Time to See A Place? Maybe We Think It’s Urgent Enough for You to See a Property Right Now — In any case, take a look at the videos we’ve shot, on-the-fly, of properties for our clients 

Okay, we know, the  videos you’re about to see are shaky. They move quick, they’re blurry. But this is all in service to our clients. For one reason or another we thought it was worth taking a video of a property and post it up on YouTube. While there’s no substitute for an in-person visit of course but we still think these videos save time for our clients, are better than fleeting FaceTime calls and is a form of information whereby you can share and communicate your potential future home to those friends and family who are far flung. So yes, we know that they may not be the best quality but we’ve gotten better at taking them over the years and you can see how San Francisco properties have evolved in terms of taste, price and more.  

Video walk-through tours are by Kevin K. Ho of Vanguard Properties. The opinions, comments and statements in the video are those of Kevin Ho alone and may not necessarily reflect those of the seller(s), listing agents or anyone else overheard. The listing agent and seller may not be represented by Vanguard Properties.

Vanguard Properties believes information to be correct but has not verified this information and assumes no legal responsibility for its accuracy. Buyers should investigate the property and any issues or questions to their own satisfaction before proceeding with a purchase.