We’ll Ensure Your Listing is Working 24/7

Over 75% of today’s buyers start their real estate search online and/or on mobile sites. If your property does not shine in photos and on the Internet, you may not have as many showings, fewer offers and potentially a lower sale price. Staging and sprucing prior to sale are an essential part of the selling process in our area — leave it to us help execute this aspect of your sale. Your listing will have access to one of the most successful bench of agent networks in the City and their large client base.

Channel Number 1

In addition to the agent community and in-person marketing, your property will go live online on San Francisco’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS) as well as being featured at Vanguard Properties’ website, which is one the hardest working and most visited local real estate sites in San Francisco. Our open houses will appear in the Vanguard Weekly Insider newsletter which is sent to over thousands of local, national and international subscribers.

By Wider Syndication…

Your property will also be sent and syndicated to countless more potential buyers on Vanguard affiliate websites with an international buyer audience.  After being published to the San Francisco MLS your listing will then reach other sites like Realtor.com and be featured at web outlets where I am a featured agent like Zillow, Trulia and Postlets.com in addition to all of those sites’ affiliated sites.

Your property will be featured on Vanguard’s twitter feed and Facebook page, our own twitter and Facebook page…

But There Are More Channels

It will also have a custom website and we will advertise in other media like print advertising outlets such as the Examiner and Chronicle and other media outlets. In the past,we’ve had my listings featured on KTVU-2 FOX, Curbed SF and the New York Times.

This all translates to a compelling showcase of your property that will be presented as best as possible as well as being accessible to the widest number of buyers.


Promotion & Outreach

We Use Our Media Background When Promoting Your Property. 

In the end, we just need one buyer for your property — but getting the right one is what we do through preparation and promotion.

We use our background in reporting, blogging and fundraising to craft far-reaching efforts designed to bring your property to the attention of agents and buyers alike. Here are some of the channels we use:

  • Custom Websites
  • Promotion via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Custom professional-quality  video tours starring Raffi — the real estate dog extraordinaire — distributed on YouTube, Vimeo and social media
  • Email blasts to top San Francisco agents and media commentators and to our wide sphere of influence
  • Print advertising and mailings
  • Special events if appropriate

and much more more — what’s better is that all of this is typically included in our commission at no additional cost to our clients.


Kevin Ho is a sharp, smart, and savvy guy – we could not have been more pleased with Kevin during the process of selling our San Francisco home.

An attorney by training, Kevin is incredibly bright and extremely organized.  He clearly knows the legal end of real estate, but also brings a very personal, well-researched knowledge of the market to his clients.

We appreciated his respectfulness of our needs and wishes, but also his gentle guidance regarding current market conditions and realistic marketing strategies.

As much as we needed his real estate prowess, we also greatly benefitted from his great fashion sense and aesthetic – he has a superb eye for staging and décor! Kevin purposely keeps his client list on the smaller side, and we certainly benefitted from his excellent communication and availability throughout the process. We could not recommend Kevin more highly!

Drs. Sarah and Greg T., UCSF Fellow and Chief Resident, Urology & Pediatric Oncology, Sellers (Mission Dolores)


The word to describe Kevin is EASY.  He thinks of everything and makes the selling process easy.  He sold my condo in SOMA within a month of listing it.  There were a ton of details and logistics with this one.  Not only was Kevin on top of every one of them, but he reminded me whenever I needed to do something.

And Kevin worked with what he had instead of bemoaning what he didn’t.  I couldn’t afford staging, so he had the place painted and brought in a handy man.  It was a lot cheaper, the place looked great and he found the workers AND monitored their work, so I didn’t have to miss my work.

Best of all, Kevin knows the real estate business backwards and forwards and does all his homework.  He was DEAD ON with everything he forecasted except for the sale price of my condo. He got more!  

Lastly, Kevin is also an attorney.  My sale had some legal questions pop up and he was able to advise me.  It made me feel very secure to know he knew the law and I was operating within its parameters. So, if you want a realtor who lives and breathes your deal, keeps you constantly abreast of your property’s progress and does nice little things like pay for cleaning services himself, you have to call Kevin.

Peter G., Marketing and Advertising Director, Bay Area Non-Profit Broadcaster & News Outlets, Seller (SOMA, The Palms)

Shhhh. This is a “Whisper” Listing or a “Pocket” Listing


Selling Off-Market? A Good Idea? Maybe.

A pocket listing — also known as an off-market or private listing — is a method of listing a property where it is never publicly distributed. Or it is otherwise embargoed for a period of time to a certain audience of agents or selected buyers. To us, it’s a less-preferred method because sellers may never get mass exposure and therefore risk missing that perfect buyer willing to pay more than anyone expects.

But in some cases, limited exposure may be a good thing as a seller may have valid reasons to eschew a full-on public marketing campaign. Here are some thoughts:

  • Less Exposure, Fewer Buyers vs. Exclusive Buyers looking for an elite class of properties. Unlike an ordinary listing that is advertised on the MLS, pocket listings are only advertised to select networks —if at all. Sometimes agents will sell a property to their own buyers. Other times a seller will only want the property advertised and shown to serious buyers working with established agents who know what they’re doing and how to do it properly.
  • Preparation costs may be lower… but the ultimate sale price lower.
  • Exigent Circumstances may justify a quiet listing. There are times where sellers cannot do/stomach/tolerate a public marketing campaign. Or, they lack the time, funds or desire to do open houses, staging, photographer, etc. And there are other times where sellers want to purchase another home but need to do so quickly or they would like to close escrow, stay in their former home as renters as they seek a replacement property.
  • Just because it’s off-market, there’s the same amount of paperwork. In the end, an off-market seller will still be required to complete the same amount paperwork that a regular on-MLS listing would  (i.e., preparing required disclosures, pulling necessary reports, and spending the time to fill these documents out completely).

There are a host of reasons justifying a pocket listing, but this type of approach should only be done after a seller is made aware of the pros and cons.