25 San Pablo: Stately and Serene St. Francis Wood Fixer

Listed at: $1,349,000  Sold at: $1,350,000

Issues Handled:

  • Submitting an Offer “as they come” — i.e., timely, fast and strong
  • Consulting contractors, pest and structural issues
  • Lender and Underwriting Issues with HUD statements
  • Clearing Pest Report
  • Mortgage Loan Rate Lock
  • Addenda Preparation


Where: 25 San Pablo Avenue, San Francisco (St. Francis Wood, MLS District 4-G)

What:  Top-floor, newly-renovated, bright home with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage parking, in-unit laundry, kitchen with island, new appliances, small office, living room and dining room, recessed lights, refinished wood floors with more than 1200 sqft.

Type: Single-Family Home circa 1923

How Much: List Price: $1,349,000, sold at $1,350,000, financed with Wells Fargo, originally 21-day close (+100.7% of list)

Closed: May 2014

Who Was Kevin’s Client: Buyers, Young Couple in tech and finance looking to start family in a home they could customize that is in a quiet setting that harkens to the couples New England and Ontario backgrounds. Looked for nearly a year, at least 5 or 6 unsuccessful offers until this one!


Congratulations to Brent and Stephanie, clients I’ve been working with one of my colleagues for closing escrow on this fantastic home located on the storied St. Francis Wood neighborhood. It’s a classic home that admittedly needs a little TLC, but with the huge yard, tranquil setting in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods the home will serve the couple well as they move towards starting their family. The sellers were at the home for 42 years! After making bids for nearly a year (at least 5 or 6 bids by my reckoning) I came to know exactly what the couple wanted. So when this listing came on they were there to see it less than 72 hours after it hit the MLS and we were in contract 24 hours later. The listing agents were great to work with and they complimented us on our presentation, professionalism and positive attitude.

This attitude and goodwill came in handy when an escrow glitch held up the closing by 2 weeks with the sellers taking the unusual step of completing and clearing items found on a pest report that somehow made its way to a lender. I was just as surprised as everyone else that the sellers agreed to do the work without us having to go to another lender instead. After all was said and done all that’s left is for everyone to smile, breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate.