Raffi in Nob Hill Raffi McNarry-Ho Our disarming conversation starter. Memorable marketing asset. An amazing part of our team. Raffi Assumes Comfort A Deep Connection. There’s something special about the human-canine connection as fundamental as the human-home connection. Raffi at South Van Ness Loyalist Support. As Raffi is as loyal is to us, we are as loyal to our clients’ needs and interests, putting them ahead of our own. Raffi in NoPa Classic Proportions. Raffi has that classic look... Raffi at 8 Octavia Modernist. Raffi is perfectly happy in a modern setting too. Blue Dream Kitchen Farmhouse Compatible. Raffi either enhances a space or vice versa (or maybe it’s equal parts). Raffi in nature A Natural. Whatever the setting, Raffi will fit in and assume comfort. KEVIN K. HO + JONATHAN B. MCNARRY


Better than Cookies in the Oven (and gluten-free): Raffi

Being memorable is what most agents strive to be — cookies baking in the oven anyone? We have something better in mind. 

Real estate and dogs go hand in, well, paw, which is where Raffi McNarry-Ho comes in. There are anywhere from 70 to 90 million dogs in America (more than half of American households have a pet as a denizen according to the Washington Post) it should make perfect sense as to why Raffi, Guide Dog turned real estate super dog, is a memorable part of any property that Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, top producers at San Francisco’s Vanguard Properties, list and sell for their clients.

More eco-friendly and memorable than cookies (not to mention gluten-free) Raffi is a conversation starter and something that will make our listings stand out from all the others. Being remembered fondly and positively is the rare combination that can be elusive for many real estate agents. This is something we have handled. Of course having two enthusiastic, knowledgeable and charismatic agents working on your behalf is one thing, but our third team member who goes to open houses, escrows and photoshoots  — Raffi McNarry-Ho — is someone no other agents can offer. 

In a time where setting yourself apart in a disarming, positive and reassuring way is difficult, Raffi’s mellow nature, affable mannerisms and handsome looks are a true asset and fringe benefit for our clients. Whether he’s in a property video, in a 3-D tour or at an actual open house, Raffi makes a positive, warm and welcoming impression that stands out in people’s minds so when agents and buyers ask about our listings, the response you’d overhear would go something like this: “Yes, that’s right. the house with the (big) dog.”  

Are There More Dogs in SF than Kids?

Yes, according to media reports, there are more dogs in San Francisco than kids. 

According to the American Community Survey, in 2016 there were about 115,000 children under 18 living in the city. At the same time, San Francisco Animal Care and Control estimated there were about 120,000 to 150,000 dogs in the city.

Read and listen to the KQED story here.

A Team of Three for Me?

Wait Until He Gets His Paws On It

Our listings regularly sell faster, better and stronger than so many other properties in San Francisco. Part of this success has to do the efforts of our third, four-legged team member, Raffi. 

Some Examples of Raffi’s Work To Date

(aka, shameless dog photos in pretty real estate)

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Now Selling: 340 Sanchez Street, San Francisco with Kevin Ho + Jonathan McNarry, Vanguard Properties, MLS 514843


301 Guerrero

EXCLUSIVELY BY:Kevin K. Ho, Esq.Jonathan B. McNarrySF MLS No. 514176Top Producers, Top 21 Vanguard Properties, Top 1% of San Francisco AgentsNOW SELLING301…

SOLD: 342 Hayes #11K, San Francisco

EXCLUSIVELY LISTED BY:Kevin K. Ho, Esq.Jonathan B. McNarryMLS No. 510119Top Producers, Top 21 Vanguard Properties, Top 1% of San Francisco AgentsSOLD342 Hayes…

Now Selling: 1310 Fillmore, Residence 609, San Francisco

#609, 1310 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA. Listed for sale by Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, Vanguard Properties. An exceptional, premium home with sweeping views, serene feel in San Francisco’s Fillmore District. A full-service building with 1 bed, 1 bath and 1-car parking. MLS 507488.

SOLD: 1329 McAllister Street, San Francisco

1329 McAllister, 4 bed, 1.5 bath, 1,892-sqft, top-floor classic, grand and bright Victorian 1 block away from Alamo Square. Mix of modern and rich detailed tradition. Leased parking next door transferrable @$275/month. Scale, drama and light with A+ location. www.1329-McAllister.com (http://www.1329-mcallister.com/) 1.695M

SOLD: 65 Hermann St., No. 3, San Francisco

65 Hermann, No. 3, San Francisco, listed by Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, Vanguard Properties. A sublime urban pad with location, smart updates and comfort in the time when comfort is all the more important. This 1-bed, 1-bath, 1-car parking condominium is right for you MLS 506536. SOLD for $788,000.

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