Out North + West: The Richmond, Sea Cliff, Jordan Park & Laurel Heights 

OVER ON the northwest side of the City below the Presidio, south of the Golden Gate and east of the Cliff House and north of Golden Gate Park sits MLS District 1, which is usually just referred to as the Richmond even though there are a few other neighborhoods in the district.

While the area is mostly dominated by the Richmond District it is also anchored by: the stunning views, houses and prices of Sea Cliff, the ethereal Lake District, the CPMC annex of Jordan Park, the annex of USF in Lone Mountain and the ever-pretty Laurel Heights. The District features about twice as many houses than condos, but both tend to be on the larger side as well as a fair share of 2-unit buildings. The area is foggier you’ll get surprising sunsets in the Richmond and with global climate change there are more sunny days than foggier ones. The area has its flat parts but also very scenic in parts. This is what you’d get if you think about it: District 1 is bounded by Golden Gate Park, the Ocean and the Presidio. The other hallmark of the Richmond as of District 1 is that mass public transit is weaker here as there’s no BART, no MUNI light rail line. This puts a lot of stress on the big thoroughfares like Geary, 25th Avenue, Park Presidio and California Streets.

Where the Sun Also sets — the Richmond, Sea Cliff and Friends: MLS District 1


Baker Beach. USF. Park Presidio. Big Houses. Good Eats. Golden Gate Park. Fog. Stucco. Pastels. Tile. Views. 

The Richmond (Inner, Central and Outer). On the north side of Golden Gate Park this area was settled before the Sunset. While foggier the streets are wider and curvy. Houses are bigger than the Sunset and average 3-4 bedrooms at least with parking. Some are stately and large Edwardian/Arts and Crafts single-family homes with some Spanish details like tile or stucco exteriors. There are various guises of rental buildings, 4-unit condos/flat. Most homes will have garages; beware scraping the bottom your car with steeper driveway entries.

The People: You’ll compete with families who have kids looking to locate in a location near to private and public schools.


Sea Cliff. Right at the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula near the Golden Gate Bridge, this exclusive neighborhood overlooks the cliffs of Baker Beach. Area views can be stunning and feature the Bridge, Marin Headlands and the ocean. The sunsets are amazing in the fall here. As you can guess this neighborhood is all about postcard views. Many homes have been turned into postcard houses but you will be able to snare a fixer once in a while but be prepared to pay top dollar whether it’s a fixer or finished. Streets are curvy and quiet. You’ll find bigger, grander homes on larger parcels so you’ll have detached homes too.

The People: Home to celebrities, old money, new money, financiers, and people with ‘homes around the world,’ the views and prestige draws people in. Public transit is not the primary concern when folks park their spare BMW on the street.

The Lake District People who live here love it here. While this neighborhood is further removed from the central core of the City the neighborhood still has a tight-knit feel. The streets feel broader and wider with a large numbers of 2-unit buildings that are either condos or income properties; large apartment buildings, most with garages on the street level. As you get closer to the Presidio and to Land’s End you’ll find some large, if not stunning houses. Most structures here are stucco and older.

The People: A diverse mix of professionals and long-time residents.

Jordan Park Focused around the CPMC Hospital/medical center on California this neighborhood wedges itself between USF, the Richmond and the Presidio. You’ll have big single-family homes with Spanish-Mediterranean details that may be detached with some having been upgraded; you’ll also get some townhomes and some condominiums mixed in with older-inventory rental buildings.

The People: A diverse mix of professionals, students and long-time residents.

Laurel Heights. Some of the prettiest homes and streets can be found here as you get closer to Presidio Heights. Cute shopping, more strollers and a good vibe means prices are more here. Development is coming where the current UCSF campus is however. So stay tuned.

The People: A diverse mix of professionals and long-time residents + families.   

Lone Mountain. As its name implies this area is a little, well, lonely. Single-family houses with multi-unit buildings that cater to people living here but doing something somewhere else during the day. You’ll get families, professionals, student renters who mostly have cars. There are occasional gems, hidden views and blocks in the area, so be on guard

The People: A diverse mix of professionals and long-time residents + families.   



Current MLS Sales Data:


The Skinny:

  • In 2015, 192 single-family homes sold in District 1 at an average of $1.919M in 21 days (median was $1.65M, 15 days), with the average house having 3 beds 2.3 baths with 2,159 sqft.
  • Meanwhile, in 2015, 130 condominiums sold in District 1 at an average of $1.114M in 29 days (median was $1.087M, 23 days), with the average condo having 2 beds 1.74 baths with 1,392 sqft.

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