Our Happy Client Buys in San Francisco’s Sunnyside District — The Sleepy Neighborhood That’s Waking Up!

It was great working with Kevin as my Realtor when I bought my first home.  As a first time home buyer, I really didn’t know what to expect and I had a lot of anxiety with so many unfamiliar terms and thoughts of how am I ever going to make this work.  Kevin took the time to explain to me how the process works and was there with me every step of the way.

During our initial meeting, we discussed areas to live, price ranges (also set me up with several financial brokers to get me pre-qualified), and what are my requirements for a place (garage, laundry in the building, etc).  Gathering all that information, he went to work and came up with a bunch of listings for me to review.  He also went to open houses every week and when he saw a place that fit my criteria, we would go to see it together.

On one of the open houses he went to, he saw a place that he thought would be a good fit for me.  It met my criteria and the price was recently reduced so he thought I we should check out the place together.  After we saw the place, we discussed it and put in an offer that was accepted by the sellers.  He also advised we go in with a stronger offer than what was originally planned since it would be less likely the sellers would reject the offer and he was right.

It is an added bonus to have your Realtor also an attorney and certified mediator.  During the inspection, Kevin negotiated on my behalf with the seller’s Realtor about providing credits for a couple of things we found during the inspection.  Since I was pre-qualified for the loan the funds were available for the close of escrow.  The escrow would have closed in about a month but there was an issue that was holding it up.  Kevin was there to ensure that I would not pay for any additional fees to keep the escrow open while the issue was resolved.

In summary I got more than a Realtor.  I got someone who was there for me at every step of the process.  Kevin was committed to me as a client.  Whenever I had questions, he would always provide answers.  He looked after my interests and represented me during negotiations with other Realtors and financial brokers.  If I had to do it all again, Kevin will be getting another call from me.

— Troy T., Homebuyer, Compensation Specialist, Bay Area Pharmaceutical Company.