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Hi, we’re Kevin Ho + Jonathan McNarry (and with our black labrador retriever Raffi) are dedicated, top-ranked and producing expert San Francisco realtors at Vanguard Properties. We live and breathe real estate 24/7. We are homeowners, dog dads and among the top agents in the City working with buyers and sellers from all walks of life. We regularly appear on the news as real estate experts and are frequent contributors to news outlets like the San Francisco Chronicle, Curbed SF and Realtor.com.


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Why K+J?

We rank in the top 1 percent of San Francisco real estate agents and have sold hundreds of millions of dollars in sales over the past 10 years of working with San Francisco’s leading, locally owned, luxury brokerage, Vanguard Properties. (Yes, that was a lot of commas in a row, but deservedly so).

We have a consistent track record of success, a stellar reputation and a roster of happy clients. 

We truly care about meeting and beating our clients’ goals and know that real estate is not only about buying and selling properties but changing lives (for the better we hope) too.

If you want engaged, personable, and energetic San Francisco real estate from agents who are truly caring, comprehensive and thoughtful — you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to get started, shall we?

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What’s It Like to Work With Kevin and Jonathan? 

See below for some examples and feedback.


“Kevin & Jonathan are an all-star team and simply put, they get the job done right.”

— Paul & Karen

Electrician and Attorney, Parents

Sellers of an investment property who gained 40% in value after just 14 months of ownership because they followed our course of strategic updates to raise the appeal of a single family house straddling the Daly City-San Francisco border

Issues Handled: Departing tenants, dated finishes, remodeling, permitting, pest control clearance



As first time homebuyers (and in SF no less!), Kevin helped my wife and I navigate the process from beginning to end. With his exceptional help, we were able to quickly find a place we loved. As others have mentioned, he is extremely responsive and his prior legal background helped in explaining the various contracts we were looking at. We will definitely use Kevin again when looking for our next home and highly recommend him to everyone out there.

— Arun & Maelle

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Young Parents.

Buyers of a new-build, higher-end Dogpatch condominium  

Issues Handled: New construction considerations, new job transition with lender underwriting, location education, income potential analysis


At $245K over asking and $441K over initial estimated sales price they knocked the sale of my husband’s condo out of this world. I wouldn’t be surprised if they set a sales price record for the area! Kevin and Jonathan are without a doubt the most amazing real estate duo we have ever met. They took my husband’s tired old pink-carpeted condo and transformed it into a beautifully chic contemporary home.

— Lydia & Patrick

Office Manager and Out-of-Town Realtor, Seattle-based Sellers of a Richmond District Condominium

Sellers who invested a good amount in updating a condominium stuck in the 80s that sold in less than 4 days after its facelift was unveiled. 

Issues Handled: Maximizing investment dollars for staging and remodeling, HOA membership, estate issues, location, dated building, out-of-state sellers, project management, vendor and materials sourcing, sellers using a trust 


We worked primarily with Kevin on our search for a new home in San Francisco. As first time buyers unsure of exactly what we wanted, not to mention where in the city we wanted to be, Kevin was very patient and generous with his time in order to help us figure out what would best fit our desires and budget. With the training and attention-to-detail of a lawyer and the eye of a designer, Kevin has all the right skills. He is personable, professional, hard-working and well-connected amongst agents in the city.

Kevin ultimately found an off-market property in Noe Valley, at the right price, that is perfect for us. He knew it, we knew it, and within 24 hours of seeing the property we had a signed contract. We were able to move with speed and confidence because of our trust in Kevin, the time he took to educate us in advance throughout our search, and his outstanding market knowledge.

We are nothing but happy with our new home and with the outstanding service Kevin provided. Even now, Kevin and Jonathan are only a text or email away with recommendations or answers to our questions. We highly recommend working with K&J!

— Andrew & Kaitlyn

Finance + HR, Buyers of an Off-Market Noe Valley Condominium

Issues Handled: Losing out on previous multiple-bidding situations, location education

Advantage:  Previous successful area sales and deep knowledge of neighborhood, understanding of remodeling


When I had my first phone conversation with Kevin and Jonathan over a year ago, my gut told me that THIS is the team I want to work with when the time came for me to sell. I didn't even bother interviewing other agents. 

— Clodel G.

Tech, Retail Applications, SOMA Income Property Seller, Excelsior Fixer Buyer

Issues Handled: Commercial + residential tenants, purchase and sale, staging and remodeling, location 

Advantage: Previous commercial tenancy knowledge, awareness of construction costs, professional network, neighborhood knowledge, ability to craft marketing to different buyer types (investor vs. owner-occupier) 


What can we say about Kevin and Jonathan?  They are exactly the team you want working for you when home buying!

We asked our friend who she used, and she introduced us to Kevin and Jonathan via email later that evening. That same evening, Kevin jumped on a Zoom call with us. Right off the bat, we hit it off!  He was spewing out ideas and concepts that were in-line with exactly what we were looking for.

By the next morning, our inbox was full with introductions to other resources and amazing PDFs that they put together to make the home buying process efficient and educational.  These PDFs are helpful for the first-time buyer as well as the veteran buyers. We were given access to their Real Scout which is where we were able to see all the listings in the Bay Area, and even set our parameters so we could get notified by email every time a listing within our criteria was put on the market.

We also had a group text that was formed with Kevin, Jonathan, myself and my wife. They said we could text any time about listings, ideas, etc. The first thing they sent us in that group chat was a listing that was yet to hit the market.  These guys have the inside scoop!

From there, any time we would text them a listing address, they would have all the disclosure docs and relevant material into a shared Dropbox within a day at the most with proposed dates for showings. Being in the Covid-19 era, we had to sign off that we would comply with all regulations, and we had to wear masks. Kevin was the one who met with us at the listings, and he was always wearing his PPE!  Sometimes he even had his amazing pup Raffi with him!

He devoted so much time to us. In fact, we were at a listing for over 2 hours one day (we didn't even put in an offer on this listing), just talking about what could be done here or there, or in this room or that room.  He is brilliant.  Full of experience and amazing ideas!

Then, the home of our dreams was auto-sent to our inbox because it fell within our criteria that we set on Real Scout.

Kevin made it very clear that this home was drawing a lot of interest and would likely take a very competitive offer to get the deal done. Him and Jonathan felt that we should poise ourselves by making an offer before the offer submission date.  They put together an amazing offer packet that contained a letter from us, along with their own write up about us, photos of us, the whole works.  If I were a seller, and I got what they sent over, I would be so impressed.

They fully anticipated the offer would be rejected, but their plan was to make a lasting impression. They were right.  And when offer day came, the listing agent called them at the close of the offer period asking if we were still planning on making an offer (it was also Kevin and Jonathan's idea to submit the offer at the very last second as well).  We were notified 5 hours later that the sellers accepted our offer!  There were 4 other offers, all over asking, and if we had come in a dollar less than our offer, we would have been one of multiple counter offers sent.

It was so exciting!  Our first home, and we actually got the one we wanted!  All because of Kevin and Jonathan! They were very clear about what we needed to do to have our offer accepted, and we listened.

From there, the experience was seamless.  We barely had to lift a finger, except when it came time to give our fingerprints to the notary when signing the closing docs a mere 3 weeks later!  They even wrote an incredible article about us in their newsletter. It had me in tears!

And of course, once we closed, we got another PDF from Kevin and Jonathan that contained all the info you need to know about moving into a home! They even provided us with an encyclopedia of contacts from basic maintenance to general contractors.

Kevin met us at the home on closing day, and he came prepared to conduct our closing day photo shoot. It was so exciting!

Bottom line, if you want to get into the home of your dreams, use Kevin and Jonathan!

— Andrew and Cori 


Buyers who relocated to the Bay Area from Florida whose zest for life, each other and their puppy made the entire process that much more rewarding.

Mr. Raffi McNarry-Ho.

Mr. Raffi, real estate super dog, San Francisco
Mr Raffi is waiting to go out
Mr. Raffi

The Conversation Starter. Our Third Team Member. Mr. Raffi, Real Estate Super Dog Extraordinaire. 

In San Francisco at least, there are more dogs in the City than there are children. Mr. Raffi, a Guide Dogs for the Blind alum, is our big puppy who will be at our open houses and will often feature in property marketing photos. Why? To differentiate yourselves in such a competitive marketplace you have to do more than brownies, right?  

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We will present our clients’ properties in the best light possible to reach the best buyers possible. Here are some of the latest examples of what we do.

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SOLD: 2621 Bryant Street, San Francisco Mission District 2-Unit Fixer Exclusively Listed with Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, Vanguard Properties

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As homeowners who have ripped apart a house only to put it back together (but prettier and bigger), and having seen thousands of homes for our clients, we know our City and its housing inventory very well indeed


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