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Camera Time.

Real estate is a very public business most times. And you’ll probably want someone who is experienced in handling the most public of spaces: the media. Not only have I been a reporter, writer and blogger, but I’ve contributed to our public discourse on TV, in print media and on relevant blogs for my real estate experience, knowledge and skills. Here is a sampling of these clips.

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On Landlords Using the Ellis Act More Often (2013)

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On San Francisco’s New Condo Conversion Law & TICs (2013)

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On SF Parking Woes (2013)

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On the Mid-Market Redevelopment (2014)

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Kevin Ho as featured in Curbed SFthe real estate blog for San Francisco.


The dedicated professionals at Curbed San Francisco are great. They each bring us all real estate news, trends and information that is useful, interesting and insightful. I’m honored and happy to be able to share in that endeavor and here are links and excerpts to my contributions. For a complete listing of those click here.


What Was The Best New Building of 2014


1100 Sacramento in Nob Hill is San Francisco’s First $100M TIC

San Francisco’s real estate boundaries are about to be shattered by the Park Lane building at 1100 Sacramento Street. The 33 units in the Nob Hill luxury tower are being converted from rentals into a tenancy-in-common project, and the projected…

Curbed SF | September 19, 2013


CURBED UNIVERSITYOpen Thread Answers: TIC vs Condo Debate; Kitchen Remodels; More!

Every Friday afternoon this month we start an open thread with an expert (think real estate agents and architects) for you, the readers, to ask questions and get answers. We’ll do it again this Friday, but in the meantime check…

Curbed SF | March 25, 2013

1 Comment


Class is Now in Session: Open Thread for Real Estate Questions

Curbed University delivers insider tips and non-boring advice on how to buy, sell, or rent a home or apartment. Additional questions welcomed to [email protected]. Today’s topic: ask a real estate expert! It’s that time again! For our third Curbed University…

Curbed SF | March 22, 2013


PM LINKAGEThe Deal with Short Sales; Off-Market Listings; More!

Is the off-market listing doing more harm than good?…

Curbed SF | March 15, 2013


Things Are Moving at 2175 Market

Friend of Curbed SF Kevin Ho tipped us off to this message from the 76 Station at Market and 15th Streets, indicating their closure after 27 years in operation. The gas station is being torn down for a new 65-foot-tall,…

Curbed SF | September 13, 2012

1 Comment


Real Estate Hotties: We Have a Winner!

It wasn’t a close match for the championship title, folks. John LePage of Zephyr Real Estate won out over Vanguard Properties hot shot Kevin Ho by securing 62.1% of the 2877 votes. One of the nominations for LePage said:”Yes, it’s…

Curbed SF | August 27, 2012


Who’s the Hottest?

Real estate babes Kevin Ho of Vanguard Properties and John LePage of Zephyr Real Estate are still facing off in the final round of our first-ever Real Estate Hotties contest. Head over and vote. The poll closes Monday. [Curbed SF]

Curbed SF | August 24, 2012



Who’s the Hottest of the Real Estate Hotties in San Francisco? Vote Here!

Today’s the day, folks: it’s the finale of our first-ever Real Estate Hotties contest. The final match-up pits Kevin Ho of Vanguard Properties against John LePage of Zephyr Real Estate. Voting for the finals will remain open through Monday.

Curbed SF | August 23, 2012



Real Estate Hotties: Kevin Ho vs. Ken Fox

As our Real Estate Hotties contest draws to a close, the winners of Monday’s and Tuesday’s polls will face-off today. The first match-up is between Kevin Ho of Vanguard Properties and Ken Fox from East Bay Modern Real Estate. Who…

Curbed SF | August 22, 2012

1 Comment


Real Estate Hotties: Jude Vargas vs. Kevin Ho

The round two match-ups for our Real Estate Hotties competition were revealed on Friday, so all that’s left to do is open the voting! Up first, we have Jude Vargas of Guarantee Mortage versus Kevin Ho of Vanguard Properties.

Curbed SF | August 20, 2012



Curbed’s Real Estate Hotties Contest Begins Right Now

Let the races begin! We’ve rounded up all the nominations for the Bay Area’s hottest real estate folk and compiled the smoking-hot candidates into a bracket which we’ll be running through at lightning speed this week. Here’s how Week 1…

Curbed SF | August 13, 2012


Sold Stuff

Another day, another 2-bed, 1-bath home selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars above asking. 1444 York in the Inner Mission was first listed in mid-June for $649,000. It went into contract a little over a week after, and it…

Curbed SF | July 23, 2012



San Francisco Dental Looks for a Buyer (for its Pacific Heights Campus); Giant Lollypop in Justin Herman Plaza; Ocean Beach Sand Plan; More!

[untitled via Curbed Flickr Pool/kapshure] · Buyers near deal for big Silicon Valley office landlord [WSJ] · SF Dental school seeks buyer for Pacific Heights campus [SF Business Times] · Essential iPad utilities for realtors and consumers alike [Kevin K….

Curbed SF | July 20, 2012



Construction Watch at Central and McAllister

Friend of Curbed SF Kevin Ho snapped this pic of the development at Central and McAllister streets. The building is a four-story, three-unit residential building with retail at the ground floor, and replaced an old one-story laundromat. No word yet…

Curbed SF | April 4, 2012


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