2014 proved to be our most successful year to date. It was another year where there were more buyers chasing after fewer properties meaning that folks willing to pay a premium won properties. Yet, our clients — who are better prepared, presented and represented won many properties where we weren’t the highest offer in many cases but were the best offer. Likewise, we aided our sellers in preparing their properties so that they were not only appealing but properties that commanded a premium that exceeded expectations.  

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Navigating the complicated and competitive SF marketplace Kevin helped us stay on time, on budget and ultimately find exactly what we wanted.

— Amy and Adam, Buyers (Condominium) Mission Dolores


Does a condominium make sense for you? What about a Tenancy-in-Common? Which units are covered by the Rent Ordinance? What about new construction? Are those better than the converted Victorian? There are many ways you can get lost in San Francisco’s condominium market. Let us help you map a way for you to succeed.


Builders are starting to catch up to unmet buyer demand — at least for new condominiums. Building new developments in the City is a multi-year process whereby builders must undergo extensive planning review, neighborhood comment and conform to stringent building codes all the while carrying mortgages and costs during the entitlement process. Meanwhile, the lack of undeveloped land and difficulty in demolishing existing houses and of combining multi-unit buildings into a single-family use means that inventory will be held longer by folks who lucky enough to get a single-family home and supplies of single-family homes will be low.

SOURCE: Statistics from the San Francisco Association of REALTORS MLS Database.

Compiled by: Kevin K. Ho & Jonathan McNarry, artwork by same.