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We place a great emphasis on presentation — we will present your property in the best light possible so it can be that much better. It's the look, touch and feel that has us focusing (and fussing) over as many details possible. It's our support, advice and guidance in marketing, preparation and disclosure preparation that are the hallmarks of our craft.

Our track record of breaking sales records beating expectations and success demonstrates our approach is a winning one regardless of what your circumstances are. We have an eye for design but a pragmatic sense of what works and what doesn't — and we're candid about it because we are very committed to our clients and their interests. See what we have listed now... 

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Some Q+As About Our Listing Services

Can't I D.I.Y. everything myself and still get top-dollar for my property?

Probably not. Would you tell your dentist how to do his or her job? How about changing your own brakes? When it comes to preparing your property for sale, with the rare exception, we advise that our clients should entrust specialized tasks requiring skill, experience or even licensure to the professionals. And this shouldn’t be surprising either.  Just as we’re not dentists or mechanics, professional and tradespeople are experts in their fields. They are efficient at what they do and these folks (like us) earn their livilhoods doing what they do.

But when it comes to home improvement, however, the D.I.Y.  — do-it-yourself — mentality takes over and many people think they really can do it themselves to their own detriment with results that often produce sub-optimal outcomes that either leads to a reduced sale price or the need to spend more money than they would have otherwise to get someone to come in and fix their mistakes.

What if property preparation suggestions aren't what I'd do for myself?

Remember when it comes to selling your property there’s a point where should stop thinking about your property as your home and more of it as a product. See this process play out from a client’s point of view:  

“I met Kevin at an open house. I was very impressed by his knowledge and expertise of the SF market.

[We] got to work to get my home ready for the market, which we did in 2 weeks. Kevin made a number of suggestions about the place and it’s staging that seemed a little odd to me but remembering that he knew what I was talking about, I went along with them. Every single one of his suggestions were spot on and made the property shine. Even when he was on vacation, the advice kept on flowing.

The same thing went when discussing the marketing plan, pricing and property description. [His advice] enabled me to achieve an offer that was in excess of what I thought was possible.

Working with Kevin is a joy, I highly recommend him.”

— Chris T.

Seller, Mission Dolores 

I know the game and I don't want to spend all that money on staging and painting; my property is just that much better and unique.

Okay, so that’s not a question but more of a statement that we hear a lot more often than you think. In essence, your property is truly unique — it must be as no two objects can occupy the same space unless we’re talking about some kind of violation of space-time rules. But while it may be singularly unique in a cosmic sense, preparing a property for sale is different.  You must remember that there is a direct relationship between the amount invested in a property and its resulting sale price  — typically it is an exponential one in San Francisco: the output tends to exceed the input.

Conversely, you must remember that any dollar saved on property preparation in the short term will likely cost far more in a diminished sale price. In other words, $2,000 saved now doesn’t mean your sale price is reduced by $2,000 — it’s likely to be impacted far more detrimentally.

Why? We want to elicit an emotional, visceral response from the right buyers — ones who are vested into a property by loving it and being educated about it. If a property fails to sell initially and a price reduction becomes necessary, any reduction will have to be attention-grabbing and can cost thousands of dollars. To reset our position on the MLS, for example, so our listing would get pushed up to be alongside other “new” listings a reduction has to be 5% or greater, which is more costly in the long run when combined with carrying costs. 


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