Plans for rising Mid-Market threaten to create aesthetic tangle – SFGate

It’s a sign of progress for San Francisco’s Market Street that a half-dozen developers want to build housing and hotels on the long-troubled blocks between Fifth and Eighth streets. Too bad that in terms of the architecture, what’s been proposed so far says more about the city’s current identity crisis than the unique potential of [...]

8 Octavia breaks price records in Hayes Valley — On The Block — but value remains

The first few condos from the Stanley Saitowitz-designed 8 Octavia started coming to market in July, and are already breaking pricing records for Hayes Valley, according to a recent post from SocketSite. The developer told the local real-estate blog that the condos have been selling for over $1,300 per square foot for the top-end units [...]

Curbed SF : The San Francisco Neighborhoods and Real Estate Blog

As San Francisco enters into a condo construction boom reminiscent of that before the 2008 crash, new condos are grabbing premiums of up to $400 per square foot over their older condo neighbors. The divide is particularly stark in Potrero Hill, where older condos built before 2007 receive $722 per square on average, while the [...]

Curbed SF : The San Francisco Neighborhoods and Real Estate Blog

The latest census data estimates that San Francisco's rise in population since 2010 was 32,000 people, but only 4,200 new housing units have been added in that time. Given that the average household size is 2.3 persons, this means that there are 22,000 more new people than new homes available in the city over the [...]

The Most Comprehensive History of Why SF Real Estate is so Pricey: How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained) | TechCrunch

Today, the tech industry is apparently on track to destroy one of the world’s most valuable cultural treasures, San Francisco, by pushing out the diverse people who have helped create it. At least that’s the story you’ve read in hundreds of articles lately. It doesn’t have to be this way. But everyone who lives in [...]