Kevin+Jonathan’s Blog Posts re SF Real Estate

San Francisco Home Price Map from 2021 to 2022

Infographic: San Francisco’s Price Map 2021 going into 2022

See where houses sold for the most and which neighborhoods are still affordable with Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of Vanguard Properties in San Francisco.

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Cable Car Infographic

Infographic: How Was 2021 in San Francisco?

2021 was a banner year for San Francisco’s housing market. See how houses, condos and TICs sold and how demand met increased inventory with prices still going up with Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, Vanguard Properties, San Francisco.

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Contract Analysis Art

The SFAR Purchase Contract Examined by Kevin+Jonathan

San Francisco’s Realtors launched a new standard purchase contract today. Check out how it works with Kevin+Jonathan’s exclusive commentary and examination of the document that will serve as the basis for thousands of people getting new homes starting today….

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Graphic Header for Statistics and Data

Live Housing Market Data for San Francisco — it’s been dramatic out there (fr Kevin+Jonathan)

Live San Francisco Home Sales Data from Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry of leading locally owned brokerage Vanguard Properties is a resource that helps buyers and sellers alike in discerning where the market is going and where its been. Professional analysis and context is what Kevin+Jonathan deliver for their clients.

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Median Price Chart

Infographic: September 2021 San Francisco MLS Data Update

San Francisco Housing Market data shows the city loves buying and selling houses — not so as much with condos.

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Q1 2019 in San Francisco Real Estate with Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, Vanguard Properties

Sales data for Q1 2019 San Francisco residential real estate is in. See how prices fared with lower inventory levels from Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry, top producers at San Francisco’s locally owned Vanguard Properties.

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August 2, 2018 San Francisco Real Estate

Google Maps And Our Neighborhoods?

Google Maps has also validated other little-known San Francisco neighborhoods. Balboa Hollow, a roughly 50-block district north of Golden Gate Park, trumpets…

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Our Annual Review: Steady As She Goes — Median San Francisco Prices Rise 6% Matching Historic Norms in 2017

While 2017 may not have seemed to be the most normal year around the world — wild fires, 106° days in San Francisco, mayors suddenly leaving us early, presidential lows and a whole renewed awareness of what ‘crossing the line’ meant one thing that held unsurprisingly steady: real estate prices and value. As we’ve said time and time again, real estate is the ultimate hedge against risk, change and surprise in that it’s both an asset with value that also has utility.

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Some Suprising September MLS Sale Data for San Francisco Real Estate

September Sales MLS Data for San Francisco shows some shifts and changes for buyers and sellers alike. See how this impacts your position as a San Francisco buyer or seller with Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry from Vanguard Properties, San Francisco, CA.

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What the Data Shows for San Francisco’s Real Estate Market in November 2015

The realtors released recent sales data for November showing nice growth but not nutso growth we’ve seen in years past — which is a good thing, right?

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What’s on Tuesday the 9th in San Francisco Real Estate?

If it’s Tuesday, it’s Broker Tour time. So watch out for an armada of nice cars zipping around SF as brokers see…

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March 16, 2013 San Francisco Real Estate

If It’s Tuesday, It’s Tour Time. Broker Tour for March 19 2013

While I’ll be out of town for this upcoming week’s tour, let me know if there are any you’d like to see…

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